Monday, September 30, 2013

FEMA Region Preparations, Body Bags in Puerto Rico. Brace for Disaster?

So, as always another prediction for a major catastrophe is sweeping the news. This one is a little odd and I have been banging my head against the wall since hearing about. What could happen?

A simple Google search of the word ‘Puerto Rico Body Bags’ will yield you the story of how thousands of body bags and black coffins are being delivered to Puerto Rico.

The second is the heightened FEMA preparations in Region 3.

Let’s break down Puerto Rico first.

Now, immediately rumors swarm of an East Coast Tsunami, but let’s think about this. Why bring coffins and body bags to an island that pretty much is gonna be wiped out? So apparently the body bags are being brought there because bodies will wash ashore.

Second rumor is a virus. Which is good, by why only body bags and coffins? Surely if Puerto Rico is going to be hit with a plague, the antibiotics and so forth that FEMA is moving would go there.

Instead they are going to FEMA Region 3.

Wide speculation is something BIG is going to happen in FEMA Region 3. This is a possibility, but it is also possible that Region 3 is going to be a safe place or a place that is taking refugees.

Again, like with Puerto Rico, why bring body bags to a region that is going to be under water and the same applies to Region 3. Why bring loads of supplies to a region that is facing disaster. Unless the disaster isn’t destructive.

Surely, they’d not want to be caught in another Katrina, but the safest place to stockpile emergency supplies for a national emergency is where you are certain they will be safe. Easily accessed for deployment to affected areas.

If a nuclear bomb is coming, I’m not putting supplies in my attic or yard, they are going in the basement. That’s why believe nothing is happening in Region 3 or Puerto Rico, they are being sent supplies in case.

In case of what? I gave this some thought and for right now I came up with two theories.

The first doesn’t really go along with the body bags in Puerto Rico, but it does go along with Preparing region 3.

The long overdue Eruption of Yellowstone Caldera. If this would occur, 2/3 of the United States would be useless and an ashy, dark wasteland. The safest areas … east coast.

Here is the US with the FEMA 3 Region out line.

Here is the destruction map of a Yellowstone eruption.

And finally, what I think may occur if we are looking at a disaster. Is a 2 mile radius, sold rock meteor smacking down into the Gulf of Mexico. Granted I just finished writing a meteor book, so I have meteor on the brain, but using the Meteor Calculator (To see the damage to your home, click here) and other tools, this is the image I got. Look at the radius of destruction. Puerto Rico isn’t touched at all by the tsunami, but wouldn’t thousands of bodies wash up on their shores.

So when folks easily dismiss the FEMA prepping of Region 3 as a hoax, they are forgetting that the body bags are also in Puerto Rico. One has to look at the whole picture. You can dismiss one, but can you dismiss one without wondering about the other? Both are happening at the same time. I could be wrong, chances are I am. But I welcome other explanations for why BOTH of these are happening simultaneously.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why Miley Cyrus HAD to Twerk (My Opinion)

Miley Cyrus. 
Some say her name with a sigh or cringe of irritation. They are shocked and dismayed at her behavior as of late and have pounced on her mercilessly over the VMA performance.

Now, one would expect, someone like me, who is conservative, to be offended by Miley’s performance, instead, I am intrigued and I applaud her brilliancy.

First, let’s establish, it’s an act. All the pictures, the behavior.  It’s an act. Period. She’s not a slut, we know this, she’s been with the same man for years … or was. I’m willing to bet she wasn’t comfortable with those leather shorts climbing straight up her lady bug and more so, she cringes when she sees how badly they made her bottom look.

The pictures won’t go away so she increase the behavior to divert attention away from the pink mess.

Why did she do it in the first place? First reason … Liam. The only boyfriend really she ever had. Let’s face it, Liam didn’t break up with Miley and find the new girl twelve hours later. It was going on for a while. Miley knew. She was hurt, she spiced up the VMA as revenge. Honestly, it humiliated Liam. Kudos Miley! The public may not have known how bad he hurt her, but Miley did. So some last minute changes at rehearsal and after the show, Miley is out there. Literally. She got everyone’s attention. Good or bad. Also she got to give Liam the finger, in more ways than one.

The decision to be a bad girl is so bad it’s fake and it’s done that way on purpose, for people to say, “It’s so fake and bad’. It’s a way to bring attention to her.

Miley was a Disney girl and would never go beyond that image unless she did something drastic.

She is talented, the girl can sing. I would never even give her song a listen if she hadn’t been so bold. Have you heard ‘Wrecking Ball’? It’s a great tune! I for one am glad she twerked or I would have missed out on that song.

For Miley to get people to listen and take notice of her work and take her seriously as an artist, she first has to get people to ‘not take her seriously’ by garnishing attention. Get the attention, people listen.

Without the unflattering shorts and foam hand playtime, no one would give two shakes about Miley. Now they’re buying her music.

It’s not her, it’s not who she is. After she gets some ground work on her music, watch for the shock and awe to change. She has strong roots.

Hey, if being half naked at a book signing would make me a best seller, I’d do it. Unfortunately no one wants to see a middle aged woman twerking against a book display with leather shorts smashing up her lady bug. The thought is not right. Thank God I am a literary person.

But Miley can. Grab it Miley, you’re talent needs that attention so get it how you can.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sneak Peek - The Forgotten

My newest 'Undead' book, a little different. Available this month on Amazon.

As promised … the dead have risen.
As promised … there are chosen.
Hell on earth is an understatement.

Del Lincoln only wants to be a rock star. His ambitions go only as far as his next gig, until the day the earth changes. Millions vanish and a plague sweeps viciously across the globe, killing everyone infected. Three days later … they rise from the dead.

Now Del and six others are all that remain. They travel city to city, looking for a safe haven while trying to rid the land of the undead. They believe they are spared for a reason, but actually they are simply forgotten. However, within their group is one individual who was not meant to be forgotten. He must be delivered to sanctuary before the undead completely consume the earth.  The Special One is the key to humanity.

It will take dedication and sacrifice to complete the mission. Del and the others may be forgotten, but if they succeed, the human race will never forget them.

Mankind is promised life after death, it is just never explained what the ‘Resurrection’ really entails.



Alone. More alone than any human being could imagine.
The silence of the dead city rang out in a buzz.
It was so quiet that the only sound was Del’s steps. His black boots barely made a noise against the pavement, yet they echoed. How could they not? No one was around. Not a motor sound, airplane or even a bird. Wearing a long black trench coat, dark hair in need of a haircut, and a book bag, Del walked down the deserted street.
Cars spewed about the road. Some had open doors. None contained any passengers.
For the most part, the storefronts were still intact as if waiting on the daily shoppers. No patrons would come this day. Nothing really was disturbed. It was if the world just stopped.
It just stopped.
Del Lincoln moved at a steady pace. That was, of course, until he crossed the street and arrived at the old movie theater. Classic theater. He imagined decades before, it was the place to go in the small town. People bustled in and out, paying a quarter for a show, a nickel for popcorn. Days gone by. It appeared to be renovated to be one of those ‘artsy’ theaters. Showing independent films along with classics.
The marquee had missing letters from the currently playing titles. Posters in the displays faded. The older theater, located right there on the main street had a ticket booth. An old style ticket booth.
The glass was braised with a dirty film, giving it a fog appearance, the curtains inside drawn as if to say, ‘sold out… forever.’
A silver money counter encircled the booth and Del caught glimpse of the white sticker. A sticker that read, ‘God Saves’.
He chuckled. ‘There is no God’ was written over the words. Someone actually took time to do that?
‘Man,’ Del thought, ‘What I wouldn’t have given to have one of these in my town.’ He walked to the booth and stopped. Of course, no one was in the ticket booth but Del dared to dream, to pretend he was going to purchase a ticket to one of those low budget films or classics from the past. After all, who was around?
“Whoa, Soylent Green is playing,” he spoke to the ticket booth. “Probably be better if it was Omega Man, don’t you think?” he laughed then cleared his throat. “Sorry. Hear that one before? How much?” He paused. “You’re kidding, right? Highway robbery. But … I’m in the mood.” He reached into his pocket and as he lifted head he caught it. A reflection in the glass of the booth. A figure. Obviously a man. Del cocked a half smile, reached under his coat and turned around.
The man, face pasty white, eyes black, opened his mouth in a gaping manner, gasping out a hungry moan. Sores graced his chin and lips. He smelled.
Quickly, without hesitation, Del pulled out his weapon.
It wasn’t an ordinary weapon. Homemade. It looked like a pipe with a trigger.
He raised it, aimed and shot.
Out of the end ejected a thin spear. It seared directly into the forehead of the man, and retracted back into the weapon just as fast.
No blood. Just a single, hole and the man dropped.
“You just took all the fun out of my movie fantasy. “ Del spoke to the body, sighed and returned the weapon under his coat to his belt.
He moved on, as if nothing had occurred, continuing in his walk down the empty deserted street.