Monday, August 11, 2014

Ebola: Path of Destruction

It has been a while since I blogged, but this is a good cause.

Ebola, while I still do not have a huge fear of catching it. Ebola can do other things. Already, the economic impact is being felt. It started as a flutter and now seems to be moving faster than experts can keep up.
It’s difficult to imagine they are keeping anything from us. They aren’t. They just aren’t being forefront. A simple ‘search’ will give you some frightening facts.

I have created a video that documents where Ebola started, went and where it will go.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Godzilla 2014 Review - Monster with Testicular Fortitude

If you were that Saturday night ‘B’ movie watcher, or Sunday afternoon waiting on Godzilla to play on television, then you may be a little surprised if you go to see the newest version of the ageless monster, Godzilla.

This review may contain SPOILERS, but really how much of a spoiler can it be. It’s Godzilla.

I wasn’t really a big Godzilla buff, back in the day, I thought the Matthew Broderick one was decent, but the best one I saw was the Japanese Godzilla 2000.  But when I saw the destruction, the look and feel of a dystopian world, all in this new preview, I knew I had to see this one.

I went to the premiere showing with my niece and friend. My friend and for anonymity, we call him Tom. Which is not his name, it sounds like ‘Tom’ but it’s not.

Tom is a consummate movie lover. A good one to have around, although I will wager that he won’t go see another movie with me. Especially my niece, who by genetics, talks as loud as I do.

We sat in the very last row in a pretty empty theater watching the 3D version. I took my Tums for motion sickness and Advil for that 3D headache. I was ready to go.

SPOILER – The story is about a monster, a big monster., But there is a twist about it. Not about the creation of the monster, just the monster storyline.

As far as a story goes, hands down this was the most original of all. Pay attention to the opening credits and the opening scene. Don’t blink, you’ll be asking the person next to you what the time line is. To me, Godzilla doesn’t really look different, just less cheesy.

The acting is good, really good and nothing is overdone. Except the Japanese Doctor, who when asked what it was, turned with drama and seriousness, twitched his upper lip, and while looking at his peers, said in a deep heavily lazed Dialect, “Gah-zheeela”

I laughed. No one else did. Tom nudged me to stop. I’m still not convinced that it wasn’t an inside joke on set.

Visually, the movie is stunning. For those who like destruction … it’s there. For those who want a glimpse into a post apocalypse world, it has it (SPOILER) they show a quarantined city, fifteen years later.

If you hate 3D because it makes you sick and the cinematographer goes overboard, than this is the 3D movie for you. Nothing overdone or bad camera movements that will make you sick. I know, I am sensitive to it. At one point I was tricked. First time sitting in the back row, the heads of the guys in front kept bobbing into the picture and for a split second I thought the 3D was super realistic.

The movie is nonstop action and fun, and it pulls at the heartstrings. And SPOILER, you find yourself cheering for Godzilla. And yes, I'll admit it. I teared up. Then again, I tear up when I watch The Voice.

The thing that I liked best was the trailers didn’t give it away. It didn’t give you the whole movie in 2 minutes. They gave nothing away. In fact they were misleading in a good way.

At one point, SPOILER I was watching them battle on the West Coast and I leaned to Tom and said, “How the heck are they gonna make it all the way to the East then  Paris.”

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“The trailer showed a destroyed Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower.”

“Uh, Jack, that was the Vegas scene.”

Ahhhhh. The editors were very crafty.

Anyhow, I highly recommend this move, it’s a fun summer one. And just one final note: I won't say where or when, but I will say, let me know if I am the only one that saw a Giant, swinging, Yellow Testicle.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Living in the 'Spectrum'

I always said, ‘Forty means freedom’. Being a young mother, by the time I reached forty, my kids would all be fifteen and older no need for a babysitter and I could enjoy my life.  If twenty years ago, someone told me that at nearly fifty years old, this would be my life, I would have said, “No way, no how. I am much too selfish for that. When my kids are old, it’s me time.”

Little did I know that in my forties a bright little blonde haired blue eye boy would change my world. Everything about my world. Everything about me.

God is pretty cool. His has this keen foresight, thing.  Like giving me not only the passion and love for writing, but the gift to do so and the ability to make a living at it at just the right time. I am truly blessed in every capacity. But I honestly believe there is a master plan, There’s a reason I am able to be a full time writer. God was like, “She’s got to be home, be available and ready.  Eh.. let’s let her have this writing thing. Her world is about to go insane.”

That’s what happens when you have a child in the home on the spectrum. It’s insane. I searched you know. High and low on the web for answers, for people like me and my daughter. But either they won’t step forward or her and I are the only ones that feel this way.

My grandson is my life. He came into my life at my lowest point, raised me up, restored my faith, made me feel and I promised that I would do everything for him that I could and try to do more for him than I could for my own kids. He has lived with me since day one.

I support him financially and emotionally. My daughter, I want her to be the best mother she can be and she is awesome. I had to work when she was a baby, so since I am blessed, I tell her stay home, be a mom, be here, I got this.

We kinda knew when my grandson wasn’t speaking .. something was up. He would say words then a week later not say them. He babbled like a rush hour traffic driver listening to the radio and singing a song he didn’t know the lyrics to. Noise and sounds no words. He was diagnosed with Apraxia and hence, began speech therapy.

I live by the clock, I sleep very little, have my writing times laid out. What I do, every day is a must to make a living.

Speech fit in, but even though his speech progressed, something was off. He wasn’t progressing cognitively or socially. As bright and funny and smart as he is … He was different, but then so am I.

Okay, so what, he watched Japanese youtube toy review videos for hours on end. I listen to the same song for hours. Recently he was officially diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Pervasive Developmental Disorder. It’s a form of autism.  With that official diagnosis, when you are on Medicaid, in comes the state.

Suddenly, following  the diagnosis comes the throes of people the state says has to help you. TSS Worker, BHC worker, DART. IEP. Ug! Someone take me off of this merry go round.

Not including the speech pathology which I take him to, all of these people are now in my home, every day, several hours a day. And they don’t just work with my grandson, one adult, me or my daughter must be present. Since I have two other granddaughters. Veronica wins baby duty and I sit with the workers. It is draining. I not only watch them work with him, I have to be instructed on how to be a parent and good guardian. God help me if I look at my phone to do emails.

There was so much going on, every day, so many hours a day, that I removed him from preschool. Not so much for him, but for me. I can only do so much. Work all night, get up after two hours, take him to school,, take him to speech, bring him home for four hours of therapy.

I don’t know how parents who work 9 – 5 jobs do this. If I wasn’t a writer, I don’t know how we’d handle this.

Don’t get me wrong, the workers are great, they are sweet, caring and love their jobs. But there’s no instruction booklet with this. No one tells you what it’s going to be like. Suddenly people are in your home, all the time. The bright side is, the house has never been more tidy.

I have one worker telling me , any routine is a good routine. The other telling me, ‘Yes, you have a routine, but it’s not normal.”

Under whose standards?  It’s normal to me. I want to scream at times, “I know how important a schedule is. I HAD one, now I don’t.”

They told me to stop putting the cookies out on the counter and to regulate them. “Kids can only have a snack when you say so, not when they want.”


Kindergarten is in the fall, and he may or may not get in. Tomorrow is five places for paperwork, a dentist visit with, none the less a dentist who specializes with working with autistic children. All for the K Eval on Monday. Which he may or may not pass  IF he passes, then we now have summer school to get him ready, with therapy, for regular school.

I know it’s all for the best, it’s all to get him where he needs to be. But no one told us what this all entailed. Why isn't there a single support website that tells you how life is going to be AFTER the workers step in.

I want to pull out my hair. My poor daughter is so stressed. My grandson, well, he just talks about what he wants to talk about, Legos and Heroes and tells the therapist, “I’m done, go away.”

I wished that worked for us. I am still looking for answers, someone to say, it gets easier.

As of now, living with an autistic child seemed a heck of a lot easier before we got help.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Why Ebola Shouldn't scare you ... too badly

It cracks me up when someone sends me an email, posts on my wall, asking if I heard the news of an outbreak. Me, really? I don’t open up to the morning news, I open up to disaster and biohazard news. I’m watching diligently. If I see something I’ll let you know if you should worry. The latest Ebola outbreak … nah.

Ebola is deadly. Yeah, that’s a fact. It starts out like a really bad head and chest cold, you get fever, chills and then suddenly with all that mucus, you’re now getting hit with the stomach bug. Only, your organs pretty much melt and ooze out your body orifices. Ebola has a kill rate of 90%+.  Yeah, it’s deadly. You’re a goner in under a week. In undeveloped and rural area Ebola can spread like wildfire. In industrial areas they stand a chance to contain it. The most recent case, while it hasn’t surpassed its historical worst, has actually breeched more boundaries. It’s now suspected in Malawi, and now one suspected case in Paris. Which, ok, I’m blaming Paris officials. Knowing damn well, that the incubation period can surpass three weeks (Meaning a person is contagious without symptoms) Why did they only quarantine that plane for twenty-four hours? Seems to me they could have sprinkled a little death around. How many of those people on that plane moved on to other countries?

Ok, even if it hits industrial areas, with quarantine measures above and beyond those in rural villages, the chances of nipping it in the butt are good. It’s not airborne, not yet. Meaning you have to come in contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. If it starts to rise, it’s as easy as stay indoors, stay safe.

But Ebola doesn’t scare me. Every few years it does this. On average about 7 people die each year of it, outbreaks average from 75-500. To date Ebola has killed 3,000 total. That is all. Your chances of catching Ebola are slim. 

Odds of catching Ebola 1 in 94.6 million.

So deadly as it may be, swipe that fear away, there are other things more scary for you to worry about and you have a better chance of experiencing it. These should ease your mind about Ebola.

The Plague – there are so many variation of this pesky world killer, you gotta love it. While plague, if caught early can be treated, it still has a good 35% fatality rate and is still alive an kicking. Did you know 12 million people died of the plague in China in 1855?  That’s cary considering it wiped out 12 million not that long ago. 75% of the middle age population. Still plague is most prevalent every year between March and June and carried by the Y Pestis and those hideous rodents called rats. Every year the CDC estimates 2000 deaths of plague are reported a year. Without calling it an outbreak.
35 deaths in the US alone.
 Odds of getting and dying from the plague  1 in 3 million

Yellowstone Supervolcano – While some say this won’t happen, increased seismic activity around the park, coupled with fleeing animals … I don’t know. I think we have more chance of it blowing its top than Ebola wiping us out. 
Odds of it Erupting – 1 in 647,000

The Flu – World Health Organization says 10-15% of the population contracts the flu every year. Every
year on average 20,000 people die of the Flu. While that’s less than 1% fatality rate (Unless of course it’s like superflu or Swine) your chances of getting better are great. However you still stand more of a chance of catching a deadly case of the flu than Ebola.
Odd of catching the Flu – 1 in 67
Odds of catching a deadly Flu - 1 in 22,000

Tuberculosis – Although it is treatable and not always deadly it is still deadly. We always seem to forget about this one,. Easily transmitted. People with ‘active’ TB, can sign, cough, sneeze and spread it. It’s that easy. The scariest part is a person  not being treated regularly for TB or who doesn’t know they have it will infect 10 people a year.

It is estimated by CDC and WHO that there are 8.45 million new cases every year and 1.5 deaths. That’s a biggie that people forget about good old TB.

Odds of catching TB – 1 in 840
Odds of dying after getting TB – 1 in 6

Now, see? Ebola doesn’t see that bad, after all, does it.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yellowstone, Ebola which will hit harder first?

So while half the world is focusing on the deadly Ebola outbreak, the other half of the world seems to be debating and dismissing what could very well sweep the death toll of the deadly disease under the rug and burying it in news of ash and debris. Not saying the Ebola outbreak isn't something to watch. It is. Thankfully, once a person shows symptoms it moves fast and can be contained. Unfortunately, it can lurk inside an infected person for up to three weeks. While it lurks, the asymptomatic person is contagious. How far can one person take it and spread it?

Frightening enough, we are one airline ticket away from the end of the world.

Or .... a boom away.

If you recall, months back, I blogged about reasons that FEMA was moving all sorts of supplies to District 3. While some speculated that something was going to happen in District 3, I held firm that common sense says, why stock a place that is going to be a disaster area.

I believe District 3 is a prep zone. Possibly a relief area for the mass exodus of people that will be headed east following the eruption of the Yellow Stone Park Supervocalno and other disasters.

I gave Yellowstone as one of my reasons months ago, and supplied the following map to show areas affected by the blast and ash of the volcano. Notice District 3 is fine.

 So what gives lately? Yellowstone is no stranger to seismic activity, yet it recently experienced the biggest quake in over thirty years. While that alone isn’t much add that to the odd springtime exodus of animals leaving the park, just a few days later and people are wondering. Do these animals sense immediate danger and are fleeing for their lives? Or are they merely looking for food. Really, can animals predict disaster? PBS says yes.

I don’t know, if you watch any videos, they seem to be running. And if this was such a normal occurrence, why hasn’t such an exodus of Bison and other animals been documented. It I such a huge and unusual exodus, that Wyoming and Montana are at odds on what to do with the animals that left the park. Surely if this was normal, those two states would be butting heads.

We need to be diligent in watching the signs. This Disaster Websiteis BOMB. Visit this website Daily to be up to date on all world disasters. Bet ya didn’t know Ohio had a nuclear incident this week.

 Sadly, if Yellowstone blows, I don’t think we’ll get much more warning than we have already seen. Start adding that extra stuff to your shopping cart, all those on the east.  If it explodes, there will be a rush at the stores. Start now. And the west … have you prepped your bug out bag?

With the recent Yellowstone activity, Earthquake in LA, increase in Nevada and California quakes, Mudslides in Washington – I’m beginning to wonder if future generations won’t be reading ‘How the West was won’ but rather ‘How the West was Done.”

Monday, March 31, 2014

Falling through the Cracks of Affordable Healthcare: Yes, it happens.

Now that enrollment has ended we can all sit back and enjoy our affordable healthcare. Wrong. For millions upon millions of Americans, the Affordable Healthcare Act is misleading and an impossible, unaffordable joke.

I am not one to disrespect a sitting president, nor will I do that now. I fully believe that President Obama had all best intentions at heart, and a nation’s health in mind, when creating the Affordable Healthcare Act. In his enthusiasm to pass this bill, his passion and belief in it, he signed Executive Order 13535. Because he couldn’t get the support. Basically, he took it upon himself to make this law.

He made some pledges and promised, which again, I truly believe he believed, that Americans could keep their coverage, would not lose it.

Yet, factcheck states 4.7 million Americans lost their current insurance or would lose it in one year under the AHCA. Millions more will see premiums rise.

That’s really not my issue of this blog though. I’m talking about the millions of us, and I know I’m not the only one, who have fallen through the cracks and guess what, according to the law, it’s fine that we run around without insurance and Bonus … no fine.

I am self employed as a writer and far from rich. I have three dependants on my taxes. Yet, believe it on or not, that doesn’t matter when applying for AHC. Trust me, it doesn’t matter because I was only applying for myself. Even though I listed them as dependants.

Basically my letter states.

Good news: You’re poor and qualify under federal guidelines for FREE medical coverage.
Oh, my goodness, really, yeah!

Bad news: Your state didn’t expand their guidelines to meet the federal limits so your state won’t cover you.
Huh, wait. So, I don’t get insurance now?

Good News: You can pick a plan from the market place.

Ok, but the lowest one is so high … wait, tax credit, I heard about that, help to pay the premium …

Bad News: Because you qualify for free healthcare, you do NOT qualify for a tax credit there for you don’t get a break or instant tax credits to help pay premium prices.

Are you shitting me? What do I do now?

So you can pay the bargain monthly minimum Basic caveman premium price of 346.00 a month with 6,900 out of pocket expenses or … don’t. Because Bonus …you are exempt from paying a fine if you choose to go uninsured.

Ok, so back to square one. No health insurance. Ok, got it.

Where in the Government's mind is this right? Really? Think about it. The federal government believes I deserve free healthcare, but won’t give me a tax credit so I can pay for a premium since my state won’t cover me.

Like millions of Americans I am opting out. I just can’t afford it, even basic, a 300.00 a month premium. I don’t know what my income is from one month to the next. My taxes are high because I am self employed.

Somewhere, somehow, this could have all worked out, had it been thought about a little better.

But what about those who don’t qualify for a tax credit, can’t afford the premiums and aren’t exempt from the fine. Oh, yeah, there are people too poor for the tax credit, and fall in the small margin that have to pay a fine. What do they do?

I have good news. Don’t pay your gas bill, get a shut off notice and file for a hardship exemption.
States right on the website …
If you have any of the circumstances below that affect your ability to purchase health insurance coverage, you may qualify for a “hardship” exemption:
1.     You were homeless.
2.     You were evicted in the past 6 months or were facing eviction or foreclosure.
3.     You received a shut-off notice from a utility company.

There’s an entire list, go check it out.

For now, I’m irritated that this thing has let me down and I have a headache. Good thing it’s nothing worse, because I don’t have healthcare to see a doctor. I’ll stick to our local ‘Doctor is In’ at 29.99 a pop located in the corner of our local grocery store pharmacy.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Season 4 Walking Dead Finale - Prediction. Who will die?

I can safely say for at least a while, this will be my last Walking Dead blog, then I will resume normal, erratic blogging.

I thought for my final Walking Dead blog of the season, I’d go out on a limb, make a fool of myself and try to predict the Season finale. Chances are I am going to be so far off. But what the heck, right?

I’m basing my predictions on articles I have read, and promo spots that are shown.

Breaking it down.

The latest promo spot plays eerie sounding voices talking about Terminus. It shows screenshots of  bloody hands, a bloody Rick and a beat of Daryl. Also, Michonne wielding that mighty sword.

The promo is leading us all to believe that Terminus is this evil place where all meet up and all hell breaks loose and contains, as Walking Dead comic fans have been shouting .. the hunters. For those of you who don’t read the comics, the hunters are a group of cannibals. That Mary, as we met in Episode 15 is cooking up a human on the grill.

I am going to have to disagree with this and say the editors of the promo are deliberately misleading us. Fans have been screaming about the hunters arriving since the beginning of the season, the writers aren’t going to deliver what the fans expect.

Terminus was introduced in the back half, it would be lame and a waste to have it appear in one episode, have everyone conveniently get there, discover Beth’s half eaten body and end the season on that. It could go that way. I mean they could all get there, find Beth without a leg and realize they weren’t eating leg of lamb and end there.

Is something weird going on there? Yes, but we’ll only get a hint in the finale.

Glenn, Abe and Gang …
I think, Terminus will be relatively calm for our crew there will they will encounter the man that actually has Beth, but our group doesn’t know it until they see her journal or something.

Carol, Tyrese and Judith
Their appearance will be sporadic, and we’ll only see them walking and inane conversation like we witness in episode 15 with Rick and Carl. . When last we left off they were walking and we didn’t know their direction.

Rick and Company …
I think Rick won’t get to Terminus. Early in the episode look for Rick, Michonne and Carl to stumble upon a building that has a candle lit room (I say this is early because promo pics show Rick beaten and bloody). The candles are a shrine to those who have died, it is there, Rick finds his watch that he gave to that hippy stoner boy early in the season. The one that disappeared. Realizing it is unsafe, they move on.

THAT is our hint of the Hunters that come in Season 5. Not 4.

While en route to Terminus, Rick and Company will face off against walkers and while battling they will run into Daryl and his new friends.

Daryl is ecstatic to see Rick, but that is short lived when Joe and the boys turn on them, discovering Rick is the one they have been searching. A battle will ensure and it is there, and my prediction, that Carl gets killed.

Rick totally destroyed by this, goes crazy and brutalizes Joe and the others like  no one has seen. Animal like, tearing them apart in his grief. Just as Rick is about to give up, end it all, say I quit .. he hears a baby crying.

This is where Carol Judith and Tyrese arrive.

That’s my prediction, how far off am I? We will find out shortly.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Death of Daryl Dixon – Why Daryl WILL die this season


If you are not all caught up on The Walking Dead, you may want to stop here.

The Walking Dead truly needs to get professional screenwriters. What looks good on paper or sounds good in talks, doesn’t necessarily translate onto screen in an exciting manner. Too many characters, too many stories, divided episodes, with anti climatic endings. They have lost focus. Who drags stories on for six months to barely touch upon them? Not to mention trite dialogue that is also nothing but forced foreshadowing and a way to mention off screen happenings. (IE: Lilly’s death, passing the bus). Daryl Dixon is supposed to be this amazing tracker, right? Yet how does he miss a dirty diaper? Even I could sniff out a fresh shit diaper and I don’t track.

Speaking of cool characters, hate me for saying it, but Daryl Dixon is gonna die. One of the last episodes this season. And I present the eight reasons why I THINK he is going to die.

8.  He was not meant to be in the show. Norman Reedus auditioned for the part of Merle and they created his character. They have shaped him, molded him, gave him his due last season but what now?

7.  What has he done for us lately? Nothing. A few lines, arrow shots. His bestie, Carol was kicked out and we never really got to see him to react. That storyline seems buried. It seems to me that the writers, who look at the comic books and figure a way to change them, keep forgetting about Daryl because he’s not in there. So they are like, “Shit, we forgot Daryl. Oh, yeah, just have him shoot an arrow, fans will like that.”

6.  They have taken him out of character. How much have we seen Daryl this season? His recent 15 minutes with Beth were stupid. Lame tracker missing those rabbits and diaper. Is this the same Daryl that went to look for his brother in Atlanta, for Sophia half of season two? Yet we are to believe Daryl wouldn’t go back to the prison for Judith or Carl and choose to run with an annoying teenage girl. Yeah, right. Again, they don’t know what to do with him. Merle is gone.

5.  He’s getting his own episode. Yeah, an entire episode, like the Governor. Sound familiar. Granted Beth is in the episode and it’s the bait and switch. Make us think they are killing her, but they aren’t. Does anyone really care about Beth? We’re rooting for her to die, and we all know WD never kills the ones we want.

4.  Daryl has already been replaced. In the comics, after Tyrese dies, Ford becomes Rick’s right hand man. Tyrese never became the right hand man on tv, Daryl did. So … out he goes. Plus, we will soon forget about him because Morgan returns (IMDB) episode 15 this season.

3.  They already played their high card this season. Walking Dead can’t survive by simply killing red shirts (A term for characters brought in to die). They survive by shocking us and killing people we love. When killing Hershel, they crushed us. Sorry to say, they now must top that. Who is left? Who will the fans really clamor about? Who is that high ended that people would riot over … Daryl.  He is the only one that can top Hershel’s death.

2.  They won’t kill him. That is almost my top argument as to why they will. People are so convinced the show won’t kill Daryl, that I think they will. The show can and will survive without him. Again, I refer you to Number “What has he done lately?’

And finally, Number one … the guilt move. I can see it. Ring. Ring.
Norman Reedus: Hello.
Robert Kirkman: Uh, hey, yeah, Norm, I’m like really sorry I killed you off this season.
Norma: Sucks, dude.
Kirkman: Yeah, I know, anyhow … to make it up to you. How about... uh a starring role in my new sci fi dystopia movie? (Winks to Gail Hurd with a look that says, we got him)

The movie is all true. Read Here. Robert Kirkman called Reedus to co produce and star in the new thriller AIR. Production has been kept secret. Probably to hide the fact that production on the movie coincides with production of WD. Confirming that Daryl Dixon won’t be back for season 5.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

No High Hopes from me on Walking Dead Season 4.

Today Walking Dead Mid Season premiere will show, and I believe it will probably be the last Walking Dead that I watch.  I expect the back half to suck.  I am prepared for a good opening episode, but I am also preparing to turn it off for good mind you, unless my expectations of the show are proven wrong.

I’m sick of the way they handle it and here’s why.

My first expectation is they divided up the group, I will bet money, the first episode back,  that they don’t show the group. That we don’t see Glen, Maggie, Tyrese or the others. That we only see Rick and Carl and maybe Michonne. They left us in limbo for 8 weeks and sorry, bet we have to wait another week or two to get answers. Typical anymore to get us back.

They don’t know what to do. Start a plague, end a plague, no reason for it. Just to eat up time. Jump to the Gov on a road trip. What the hell? Did they say, “Hmm how do we end this plague, I know, show the Gov for two weeks and people will forget.” I expect more of that on the back half.

While I totally understand the need to vary from the comics, my argument is don’t do it half assed, as the writers and producers have done.

If they are going to vary and stray from the comics so as to give the element of surprise plus new storylines, than damn it. Do it. Stray. There is no element of surprise if a character dies in the novel and still dies on the TV show, Just because the writers change the course of direction and don’t’ change the outcome just irritates us.

Point taken … Judith. In the novel, she died in Lori’s arms. On the show, Lori died, Judith lived … lived the entire season. Through the flu that really didn’t make sense, just a way, I guess to eat up time. And then they kill her, showing nothing more than a bloody car seat.

Who the hell would put their child in a car seat in the apocalypse anyhow. I can guarantee my grandkids wouldn’t be in one, they’d be in my arms, as any baby would. Buckle them in, buckle them out? Too much work should you have to run.

Many are saying she isn’t dead. But unfortunately, according to Gimble, the show’s front runner, they couldn’t show her death on TV. She’s gone.

What the hell? I am so sick of Walking Dead killing people for the shock. Yes, inevitably people have to die,  but, really two years post apocalypse, some sort of survival skill has been acquired enough that one will not die as easily or as stupid. Putting a child in a car seat. Not clinging or assuring your own baby? They led us on with Judith, and to shock us and bring about emotions, they slaughter her.

Wasn’t Hershel enough? Really. Not only was I the viewer distraught but the cast was as well.

What made Walking Dead appealing throughout the novel was its ability to hold true to the center of an apocalypse universe. To have a good solid story, you need strength, weakness, hope and wisdom. So you need a sense that there will be a better tomorrow … children. Along with the weak, and the survivors and you need older characters to deliver the wisdom.

They killed Dale but Hershel was waiting in the wings. They killed Hershel there is no more voice of reason or wisdom. Gone.

The writers have turned to a shock effect instead of a story. Killing Judith is just wrong. A baby in the z-poc is a challenge, I feel the writers wanted to go with it, then chickened out.

And where the hell is Carol? How many weeks do we have to wait for answers? It’s ridiculous.

Actually, that’s a problem this season. Toss out something here (Michonne emotional with Judith) A tease  there, kick Carol out, wait three weeks to show Darryl’s reaction to Carol being gone and it’s what? Ten seconds?

Someone needs to go into that writer room and say, “People focus. Go back to basics and tell a single story.” They are all tossing out so called brilliant ideas on the table, starting them and not knowing how to weave them.

If Judith is really dead, we don’t see anyone but Rick, Carl and Michonne on the premiere, then I’m saying goodbye to the Walking Dead. They are using nothing but bait and switch tactics to reel us in, keep us waiting. I waited eight weeks to find out what happened to everyone, and if I have to wait any longer, I don’t want to know. Hershel’s gone, they need to give me a reason to tune back in for good.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Castaway: Real, Killer, or Cannibal?

I have to weigh in, I do. I have to give my theories on Jose Salvador Alvarenga. Who? If you haven’t heard, recently in the news, he’s the man who was stranded at sea for 13 months. His boat lost power, and he drifted for thousands upon thousands of miles and finally drifted to safety .. over a year later. He survived from eating fish, birds, turtles and drinking the blood of these things and his own urine.

When he first left, he set sailed with a young man whom he just met. He didn’t return with the young man. The young man died four months into the survival turmoil. You probably have two reactions. Either , “wow, that’s amazing’ or ‘No way, Jose,’ (No pun intended to our castaway).

Now you can believe everything he says, and bask in the survival wonder. Or you can look at the facts.

Doctors say he was weak and severely dehydrated.  Yet, he seemed ‘plumper’, they explained it as swelling. Hmm. I thought the tissues had to hold fluid to swell, if you’re severely dehydrated where is the fluid coming from? Maybe I’m showing my ignorance.

Let’s go visuals…
This is him before (Left) and after (following his haircut) 

Maybe I’m wrong but does this look like a man who spent 14 months at sea starving?

To better demonstrate, look at the picture below and ask yourself which of these two look like they can use a cheeseburger?

Honestly, no one is away at sea, doesn’t eat, doesn’t have enough water and looks healthy and fit. Just go look up pictures of his whole body. He didn’t lose weight. IN FACT, he looks as if he gained it. So what’s the scoop? I offer two scenarios
1) It never happened. He could have killed the young man, took him out in this boat and dumped him in the ocean. To cover the murder, he stayed away for a year, got back in his boat and, inspired by the look of Tom Hanks, mimicked that and returned. Uncanny, isn’t it? That would explain the lack of weight loss.

2) My favorite theory. He really did get lost at sea, his boat really did break down, and to survive it became a ‘me or you’ situation and he chose himself, killed his companion and yep … wait for it … ate him.

What he didn’t eat he used as bait.

I honestly believe the whole story will eventually unfold. We’ll either find out that someone saw him during that time frame he was allegedly floating about ot he’ll admit to dining on his companion.

I for one am very interested in this story and will keep following it.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Justin Bieber: Biebrat or Justinderstood?

This isn’t a slam the Bieb blog. Ok, maybe it is. And honestly, most people do not read my celebrity blogs unless they are about Chopped.  After watching the local news and the most recent antics of pop culture’s ‘I make Lindsey Lohan look like a saint’ sensation, I decided to do this blog.

I mean, really off the top of my head, in the last year, I can list a bunch of Biebcidents.  When I started digging, I was shocked. Some hadn’t made the news, well, they did. But were buried.

Let’s see.  To name a few: Peeing in a bucket on the street, spitting from a balcony on his fans, egging a neighbor’s house, going to brothels, graffiti, abandoning a monkey, kicking the Brazilian Flag, being HOURS late for concerts. All around being that stupid annoying neighbor that they want to get rid of, yet everyone makes excuses for. Really I have a solution for Justin’s neighbors. Move my neighbor next door to the Biebs, he’ll be out of the neighborhood in no time.

In his most recent antic, he was arrested in Florida, for drag racing and under the influence. Apparently, The Biebs isn’t familiar with the curse of being a celebrity and driving really fast. That sort of goes along with being ‘almost famous’ and flying in a small plane.

Bad things happen, and The Biebs is thinking it’s cool. But it's not, he’s not thinking of his mother.

I feel bad for his mother. I really do. I suppose she has gotten to that point when she sees his name come up on her phone, she hits silence, because she doesn’t want to deal with ‘what now’. Much like any mom with a grown child who gets in trouble. She has fond memories of him as a little Bieb. Those days when he looked up to her with those big eyes and probably said, ‘You’re the best mommy in the world.

Well, I bet that mom wants to wring his neck. As a parent, we pretend to see our child through rose colored glasses, we project that, the truth is, we see it. It hurts.

Let’s put aside that he makes the act of ‘twerking’ look virginie. Or the fact, it’s just a bad example. Like he cares. When he does this, he not only is showing lack of respect to the millions of people who misguidedly still worship him, but it's totally heartbreaking to the parents who didn’t raise him to be this way.

Unfortunately this latest Biebcident will be just like the others, unpunished. Everyone will complain, but nothing will be done and he’ll continue his antics, including annoying and making dangerous his neighborhood. I mean, really if being threatened by hulking Six foot Four, Keyshawn Johnson doesn’t scare him, nothing will.

So what’s the solution? Simple. Before someone beats him to a pulp, he mixes the wrong drugs with alcohol, or follows the path of James Dean … deport him. 

I’m thinking that may send a message to the Biebs. Because let’s face it, if it were any other immigrant doing this to his/her neighbors, driving reckless and fast around kids playing, the NIS would be up their ass. Whether it does the Biebs good or not, ignoring him and his misguided and illegal behavior is unfair to every law abiding immigrant who respected this country and their neighbors and were unfairly deported for less.

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Prisoner in My Own Home. YIKES!!!

I’ve been imprisoned within the confines of my own home and I have no one to blame but myself. I usually don’t post personal issues, but darn it, I need advice. Help.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like being in my house, I get a lot of work done. But this is getting to the point of insanity. I did this to myself. My ‘pushover’ nature, inability to say 'no' and try to be nice, has now caused me to sneak out of my house, not answer my phone, and hide when I hear a knock.

It’s not the police or the paparazzi (Yeah, I wish) or even another stalker. Ok, maybe it is, but this is … my neighbor.

I was given the sign, and I ignored it. It started when she moved into the small one bedroom apartment in the house next door. The house is the same size as mine, but theirs is divided into three units. It started when she parked her SUV on the street blocking any view I had to pull out of the driveway, and also causing a danger because it was parked so close to the intersection, people could not safely pull out on to the road. The police had her move it to her driveway.

That was September.  We spoke. She understood my dismay. She apologized for being crass at first and not moving her car. And I thought, it was a nice woman who had a bad week.

Don’t get me wrong … she is very nice. Jump to October. I find her crying on her porch. Sobbing. She lives with her sick father and he needs medicine and she didn’t have money to pay the co payment or get milk. So, yeah, I know you're cringing, I gave her 20 dollars. She cried and was happy. Then I pulled the fatal error, I gave her my number and told her to text me if her father needed anything.

I know, I hear you yelling at me now. “WHY DID YOU DO THAT?”

My daughter said, “You shouldn’t have. You’ll regret it. Never feed the strays.” I defended my decision and said she was in a bad way. Well, that bad way only lasted a couple hours, because she was texting me for more money. I declined, then she texted for cigarettes. I declined.

But it didn’t stop. She has texted her father needed food and she had no food, so I went and got her some food. Yes, I did this. Always she said, “I’ll give it back to you. I promise. Monday.”

It’s now January, and not only have I gotten her milk, bread and smokes numerous times, taken left overs to her dad, got her food, she has borrowed pans, utensils and spices … never to give them back. I don’t expect any of it back, I just want it to stop. She’s not a mean person, she is a lost soul. And I’m a sucker.

As you can see I have included screen shots of the texts.  But alas, it has stopped, her phone is shut off. She now knocks on my door early in the morning, mid afternoon and at eleven at night. Saturday she knocked at midnight and told my daughter that not only are her and her father living there, but now her adult son, adult daughter and two grandbabies. She begged my daughter for milk and cereal. My daughter gave it to her. She said, “mom what was ai supposed to do, she had a baby on her hip.”

Tonight she knocked on every door at eleven PM for toilet paper.

It’s not weekly, it’s daily and sometimes hourly. There are four adults and two children living in a two and a
half room apartment and she says there is no money or food for the babies. I can’t leave my house without her asking for something. It’s getting insane.

As I stated before I am not looking for a payback or return of items, just a return to normalcy. I have continued to say no, but she continues to ask. If anyone out there is reading this, I am open to a solution.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why Lodi, Ohio?

It's kind of funny. My book, The Flu has been out for a few years, and only recently have I been asked, 'Why did I pick Lodi?'

For those of you who have asked, THANK YOU.

So here I'll share the story ...

Awhile back, I was en route to Cleveland from Pittsburgh and my friend and I stopped there because we were looking for another little town around there. Seville, to be exact. All in Medina County. It was raining, and I still remember the song we played rolling into town. Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer.

Form the moment we pulled in, I just fell in love with it. It was everything you'd imagine a small town to be. The Gazebo, the perfect town square surrounding the small park, and back then a little white house that was the library. It had a sign on it, too. The sign said, "we have a computer;

There was a corner restaurant, for a while it was The Lighthouse, and then there was the Lodi Diner (I think that was the name). I got a mug from there.

And let's not forget the Corn Festival! The people are so nice. They have a festival every year.

Since that day in 1997, for years I would just take day trips up to Lodi. From Pittsburgh it was a little over 2 hours. Just a road trip. Weird I know. I'd pack the kids and tell them we were taking a day vacation to ... Lodi.

It's an obsession and I remember when I went there before writing The Flu, I was telling the lady at the restaurant about it, then I went to the new Library, and next thing I know the police are after me. The Chief of Police (Steve was his name) wanted to talk to me. Here there was a scandal and he was fearful my book was about him.

It wasn't. I'm linking an album to photos I took about six and a half years ago, when me and my boys took a trip to Lodi so I could do an interview with a local paper.

Since that day, I have included Lodi is SO many books.
The Flu
Flu 2
Road to Lodi
Call me Gideon
The Forgotten

Just to name a few.

Of course, I have taken liberties, and added some fiction to Lodi. After all, I do write fiction. But never to I ever portray Lodi in a bad light. Why would I? I love it. And it is the town I plan on one day moving to so I can be that crazy writer lady, everyone talks about.


Monday, January 13, 2014

The Epidemic that Slipped right in? Is this the 'Big One'?

Remember a couple months back when I spoke of the coffins being shipped to FEMA? I have another theory. Only this one has some frightening backbone. It’s scaring even me.

I started thinking and that led my investigation. You know .. what if … Google. How about … Google that.

Initially I thought, maybe the government has a keen foresight into a possible epidemic and doesn’t want to keep the coffins in the US. But honestly, would we notice the deaths of 20k? Tuberculosis kills over a million people a year. Did you know that? It’s an epidemic. It kills more than the common flu in its worst year, yet we don’t hear it.

But I think the flu is on the brink of being not so common and it is starting this year.

It’s often amazing, how stories get buried or barely make the front headlines. Important stories that can impact you and I. Maybe perhaps news sources don’t feel that they are important. Singularly they may not be. But together they are all part of the big picture and clues that we are missing.

Simply Google searches is all you need to do and you’ll be amazed at what comes up.

We had the Spanish Flu, Bird flu, now allow me to introduce you to Eagle Flu. Never heard of it, you may.

The normal Flu has a fatality rate of less than 1%,  Spanish Flu had a mortality of 3%, H5N1 (Bird flu) 100% birds, over 50% in humans. This new one may be bigger.

Kill rate of over 50% and it’s not slow. It’s fast, the only thing it has in its favor.

Simply search ‘mystery illness’ go on. Don’t take my word for it. Go on. I’ll wait.

In December of 2013, Bald Eagles began dropping dead from a mysterious illness, it didn’t make headline. Yet, starting at the same time, a mysterious illness caused people in Texas to get sick and die.

Neither story made headlines yet both deal with a mysterious sickness. It looked like the flu, but it tested negative.

Now days later ... there are reports of a woman in Ohio, a man in Pennsylvania, and now a football player in Florida … all deaths from mysterious illness.

History repeats.  The Spanish Flu reportedly started with Albert Mitchell, a cook in Kansas. The first human casualty of the Mystery Flu was a cook at Golden Corral in Texas. How easily a cook can spread a disease.

So now my conclusion on how this is connected to the FEMA coffins. Simply, it’s not an act of nature. It’s not God tossing out another plague. It’s man versus man, and it’s either the start of a biological infiltration or America doing it to itself to make it look like an attack. In either event, those in charge are aware that something big is going to happen.

America’s Demise.

What leads me to the conclusion that it is deliberate? That it is a weapon designed to bring the downfall of America? It started with the Bald Eagle. The Bald eagle is our symbol of freedom. It has fallen. 13 Bald Eagles to be exact were found. 13. How many stripes are on the American Flag?


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sleepers Prequel 2: Jessie Speaks

Here is the second tale of the Sleepers Prequel.

Jessie Speaks.

There is a link to the Free PDF at the bottom of the page. Enjoy



‘Help me, Daddy. I’m trapped.’ Was the text message that Jessie Stevens got out to her father. Not because she firmly believed her father could miraculously appear from some thousands of miles away and pull her from the rubble. But because that was all she could think at that moment.
            Jessie was playing video games with her friends. At nineteen years old, she could have been like other college students that were away from home. Maybe partying, drinking, but that wasn’t Jessie’s style. She liked games. And the sun was ready to come up when they finished for the night.
            Never had a day gone by where Jessie hadn’t called and sent a text to her parents. She called earlier, but she hadn’t sent her ‘good night’ text.
            Even though she wasn’t doing anything wrong, she didn’t want her mother to know she was up all night. She simply sent her mother an ‘I love you’, and prepared to send her day a text.
            She had the message open, ready to type, when the ground rumbled and shook beneath her feet.
            For some unknown reason, Jessie held on to that phone as she made an attempt to get out of her eight story dorm building. She was still dressed and she tried, she tried her hardest. But the buildings weren’t designed to withstand all that seismic activity and it collapsed with her inside.
            She never lost consciousness and was aware the entire time. When Jessie realized the building was falling, she hurriedly climbed under a desk, clutched that phone and covered her head.

            She didn’t scream or cry. She just closed her eyes, protected herself as best as she could and hoped with all her might she survived.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sleepers Prequel 1: Beck's tale

Here is the first story of many in the Sleepers Prequel...

Beck's Tale
Beck is an amazing man, strong and quiet, dedicated. The world wasn't kind to Beck and this is story of what happened to Beck before he met Mera.


It had been the first time Gavin Back had been out of uniform in three weeks. It was the first weekend he had off in a long time. Being Executive Office at Ohio’s Army largest training base took its toll on his home life.
            But he had off. Finally. A weekend where the weather was supposed to be perfect.
            Beck had plans.
            One of them being to sleep in, but he couldn’t. His wife, Robyn, was always with the children and when his two month old son, Levi, cried his first ‘hunger’ whine of the morning, Beck was glad to handle it.
            It was his son. His pride and joy.
            Beck was a big man, six foot five, intimidating in bulk, and in comparison, his son looked like a baby doll in his huge grip.
            He changed the baby’s diaper, kissed his sleeping wife, pulled the covers over her and carried the baby into the kitchen. One arm, one forearm was all Beck needed to carry his son. Head cradled in his hand, Beck kept him close to his chest, like a football player, as he prepared the bottle.
            “You hungry?” he asked softly. His voice cracked as he did. Whispering wasn’t vocally possible for Beck. His voice was deep and trying to soften it only caused it to squeak and miss. “Yeah, you are.”
            He turned on the kitchen television to watch while he fed the baby, and as the formula heated, Beck brewed his coffee.
            His phone sat on the counter and he lifted it.
            Six missed calls? All from base.
            “Are you kidding me?” He grumbled and thought, ‘bottle for the baby, a sip of coffee, it can wait.’.
            The coffee was faster than the bottle, that new machine Robyn got brewed it in an instant.
            Beck took the cup, took a sip, and grabbed his wits.
            “Hey Daddy.” His daughter, only three, darted in the kitchen. Still in her pajamas, her ponytails tossed from sleeping.
            “Hey Sweetie,” Beck accepted a kiss. “You’re up early.” The baby squirmed in his arms, fussed vocally and Beck started to feed him.
            “No, silly. I always get up early.” She giggled. “Can I watch cartoons?”
            “Yeah, let Daddy have some coffee, make his call and I’ll get you food, too.” Holding the baby and bottle in a single wraparound grip, a task he was quite good at, he reached for the remote and that was when he saw it.
            Across the screen were pictures of devastation. The headline read, ‘earthquake in Seattle’.
            “Oh my God,” Beck said.
            “Are they hurt, Daddy?” Dakota asked.
            “I don’t  know––” his phone rang. “Damn it.”
            “You swore.”
            “I’m sorry.” Beck answered the phone. “Major Beck.” He sighed out. “No, Benson, I haven’t checked my voice mail, what’s up?” he paused. “National emergency, how is this affecting us it’s in Seattle …” Beck’s eyes widened. “How many?”
            “Twenty-seven? Are you serious?”
            “Daddy?” his daughter tugged on his leg.
            Multi tasking. Beck was good at it. He noticed the baby consumed a few ounces and placed him against his chest to burp him. “We’re mobilizing?” he spoke on the phone.
            Beck placed down the bottle and sipped his coffee as he listened. “Where are they putting the center? You don’t know.” He exhaled. “Get the Intel, have it ready, I’ll get dressed and be at base in an hour. Thanks.” He hung up. “What the hell is going on?”


The rest is FREE (just too big to post here) If you are interested in reading the story, please simply CLICK HERE, or right click download the PDF.



I have been getting a lot of emails and facebook messages about it, so I thought I'd address it here.

Sleepers (1, 2, 3) is alive and well and ... getting ready to awaken via the hands of Permuted Press.

2014 Brings you Sleepers 1, 2, 3, 4 and Sleepers: Respite.

On the eve of the re-release of the Sleepers Series, I have decided to do something different for those of you who have read it or plan to. I will be posting on this blog, a series of short stories, prequels, to Sleepers. They show the different characters, that we’ve come to love and know,  as they experienced the event that started the end of the world.

Sleepers is told from the POV of Mera Stevens and she meets some great characters in her plight. But we never see what happened to them before meeting Mera. Through the prequels you will.  I hope you enjoy them as we get ready (and pumped) for the Permuted Press release of the Sleepers Series. (And yes there is a Sleepers 4 – look for that here on this blog as well)

You are invited to bookmark or follow this blog, because in a few short hours, the first story will be posted … Beck’s Story.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in forever. But like last year, I will resolve to try to blog more.
It’s that time of year and whether I have been blogging faithfully or not, I always do a resolution blog. Why? It helps me look back at what I did and didn’t do.

Actually, 99% of what I resolved to do, I actually did. Except the world peace thing. Yeah, admittedly, that was ambitious.

Ok, so here I am, making my resolutions.

In 2014, I resolved …

  • To blog more, tweet more and keep up with my book reviews. I know, that’s a ‘yeah right’
  • To write 7 books this year, including starting Zombie Battle: Requiem, Two new Beginnings books, Sleepers 4 and of course, Sleepers: Respite
  • I also resolve to make sure Beginnings gets a shot. I plan on querying production companies and big houses. It’s a good solid series. This is its year.
  • Exercise more. Yeah, I know, even if it’s dancing ten minutes a day. I want to do that.
  • Get back to drawing again, my cartoons weren’t too bad. Maybe a children’s book.
  • Learn to budget.
  • Be even more diligent with my website.
  • Get every Beginnings book available in Paperback.
  • Believe it or not, writing and life has made me a loner. I just keep to my couple friends and only go out by myself. I’m gonna try to change that.  Stop feeling so ‘burdened and anxious’ when someone outside my core group wants to get together.
  • And finally my ambitious resolution to make a million dollars.