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Walking Dead Spoiler Splash S5E12

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In case you don't feel like going everywhere to gather up the information, my sources have gathered them all.

From multiple sources, including and not limited to, The Spoiling Dead Fans, Wetpaint, TV guide, for your reading pleasure here you go...

From our friends at The Spoiling Dead Fans

(THANKS GUYS) FOR some awesome pictures and other info, check out their site!

TSDF EXCLUSIVE: tidbits for "Remember". The scenes/info may or may not be in order - Prime
Credit: Bill Nye the Spoiler Guy
- While Rick is walking through ASZ, there are two houses next door to one another. Aaron tells him they can have both. Rick, as a precaution, makes them all sleep in the same house in the same room for the first night. The leader of ASZ comes around and comments on them staying in the same house. The next day Rick talks about them not having to share a room.
-While Rick is in his new house he receives his first visitor. A shirtless Rick (yummmmm) meets Alexandra (character name not known) at the door. Right away she offers to cut his hair. Her son is around Carls age so they immediately have something in common. There are a few kids Carl's age and a girl that Carl may be interested in.
-Each person in the group is given a specific job. Daryl is the only person who doesn't have a job assigned to him and doesn't seem to like the place. He spends a lot of time on the porch (from the preview). At one point, he skins a possum even though there is plenty of good food to eat.
-The group is shown how to do a 'run'. A son of one of the community's leaders has a walker chained up, which ends up missing. It creeps up on the group from out of nowhere. One of them stabs the walker and the leader's son throws a fit (Lizzie anyone?). Glenn ends up punching the guy who chained the walker. The guy's mother thanks Glenn for teaching her son a lesson.
-In the house Carl is in he hears a noise upstairs. With knife in hand, Carl opens the door (from the preview). It's empty apart from some magazines which we find out later belong to the local kids. They used the house as a hangout. No walkers behind the door though. Carl is just imagining or thinking like his father; always on the look out.
-At one point, Carol mentions the group may possibly get weak if they stay at the community. They want to stay, but it's more of a concern they will become weak. Rick then says they won't get weak. He goes on to says that if the people in the ASZ don't make it, the group will just take it.
Note: the information is correct at the time of posting. As always, anything can change by the time we see the episode.
Credit: The Spoiler Demons
-The episode ends on the eve of the group's second night at the safe zone. The ending scene is the group talking about "becoming weak"(mentioned in our spoilers on Tuesday). Earlier during the day, Rick leaves the compound with a satchel to go exploring. He goes to the area where he placed his gun in the blender. Carl appears from behind the building. Rick doesn't seem bothered that Carl is outside the walls. Carl sneaks out to follow a girl who lives in the ASZ. She sneaks over the wall to explore. (Just like Ellie in The Last of Us game) Carl loses her and bumps into Rick. Some walkers come and the father/son tag team take them out. A walker grabs Rick's boot and Rick goes to stab the walker in the head but Carl wants to do it to prove he has balls.
-Alexandra Breckenridge, we confirm to be playing Jessie. She is the one who cuts Ricks hair.

-Deanna is the leader of Alexandria Safe Zone. She's an odd, older woman with blonde, shoulder length hair.

ALSO from our compilation goddess who gathered ALL the info 

1) Title of Sunday’s episode 5.12 is ‘Remember”; 5.13 is ‘Forget’.  Title of 5.14 – Spend!  Sunday night- Rick will finally lose the beard, which is in Norman Reedus’ custody! 
2 houses- all together the first night then we’ll see the split. Daryl has trouble fitting in of course and being comfortable. Carol  wiorries they will be “too soft” by staying at ASZ and Rick still has his guard up- he goes back and retrieves his weapon and we get Anthrax’s Scott Ian as a guest walker!
2.) Instead of Douglas Monroe leading Alexandria in the comic, we have Deanna!  Interesting twist and rumored to be Kate Vernon (Battlestar Galactica) but not confirmed.  Second female leader for the series after Dawn at Grady- both in season 5.
Other characters in Alexandria Safe Zone:
1)Alexandra Breckinridge-  casting code name “Samantha” which many fans expect to be the Jessie role from the comic. I think she’s definitely Jessie who will likely rock Rick’s world a little.
2) Michael Traynor – Nicholas
3) Elijah Marcano – Mikey
4) Ann Mahoney – Olivia (groomed Rick in the comic)
5) Corey Brill – Pete  (surgeon mentioned in The Distance, small role in comic)
6) Katelyn – Enid
7) Major Dotson - Sam
3) How does Rick’s group fit into life in the ASZ?  That's absolutely the drama at the heart of the rest of the season.”  We know Carol worries in Sunday’s episode that staying may make them ‘too soft’; we know Daryl struggles to adjust to people and routine despite his successes at the prison.
4)  Season finale, episode 5.16 will be 90 minutes which means we’ll get around 60 minutes of show instead of usual 42-50. 
5) Official synopsis for 5.16 Daryl finds himself in trouble while out on a run. Meanwhile, in Alexandria, Rick and his group continue to feel like outsiders as danger lurks near the gates.  Title may be "How the Harvest Gets Home".
6) Anthrax’s Scott Ian appears as a walker Sunday night, and we’ll see Rick retrieve the gun he buried in the blender outside that shack! Greg Nicotero directs
7.) 5.13 - Forget: Rick and the group continue to acclimate to their new surroundings.
5.14 - Spend: Rick and his group face a number of challenges while trying to secure their new home.

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Spoiler Splash - Walking Dead S5E11

Make sure you tune in this week to the Apocalypse Nana show, 9 PM EXT Prepper Broadcasting Network, when we will have a visit from the Spoiler Fairies.

In the meantime, let me share what I have found out.

Examine the sneak peak video for this week’s episode and look at second mark 22. Looks to me like Glen comes awfully close to being bit.

EDIT FRIDAY FEB 20 - Please visit Spoiling the Dead Facebook
Here is a tease of what they have
- Rick and Judith stay behind at barn, Aaron is tied up. Judith won't stop crying, Aaron offers some apple sauce which Rick believes to be poisoned.

From Wet Paint – This is the episode Rick loses his beard. So that tells me they arrive at Alexandria safe Zone. CORRECTION (As told by SpoilingDeadfans) Rick loses his beard in Episode 12, they only arrive at Alexandria Safe Zone.

So all that hoopla in the barn from the previews is just that.

So let’s deduct. We have seen from the previews that the group runs into trouble. We know from the GN, that Aaron (The clean and neat survivor) is not a bad guy, so who is after the group? Walkers or the Wolves? Wolves being perhaps AKA the Saviors from the GN.

Remember in Episode 5.9 we saw the graffiti on the wall about Wolves and the ‘W’ carved into the forehead of the walker.

Last week, I discovered that information I provided was also placed on another site first. A site I was honestly unaware of. So this week, I received info and was directed to that site.

Allow me to credit them correctly this week.

Thanks to The Spoiling Dead Fans ( I have the following information. Check out their site (Registration is appreciated) and also like them on Facebook. They have some cool info.

Including …

Eric, Aaron’s partner makes an appearance this week. Which again reiterates they get to ASF.

From The Spoiling Dead Fans facebook page (Credited to their own Obi Wan)
The scene opens with the group hanging out in the barn doing stuff and thangs. Daryl is cleaning his BFF aka his crossbow. Rick is sitting on the ground with Judith, while Carl is messing with a piece of wood off the barn's wall.

Maggie comes into the barn announcing to the group, "This is Aaron." Daryl immediately approaches the barn door and makes sure there is no one outside. He then conducts a nice little TSA frisk on Aaron. Maggie states that she has already searched Aaron and removed his weapon.

The group, wary of this stranger, surrounds Aaron with their weapons pointed at him. Awkward Aaron offers an awkward "hi". Rick asks Maggie for Aaron's weapon. She hands over his pistol and officer Rick assertively checks it for ammo.

Rick asks Aaron if he wants something from them. Sasha says that he has a camp that he wants the group to "audition" for. Aaron explains that he believes the group would be valuable additions to his community.

Aaron asks Sasha to hand Rick his backpack and says there is an envelope in the front pocket. Aaron explains he couldn't just come along without some proof that his community exists. He shows Rick a photo of his community which features large walls. He mentions that their walls are strong and nothing dead or alive can get in. He says that security and their survivors are their top priorities. Aaron also mentions that it is his job to convince the group to follow him.

Before Aaron can explain anymore, an unamused Rick walks straight up to him and delivers an unforgiving punch right in the face, knocking him out cold.

AND finally ….
Some interesting Easter Eggs from 5.9 and 5.10.
From 5.9 – Most of us know Glen’s fate from the GN (bludgeoned with a bat). I wonder if the discovery of the baseball bat during the trip to Noah’s home a foreshadowing of things to come for Glen.

From 5.10 – Perhaps it isn’t Maggie that commits suicide. Any one notice in the barn, that Sasha slept under a loop of rope. Foreshadowing maybe she’ll be the one who attempts suicide.

I promise to post as I find more out. Thanks for stopping by!

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Walking Dead - Ten Unanswerable Questions You may Want to Ask

I can't resists, it has been eating me. So I am going to write a Walking Dead Vent Blog. I admit I love the show and at times, I love to hate it. Tonight was one of those nights. Where is it going? Another episode of Walking Dead where I not only huffed in boredom, but ended up twice, doing my own version of Mystery Science Theater for Maggie and Sasha. I’m addicted, not only to the  show but to the weekly torture of so-so episodes, all while holding high hopes that at any time it will get better.

I hated Season Four. Hated it. To be honest, the introduction of Gabriel and hopefully, the impending death of Beth, got me to come back.  I have since learned, any character I really like, dies. After watching tonight, I have made a list of question you would love to ask, but will never get the answer to.

Warning Spoilers if you are not up to Season Five Episode 11.
(For the purpose of these questions making sense, I refer to Rick and gang as ‘Our Group’)

1.      Why did it take so long for our group to get out of Georgia. We learned from T Dog in Season 3 they went in circles for eight months. No wonder they couldn’t find food.

2.      And why can’t they find food. If 90% of the population is … dead, who is eating all the stock? Doesn’t Cosco have a warehouse down there or something?

3.      Why is our group the only ones who don’t have it together. Hershel was the key to that. Haven’t they learned that settling and farming is probably their best bet. Why is our group the only ones that haven’t found a solid place yet?

4.      Am I the only one who things our group are the bad guys in the series, not just the Walkers? Hell if I had a community and I saw that raggedy group heading my way, I’d shoot. They live and act dangerously, no wonder no one wants them.

5.      Why is it any place good that our group goes, they destroy? All that time they spent on Herschel’s farm, they really could have erected fences. Everyone else did it.

6.      What does our group have against cleanliness. Obviously getting clean isn’t impossible, every survivor group they run into is clean. - Note to group, if you find five gallons of water, and don’t trust it to drink, damn it … wash your hands.

7.      So it’s been like. What? Eighteen months? Two years? We have established that cleanliness isn’t priority for our group, so why for as dirty as they get are their teeth so damn clean? Someone get a toothache.

8.      What does AMC have against African American Actors? Why can there not be more than one on the show for very long. We had T Dog, then came Oscar and T Dog died. Here comes Tyrese and Oscar dies. Oops, Father Gabriel .. Tyrese is dead.

9.      Is there some sort of contract stipulation that says Daryl’s cry face will hereby replace Beth’s singing. The first time we saw both (Crying and singing) It was moving, but after that it’s annoying.

10.  In what word do the writers live that people actually talk like that. They had to be drunk over tonight’s dialogue. Carol to Daryl “One day you will feel it. You won’t stop it.” In other words, go sit by that tree, smoke  cigarette and give us your best cry face.

And finally, to the reader who was strongly and rightfully disturbed about my kitten scene in The Experiments, I hope you weren’t watching this episode.

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Walking Dead Spoiler Splash - Episode 10

You know, sometimes you just can’t wait. Sometimes you just have to know. I am that type of person. I fact check while watching shows and constantly have to seek spoilers.

I am a Walking Dead junkie, like a crackhead needing a fix, I am everywhere, saying, ‘you got something. What do you have.’

Hence, why I am going to be doing this blog. My ‘go to’ site for spoilers hasn’t been, well, as informative, so I contacted the crack team (Crack, haha) of spoiler masters that I knew provided the info to that site. I am pleased and blessed to announce they will be providing me with the spoilers.

They are very reliable. Please do not ask me to divulge where they get them from, I cannot.

Each Thursday morning I will post spoiler sneaks. Then on my show, Thursday night 9 pm, a member of the Spoiler Splash Team will pop by the show, divulge a little more or get more in-depth over what I posted.

Feel free to follow the blog or follow me on Twitter. @gojake

Through the weekend, I will update the blog as Spoilers come in. I promise to give you the most reliable source of spoilers and info you can get for Walking Dead.

After the mid season premiere, I am hoping that episode 10 is better. It should be for those who were disappointed

And now that the intro is out of the way, here we go.  Spoilers as Q & A Format.
S6E10 – Them


Will we see the Daryl Cry Face?
Unfortunately, yes, but we won’t hear Beth singing.

Does Aaron show up?
Yes, he does and is not greeted friendly.

Do they take the water left for them or was that a trick?
We don’t know if it is a trick, but they pass it by. We do get rain.

Speaking of rain, is it true there is some Z nation weather inspired stuff this episode.
Yes. WD has decided to take a clue from Z-Nation and show that the force of nature is greater that the force of a decaying body.

Are there dogs or wolves that show up?
Dogs, and yes, we are left to wonder if it really has become a dog eat dog, or er, human eat dog world.

Will we see Morgan this episode?
From what we have seen, the answer is no.

If anything new shows up, I’ll up date