Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Who Negan Smashed - My Theory

I hate Negan. Not for the reasons you probably think. I’ll  get into that, but first …

Spoilers ahead
If you are not caught up on Walking Dead, stop reading.

You were warned.

Back to … I hate Negan. For Graphic Novel readers you were familiar with him, but for those who didn’t read, Walking Dead spent the second half of season six teasing this ‘Negan’ guy, trying to shove down our throats how horrible he is. When we see him, what did we get? A guy in designer jeans, an expensive made to fit leather jacket and the quintessential bad guy slicked back greasy hair. Oh, yeah, he carries a barbed wire bat that he bludgeons people with.

That’s his call to villain fame? He beats people? I hate Negan because he is being sold to us as this ruthless villain. He is not, by the true definition of the word, a villain. A good villain has some good qualities, for the most part, those around them aren’t convinced he or she is a villain and they don’t boast, like Dr. Evil how bad they are. Albeit selfish, there are good motives. The Governor was a great villain and Walking Dead has been cutting up the cardboard ever since to try to match him.

By the trailers we hear Negan brag about his strength. He uses phrases like Pee-pee pants  city. Pee pant city? What? Is he trying to scare first graders. Is he a bad guy? Yes. A villain? No. He’s a brute, and that won’t last long.

Speaking of the brute … Season Six of Walking Dead ended with a cliffhanger that got people in an uproar. How dare they do this to us, viewers cried out and cried foul. Admittedly it was one humdinger of a cliffhanger. Kudos to AMC.

Apparently Pee Pant City Man smashed someone in the head. Ironically, the same one screaming about the cliffhanger are the same ones that are convinced that Glenn got the bat. Just because it went that way in the GN. Seriously, people on spoiler and fan boards are downright belligerent about it being Glenn and anyone else who thinks otherwise is an idiot. Don’t believe me, go on one of those boards and post it isn’t Glenn. They smash you like the current bat wielding cardboard cut out villain.

When simple common sense would tell you that it isn’t Glenn. Would AMC risk losing viewers, go to all that trouble to build up a ‘who is it?’ cliffhanger if they were gonna stick to the comic books?

Some say he hasn’t been on set. Some say he’s been spotted. AMC is not gonna let this secret out. They will resort to having the character who died on set and hide others. All the Glenn Slayers will be crying in their Wheaties. He’s not dead. Forget the graphic novels, they wouldn’t pull a cliffhanger of this magnitude if they were following the books. They’d leave us crying at the end.

So who do I say got the bat? Maggie.

Why? It’s heart wrenching, it’s bold, it’s unexpected, it will motivate the characters and story. Game of Thrones slaughtered a pregnant woman brutally. Their viewers didn’t stop watching.

Book readers argue, ‘it’s not a woman. Negan doesn’t brutalize women. Especially pregnant ones.’ Correct me if I’m wrong, but unless Negan is a psychic or has xray vision, he hasn’t a clue she’s pregnant. And … remember she cut her hair, really short. It wasn’t the actress who wanted It done,  it was for storyline purposes. Short hair, dark lighting, pale from being sick … Negan thinks she’s a dude.


AMC wants you to comeback to see who got it, they aren’t luring you back to see the predictable. That’s my take, opinion, a few more weeks and we’ll know.