Thursday, January 23, 2014

Justin Bieber: Biebrat or Justinderstood?

This isn’t a slam the Bieb blog. Ok, maybe it is. And honestly, most people do not read my celebrity blogs unless they are about Chopped.  After watching the local news and the most recent antics of pop culture’s ‘I make Lindsey Lohan look like a saint’ sensation, I decided to do this blog.

I mean, really off the top of my head, in the last year, I can list a bunch of Biebcidents.  When I started digging, I was shocked. Some hadn’t made the news, well, they did. But were buried.

Let’s see.  To name a few: Peeing in a bucket on the street, spitting from a balcony on his fans, egging a neighbor’s house, going to brothels, graffiti, abandoning a monkey, kicking the Brazilian Flag, being HOURS late for concerts. All around being that stupid annoying neighbor that they want to get rid of, yet everyone makes excuses for. Really I have a solution for Justin’s neighbors. Move my neighbor next door to the Biebs, he’ll be out of the neighborhood in no time.

In his most recent antic, he was arrested in Florida, for drag racing and under the influence. Apparently, The Biebs isn’t familiar with the curse of being a celebrity and driving really fast. That sort of goes along with being ‘almost famous’ and flying in a small plane.

Bad things happen, and The Biebs is thinking it’s cool. But it's not, he’s not thinking of his mother.

I feel bad for his mother. I really do. I suppose she has gotten to that point when she sees his name come up on her phone, she hits silence, because she doesn’t want to deal with ‘what now’. Much like any mom with a grown child who gets in trouble. She has fond memories of him as a little Bieb. Those days when he looked up to her with those big eyes and probably said, ‘You’re the best mommy in the world.

Well, I bet that mom wants to wring his neck. As a parent, we pretend to see our child through rose colored glasses, we project that, the truth is, we see it. It hurts.

Let’s put aside that he makes the act of ‘twerking’ look virginie. Or the fact, it’s just a bad example. Like he cares. When he does this, he not only is showing lack of respect to the millions of people who misguidedly still worship him, but it's totally heartbreaking to the parents who didn’t raise him to be this way.

Unfortunately this latest Biebcident will be just like the others, unpunished. Everyone will complain, but nothing will be done and he’ll continue his antics, including annoying and making dangerous his neighborhood. I mean, really if being threatened by hulking Six foot Four, Keyshawn Johnson doesn’t scare him, nothing will.

So what’s the solution? Simple. Before someone beats him to a pulp, he mixes the wrong drugs with alcohol, or follows the path of James Dean … deport him. 

I’m thinking that may send a message to the Biebs. Because let’s face it, if it were any other immigrant doing this to his/her neighbors, driving reckless and fast around kids playing, the NIS would be up their ass. Whether it does the Biebs good or not, ignoring him and his misguided and illegal behavior is unfair to every law abiding immigrant who respected this country and their neighbors and were unfairly deported for less.


  1. Yep, deport his pasty little ass. He's on a downward spiral and is going to take someone with him if it's not stopped.

    Sadly, his antics in Miami are MISDEMEANORS. He admitted to taking *4 Xanax and other drugs* before he got into that car and drove off. Four Xanax knocks me out. But since no alcohol was involved, he's going to get off with a cute little warning slap on the wrist. Misdemeanors. Only in Florida is drag racing in the city a misdemeanor.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Deport him and send a message to all the other Hollyweird twits that it's not acceptable to behave this way. Not to mention he could have hurt other people in his latest Biebcident. His fans should wake up and realize he's just a brat. Then see how he behaves.