Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Castaway: Real, Killer, or Cannibal?

I have to weigh in, I do. I have to give my theories on Jose Salvador Alvarenga. Who? If you haven’t heard, recently in the news, he’s the man who was stranded at sea for 13 months. His boat lost power, and he drifted for thousands upon thousands of miles and finally drifted to safety .. over a year later. He survived from eating fish, birds, turtles and drinking the blood of these things and his own urine.

When he first left, he set sailed with a young man whom he just met. He didn’t return with the young man. The young man died four months into the survival turmoil. You probably have two reactions. Either , “wow, that’s amazing’ or ‘No way, Jose,’ (No pun intended to our castaway).

Now you can believe everything he says, and bask in the survival wonder. Or you can look at the facts.

Doctors say he was weak and severely dehydrated.  Yet, he seemed ‘plumper’, they explained it as swelling. Hmm. I thought the tissues had to hold fluid to swell, if you’re severely dehydrated where is the fluid coming from? Maybe I’m showing my ignorance.

Let’s go visuals…
This is him before (Left) and after (following his haircut) 

Maybe I’m wrong but does this look like a man who spent 14 months at sea starving?

To better demonstrate, look at the picture below and ask yourself which of these two look like they can use a cheeseburger?

Honestly, no one is away at sea, doesn’t eat, doesn’t have enough water and looks healthy and fit. Just go look up pictures of his whole body. He didn’t lose weight. IN FACT, he looks as if he gained it. So what’s the scoop? I offer two scenarios
1) It never happened. He could have killed the young man, took him out in this boat and dumped him in the ocean. To cover the murder, he stayed away for a year, got back in his boat and, inspired by the look of Tom Hanks, mimicked that and returned. Uncanny, isn’t it? That would explain the lack of weight loss.

2) My favorite theory. He really did get lost at sea, his boat really did break down, and to survive it became a ‘me or you’ situation and he chose himself, killed his companion and yep … wait for it … ate him.

What he didn’t eat he used as bait.

I honestly believe the whole story will eventually unfold. We’ll either find out that someone saw him during that time frame he was allegedly floating about ot he’ll admit to dining on his companion.

I for one am very interested in this story and will keep following it.

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