Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Mysterious Dog Virus – Should we be scared?

Typically a non pet owner, doesn’t think twice about an illness infecting dogs. We may glance at the news and go, ‘Oh that’s a shame,’ but if we don’t have a pet, it doesn’t affect us .. right? Or should I say ‘infect’.

When I first heard of this mysterious virus, I immediately thought of the movie, ‘Conquest of the Planet of the Apes’. Where pets are apes because there are no cats and dogs.  Ricardo Montalban’s characters tells Caesar, the ape. "They all died. Within a few months. Eight years ago. Every single dog and cat in the world. It was like a plague. The disease that killed them was a mysterious virus.”

Sound familiar?  Almost eerily prophetic.

A ‘form’ of this mystery virus has surfaced in the past. But this one, this new one, killing dogs within days if not hours of infection, is bold and brash. New and mutated. It hits, infects, devastates and kills. The pets suffers so much that the only recourse is euthanasia to stop their misery.

This has species extinction level potential.

Not much is being said, because no one really is standing up and paying attention to the vets. After all, they’re just dogs, right? They are yelling out and no one hears.

We should.

This mystery illness is being called an evolved form of Circovirus.  But even samples aren’t matching anything they knew. Post Mortem tissue samples of the dogs … breed nothing recognizable. No sign of the virus at all in some cases.

This form of virus, or something very similar,  is typically seen in two species. Pigs and birds. (Got the swine flu willies don’t ya).

A virus mutates and evolves when it jumps from one species to another, start with a bird one way, hit a pig another, and infect a human a whole other way.

Did this jump from pig to dog? How? It is speculated via humans. Speculated by the vets. Many are saying that pet owners are showing flu symptoms when they bring in the dogs, and sequentially, Vet Clinic workers are falling ill after dealing with the sick dogs. Not deathly ill, and hopefully, not yetl.

But is this an act of nature of a lab mishap.  Oddly enough, Michigan is an infected state not long after they initiated the Invasive Species Order.  Which is described by the farming consumer site as:  The order was issued by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in December 2010 to prohibit “feral” swine which are identified by such ubiquitous characteristics that most any swine, especially heritage breeds raised on family farms, are unjustly threatened with eradication.

Tossing out a conspiracy theory, could this be the way to eradicate the Invasive Species and it just got out of control? After all, the Mystery dog virus is airborne.

But should we, as people be concerned? Yes. Why? This is being labeled as a zoonotic infection. Simply, that is a virus or infection that can jump and spread between vertebrae species. If it can jump, it can mutate, if it jumps from your neighbors pet fido, it could mutate when it hits you. Those suspected as being infected by their dogs are merely sniffling and coughing now, but its possible it won’t always be like that.

History has shown it.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sponge Bob - You sinner!

Let me start out by saying I am not some nut crazed right wing conservative fanatic. Although my kids may argue that fact because of my love of Ronald Reagan, John Wayne and Charlton Heston. I defend that by saying I just love macho men.

The other day, while watching yet, another episode of Sponge Bob, I decided to ‘fib’ to my oldest daughter and tell her she was in luck, they were removing Sponge Bob for good because he was a negative influence. My daughter who never believes anything I say, wholeheartedly bought my tale and even applauded the idea. “That makes perfect sense, it really isn’t a good influence.”

She then started spewing off examples. I was kinda taken aback, I mean, how often do we as caregivers watch the show? We see the bouncing yellow guy and the happiness (Not to mention hypnotic) effect it brings to the kids and we just let them love Sponge Bob. I love Sponge Bob, annoying as he is, the yellow sponge is a bartering tool, and a distraction for a half hour.

But is it a good distraction? No. He’s not. And I know I don’t have to convince anyone. Let’s be clear, I am not petitioning or calling for a ban on the Bob. I am a firm believer that we control what our kids watch, not the TV. If there is something bad our young ones are watching, it is our fault, not the networks.

That being said, as my daughter started pointing out specifics from episodes that depicted violence, rude behavior, bullying, it dawned on me that the creators of Sponge Bob must have the Seven Deadly sins hanging on the writing wall as a guide to follow. Each episode clearly commits 6 out of 7.

Sloth and Gluttony – Patrick is our culprit, he eats like a horse doesn’t care if anyone else has any, not to mention, he’s a slob who doesn’t work.
Pride – Sandy, who annoys me is always full of herself, along with Larry the Lobster and let’s not forget Squigward.
Envy – Well, that’s easy. Plankton is always chasing the secret formula.
Greed – Mr. Crabs is motivated and lives by the dollar.
Lust – Who can forget the episode when Patrick dressed as a girl and Mr. Crabs and Squigward were chasing after him.
Anger – Squigward is the meanest person on the show. How many times does he call Patrick and SB an idiot or moron. Not to mention all the beach bullies.

In all fairness though, while Sponge Bob depicts the seven sins , Tom and Jerry weren’t any better. They chased each other, fought, beat each other up and let’s not forget how many episodes they just got drunk. Drunk? Yeah. Drunk.

While Sponge Bob is basically teaching the youth to be greedy and mean, is at any worse than the cartoons that taught us to be violent drunks?

It’s all in what we view it as. A guide or entertainment and it is all in how the adults aid the child in understanding what they watch. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Eight Mistakes Indie Authors Should Avoid Making

Every author wants to have a bestselling novel. They have that daydream of collecting royalty checks, doing a spot on Good Morning America or Jay Leno, while sipping a fancy cocktail and writing by a pool. Truth is with the ease of the publishing now, good writers with great stories not only have to wade their way to the top through one hitters they now have to fight the stigma and the bad reputations given to Indie Authors.

I get asked quite a bit about how I do it. It’s not easy making a living as an Indie writer, it takes a lot of hard work, and there are times where I just want to chuck it all, trust me. But it’s my passion and my dream and I don’t give those up very easily. At least without a fight.

So, to be helpful, I have compiled a list of eight mistakes newbie and Indie authors make that should be avoided. It excludes the over advised grammar, book covers, etc ... It might be harsh, but it’s honest. I’m positive I have been guilty of a few of them at one time, early on. But as any established Indie will tell you, you learn. And the best way to learn is the first item on my list.

Eight Mistakes Often Made That Should Be Avoided

They ask but they don’t listen – Many times, in a state of confusion or loss at what to do, an author will reach out to a veteran author for advice. We give it. I know I spend time explaining why I am advising what I am. When we give the advice, we aren’t doing it to steer you in the wrong way, we do it because we have ‘been there, done that’ and paid the price. We honestly want to spare you. But I have learned, as many others, that 90% of the advice we give is not followed. I get so many emails stating, “UG, why didn’t I listen” to which I WANT to reply, ‘Why did you ask.”. But I don’t. The advice isn’t followed because it isn’t what they want to hear. I don't expect my advise to always be followed, but I hate hearing I was right and they didn't listen.  If you ask for advice and don’t follow it, do not express regret to the person who gave it to you. They’ll never help you again.

I’m a Writer but I don’t Write – This will be argued. Too many writers call themselves writers and are either not writing or working on multiple projects at once. I can’t tell you how many times I hear an author say they are working on three or four books and yet not one is near completion. Focus. Finish.  In this age of Instant books, no one wants to wait a year for your next project. They’ll forget you too easily, because are quick to take your place.  

Expectations and Laziness – Too many time Indies want instant recognition or sales and don’t want to work for it. They don’t seize every avenue or opportunity presented to them.  Big or small, if an opportunity is there to get one person to read … take it. You never know what that one person will do.  An example is, I posted on a big writers forum, about an opportunity to promote your work for free. A new opportunity. 10,000 plus members on the forum and I had 3 views. Pushed to the fifth page in a heartbeat, and replaced with threads griping about low sales and ….

They pimp their work to other authors – What is this? I don’t get this? Yet, authors continuously do it.  I kid you not, on that author board,  65,000 views 22,000 replies under a thread called “Authors Promote your work here’ To who? Other authors promoting their work. Really? How much sense does that make? I’d rather promote my work to five readers than 22,000 authors who will never look at my post. Insane. I guess it’s the lack of wanting to leave the comfort zone of one place. And on that …

They spend too much time on forums – If a writer wants bad reviews, torpedoes reviews, the best way to get them is too spend time on a writer’s forum. Try it, post about the success of a book and I can guarantee you’ll get a torpedo, negative review from a reviewer who never reviewed a book in their life. More so, they go to these forums and gripe about reviewers. I can bet reviewers are there.  Hit the readers not the writers unless you need advice and you can get that, one on one, on Facebook.

Loss of Marketing Tact – How many times have you seen this happen? You’re engaging in a  nice conversation about something on a forum or thread and suddenly some author posts ‘buy my book’.  Out of the blue, nothing to do with topic. Too often authors get pushy and post randomly about their work. It doesn’t get them noticed, it gets them ignored. Once I was watching a thread on Autism and a woman asking advice on how to handle her son and some author posted ‘Buy my book it has an autistic boy in it’. Grrr.

Hobby not a career – If you want to be a successful writer and make it your dream living then you have to work at it just like any other career. You wouldn’t tell your boss you can’t work because you have to sleep or watch a TV show. Writing shouldn’t play second fiddle to free time. I know how hard it is to write and work a full time job, while raising a family, but there is always time. Give up an hour sleep, a TV show. But work on it.

Readers Not Fans  - I love my readers but I would never call them fans. Me calling them ‘my fans’ lessens the importance they hold in my life. A good readership, like a friendship is built. It requires a building of trust. They trust you’ll deliver a good story, you’ll keep them reading, and trust you’ll appreciate them.  The best way to get readers is to stop being the author with a book, and be a person whose story they want to know.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

21 and Counting. Some of the Best Undiscovered in the Literary World

Publishing has come a long way since the days of paper submissions and multitudes of rejections. Readers were at the mercy of the publishers on what they had to read. Ten years ago, Post Apocalypse fiction was considered non marketable. Although e-readers have been around a while, they only recently gained popularity and thus, have launched a new way to read. Readers can discover that gem at a good price, and can snuggle up with a good book without it breaking their wallet.

This is all due to Indie Authors and authors who dared to break the mold. They set the price, have free days and give you the opportunity to say yes or no to the book the big houses would consider a risk.

However, as long as it took for e-devices to catch on, that is how I long I believe it will take before a lot of Indy’s and small house writers to get the media recognition they deserve.

So after careful deliberation and lots of reading, I have compiled four lists. The 99 Cent Genius, Great Indies to check out,  the list of my Top Ten Authors who are excelling in the field and/or deserve the recognition,, but first the list....

Achievement - List of her Own

C. Dulaney - This woman doesn't need a list, she is a list of her own. Witty, dark and funny, she is the reason for this article. I was inspired because she is a best selling horror/zombie author, yet, in my opinion doesn't get the recognition she deserves. So here's to Ms. Dulaney. May her tales scare you as much as they scare me.


RG Porter  - Author of the Dragon’s Legacy series, this author needs attention and some reviews. His story angles are highly original and thought out. All I am gonna say is Dragon by day, man by night.

Jeff Bracket – Only because I am a sucker for ‘end of the world’ tales, Half Past Midnight is a must. Jeff has a knack for characterization and storytelling. This is a truly an edge of your seat book.

Carmen Amato – One of the hardest genres to break into and get good reviews is Mystery and Carmen has done just that. With hard work and pushing, her books are finally getting noticed. If you like Mystery I was super impressed by what she had to offer.

Denise Streiner – This lady will make you laugh, cry and most of all … think. No, wait, more than that, you read her work and get heart warming moments that scream, ‘I get this!’ especially in her book, What Love Can Do. And it’s only 99 cents.

Miranda Doerfler – This is quite an exceptional young lady and talented. She is prolific and her works in horror/zombie are amazing. This young woman will be the next big thing.

TR Nowry – Never have I read and/or met a more dedicated writer. He is so humble, yet his writing is masterful. Give his series a look, and the first book is FREE.  What do you have to lose?

Timothy Long – Oh my goodness does this author have a vision and his vision is so much better when not bracketed by publishing standard. Zombie Wilson Diaries still makes me giggle to think about it.

Lucy Carol – I don’t need to ‘think’ she is excelling, she is showing many of us the way. Exceeding a 1,000 sales in less than a month on her self published book, Lucy was awarded the Certificate of Recognition at the Emerald City Writers conference. Way to go, Lucy!

Jesse V Coffey – This woman is by far one of the best writers I have ever known. If determination alone was worth gold, she would be a millionaire. She has pursued her dream and works in her craft every moment she can. Check out her Amazon page and especially, Salt of the Earth.

Number one ….

Bowie V Ibarra – Not only can this man create dark and horrific filled worlds, he works hard for Indie writers. He’s a genuine human being and I give him the J. Druga Ernest Hemingway Award 2013, because he writes like a darker Ernest and not just because he drinks like him.

Some other Indies to check out, please …

Kris Austen Radcliffe – Dragons, pirates and Shifters  ... oh, my. Visit her homepage and just take a look at her high rated books.

Edwin Stark – Not to be confused with Tony.  If you like Zombies and humor Check to his book, The Karaoke Duo VS the karaoke Zombies.  A chuckle by the page! Give him a try.

Vickie Johnstone – From across the pond, this writer brings us the delightful Kiwi Series. All of her books (And there are many) Garnish great reviews!

Karen Myers – If Science Fiction and Fantasy are your cup of tea, her series, The Hounds of Annwn is catching on.

LV Sage – Is diligent about getting it right in Red, White & Blue, a ‘coming of age’ novel set in the Vietnam era.

Jennifer Slater – Getting some rave reviews on Contemporary Fiction, give Jennifer a shout and look. Her website is a great.

Roger Emile Stouff – Set in 1936, A Divide Beyond Reason takes a look choices we make and how they don’t always go as planned. If the cover alone doesn't grab you, the writing style will as soon as you open the sample.

99 cent Genius

Steve Griffiths – Charming, debut novel, Return From the Grave
Jean Marie Bauhaus – for fantasy meets fright at a Halloween price!
Kellee Gimore – If you like Thrillers with a romantic and hot twist check out Mahogany Sin

Lazarusinfinity – Who doesn’t want to buy a book by an author named Lazarusinfinity? Check out this deal of Exodus: A Requiem for Jacob Forlom 

I truly hope you bookmark this page so you can reference these great artists.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Is FEMA Prepping for American Invasion Post Debt Default?

Things have been hushed but the fact remains, FEMA has been stocking up District 3. The big question is why. Now, some places tell us that the actual event just so happens to coincide with yearly FEMA restocking. But then there are rumors that far more is behind this stockpiling than meets the eye.

One such source, credible, has reached out to me and will be opening up to me on things we may or may not want to know. Until then, I continue to theorize on what can be happening in the US before the end of the year.

Two weeks ago, I spoke of possible disaster scenarios on my blog. I brought up a meteor, which coincidentally, my theoretical meteor is the same size as the real comet ISON that is expected in November. Eerie, huh?

Today, I talk about something real. Something factually scary. As Sci Fi as it sounds.

Could FEMA be preparing for an East Coast Invasion? It makes sense, the coffins in Puerto Rico are merely there for holding.

But let’s go to the possibility. As outlandish as it sounds, it’s possible. As a writer, I have come up with many scenarios. Invasion of America is my favorite subject. In two of my novels, Then Came War and Dust, I deal with American invasion. One the biggest complaints that reviewers had was ‘why’, and complained that America would never be invaded. Oddly enough, the reason for invasion in Then Came War was … American debt default.

It is possible. And more so now, how? Oddly enough FEMA preparations called for completion by October 1st, the exact date our government shut down. In one day, the US defaults on its debt. 1.28 Trillion of that Debt is owned by China.

I don’t believe we’ll feel the effects of that default right away, but we will. Perhaps FEMA is prepping for an Invasion by China, or a call on the debt by China which could put us under their ‘ownership’.

If China or Japan ignite in their ownership of the US, because both hold most of our debt. This could breed World War III, and the war could be fought on American soil.

Okay, yes, it’s highly unlikely, but a scenario I am presenting. It makes total sense. FEMA prepares, the Government shuts down, the government defaults, China orders pay up. Let’s remember they have one soldier in China for every American.

They wouldn’t come from the east, but invasion comes from the west coast, everyone moves East. Just like the Rent to Own places come and claim their cars and computers upon default, they can come and claim America.  

I don’t claim to be a psychic, but my novels and screenplays hold some scary prophetic truth. In 1999, I wore a screenplay called, Destination New York. About Terrorist who hijack planes and crash them into New York City. Hell, I have numerous rejections ridiculing the concept. Two years later … it happened. The FBI contacted me and everything.  In 2011 I penned a novel about America being invaded due to other countries collecting their debt (Then Came War) Readers and reviewers ridiculed the reasoning. It is now two years later and ironically, America faces a default of their debts.

I remember when this video came out. I immediately thought of my books, but is this group off their rocker or somehow prophetic.

If China Collects or Japan. What would happen. Americans panic, riot, go into a mode (hey we saw what they did at Walmart). People don’t go to work, the economy collapses … Armageddon without destruction. We don’t need bombs to end America, we only need the two biggest debt holders to foreclose.

Monday, October 14, 2013

EBT Error Breeds Nothing More Than Thieves and Looters at Walmart

Rarely if ever do I write anything political, but this just baffles me.

First, let’s establish that 83% of those who are on foodstamps work full time. They are not unemployed or lazy, they just need help to get food because despite the fact that they work, they just don’t earn enough to pay bills and buy groceries. If you are honest, it’s not easy to receive them, nor is the amount a lot.

But just because you lack funds does not give anyone the right to take what isn’t theirs. To take what they aren’t supposed to.

Now …. This past weekend, the system was down. But it wasn’t down, there was a glitch that lifted spending limits on all EBT (foodstamp) cards. Most stores just didn’t take them. Apparently two Walmarts in Louisiana didn’t get the memo, still took the EBT card, and people just went nuts. It looked like they were bracing for the Apocalypse.

They purchase on their EBT card, as it was put, ‘more food than one family can store.’ Obscene amounts. Some bought cart after cart of food, wiping the shelves clean. How embarrassing that people behaved like this.

When the store caught on, people just left their carts.

But hundreds and hundreds of people walked away with food they didn’t pay for nor were they entitled to.

Who flips the bill, not the government, not the recipient of the EBT card, but Walmart. Is that right, no?

These select few out of millions, just made every EBT recipient look greedy. We’re poor, we’re entitled. Walmart screwed up., Sorry, my bad. My food.


I know what it is like to not have enough money for groceries, I know, but the amount they took was far more than they needed. It was greed. To me, and this is my opinion, was a complete crime. Yeah, I said it .. crime. They stole the food. They knew they didn’t have the available balance, yet they shopped and took advantage.

Stealing. The definition of the word ‘Steal’ - take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.

Receiving public assistance of any kind is not a given, no recipient is entitled to take advantage of an error to benefit themselves further.  No one for that matter is. Having an EBT card does not give one the right to buy as much food as they want. That is why there is a monthly allowance.

Before you say, “oh, well, I would.’ Think about it. Let’s say all Citibank credit cards had the credit limit lifted by accident, and you went out and bought 500 worth of groceries, a new TV, and all sorts of stuff. When the system returned, who would be responsible? Not the store … you.

But the people that took the food do not have to return it, do not have to pay for it, it’s theirs free and clear. Wal-Mart pays and that’s a hefty price tag. Why is that right?

Apparently, they can track every purchase. I fully believe they should trace these folks and make them pay back the cost of the food. Period.

What a sad state we live in when people lack the morals and decency and feel they must take advantage of an error to benefit themselves. What makes it worse is they did so, fully knowing they wouldn’t get in trouble.

It was a milder form of looting, and by all intents and purposes a crime.

Walking Dead: Eight Reasons They May Be Missing the Mark

The Walking Dead is back and, like church, it will become a ritual for people on Sundays. That is if it can sustain the audience for one more season. The season premiere was a let down to a lot of people and the critics aren’t being kind either. I enjoyed it, but I also saw it as the proverbial rock and a hard spot for the show’s creators. They want to take it one place, but feel forced to stick to the roots that bound them.

So, I compiled a list of Mark Misses or Potential Jump the Sharks.


If it Ain’t Broke:  Understandable some things from the comics had to be changed, but they started to stray off course. They had solid foundation in which to follow. They weren’t going to lose the diehard graphic novels fans if they stayed true to the books. But they stand a chance of losing those who haven’t read, because they miss storyline marks.

Show me, Don’t Tell me: I can only hope the dialogue gets better. They want to establish what all has been going on, that’s great. But forced dialogue is the worst. Daryl and Carol, for example and Carol explaining how the walkers have been gathering. We see that, why we were subject to forced dialogue. The gathering of Walkers could have been explained when Karen was clearing the fence, in frustration, she simply could have said, “What the hell. It wasn’t like this last week.”. Instead we had to hear, “Daryl, It’s been good for a while, but they’ve been gathering blah blah blah.” Uh, duh, I’m sure Daryl knows this. It was like that through the whole show. No to mention, Beth’s boyfriend, reiterating Daryl’s traits. Forced to remind us how cool he is? Please, we know.

Great Characters so Use Them:  They live in an apocalypse, there is so much potential for character driven storylines. Take advantage of what the PA world has to offer or lacks in offering.

Scenes That Have No Bearing:  Yes, we get it, there are zombies. For some reason the writers believe if we aren’t subject to tons of Walkers we’ll stop watching. The Big Spots scene. Really? Nearly two years walkers are on the roof and it took that exact moment to collapse. Not to mention, nearly a year they’ve been in the area and Daryl, the tracker just found the huge Big Spots. And …. What was the point of that scene, they left with nothing. Just to have a cool Walker scene. Hmm.

Suspension of Disbelief: In order to enjoy any fiction, especially horror, the viewer has to suspend their disbelief. I feel that the writers are relying more on cognitive estrangement, which is relying on viewers’ lack of knowledge to suspend disbelief. The very first Walker that Rick sees in the series is decomposed. If the walkers have taken over and survivors are nil, why are there still so many Walkers? We are organic and will break down.  A Walker baking on a hot Georgia roof for two years, if … if still standing, will not burst like a red water balloon of blood. It will break, yeah, but no blood.

They Need A Science Teacher to Advice:  Yes, the special effects are really cool. But let’s force the suspension of disbelief again. I research, every writer I know researches, so why can’t the FX team.  Every time I see a horribly decomposed Walker get killed and see blood splash out, I get irritated. If a person dies if a bite, the body will empty of blood. If not, the blood will pool because of gravity. To the feet. There will be no blood in the upper torso. If there is, it won’t be red. Dead means no heart, no pumping, no breathing. The blood thing just gets to me. Make it thick like tar or gooey all the time.

Predictability: Ever notice that Walking Dead focuses on a character early in the show if they are going to die. This season’s predictably will be killing off all the new characters. Show them so you know them and kill them. IE: Beth’s Boyfriend and Phineas. “hi here we are”. Whoops we’re walker bait.

Long Walks in the Park: Walking Dead has this habit of taking an entire episode to walk across the street. Rick took this really boring walk with this woman and I barely paid attention to her because I was trying to determine if she is a Talking Walking Dead. A new type of Zombie. She looked it and didn’t eat the sandwich. She said she was starving and hadn’t eaten in two days, so why didn’t she eat the sandwich. Surely she would have chowed into it.  And while we’re on it, why did Rick pack a lunch?

But on a Positive …

Phineas and Ferb: Poor Phineas (the guy who does the voice) bit the dust without warning, just after Violet the pig bit it. After long drawn out looks at the water, combined with the pig. Are they trying to steer us to Swine Flu? The bleeding eyes isn’t symptomatic of H1N1. So don’t be fooled. Bleeding eyes are consistent with Hemorrhagic Fever.  I’m thinking they are going in a new, virus makes a smarter zombie, storyline. Hence the crazy woman.

But if by some chance the new virus is caused by a leak in a Bio Lab, Flu 2 covered that.

Okay, so I griped, I’ll still watch.  Even if only for it to be my favorite show to complain about. However, if American Horror Story is anything like its Premiere, that may be next. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

FEMA Region Preparations, Body Bags in Puerto Rico. Brace for Disaster?

So, as always another prediction for a major catastrophe is sweeping the news. This one is a little odd and I have been banging my head against the wall since hearing about. What could happen?

A simple Google search of the word ‘Puerto Rico Body Bags’ will yield you the story of how thousands of body bags and black coffins are being delivered to Puerto Rico.

The second is the heightened FEMA preparations in Region 3.

Let’s break down Puerto Rico first.

Now, immediately rumors swarm of an East Coast Tsunami, but let’s think about this. Why bring coffins and body bags to an island that pretty much is gonna be wiped out? So apparently the body bags are being brought there because bodies will wash ashore.

Second rumor is a virus. Which is good, by why only body bags and coffins? Surely if Puerto Rico is going to be hit with a plague, the antibiotics and so forth that FEMA is moving would go there.

Instead they are going to FEMA Region 3.

Wide speculation is something BIG is going to happen in FEMA Region 3. This is a possibility, but it is also possible that Region 3 is going to be a safe place or a place that is taking refugees.

Again, like with Puerto Rico, why bring body bags to a region that is going to be under water and the same applies to Region 3. Why bring loads of supplies to a region that is facing disaster. Unless the disaster isn’t destructive.

Surely, they’d not want to be caught in another Katrina, but the safest place to stockpile emergency supplies for a national emergency is where you are certain they will be safe. Easily accessed for deployment to affected areas.

If a nuclear bomb is coming, I’m not putting supplies in my attic or yard, they are going in the basement. That’s why believe nothing is happening in Region 3 or Puerto Rico, they are being sent supplies in case.

In case of what? I gave this some thought and for right now I came up with two theories.

The first doesn’t really go along with the body bags in Puerto Rico, but it does go along with Preparing region 3.

The long overdue Eruption of Yellowstone Caldera. If this would occur, 2/3 of the United States would be useless and an ashy, dark wasteland. The safest areas … east coast.

Here is the US with the FEMA 3 Region out line.

Here is the destruction map of a Yellowstone eruption.

And finally, what I think may occur if we are looking at a disaster. Is a 2 mile radius, sold rock meteor smacking down into the Gulf of Mexico. Granted I just finished writing a meteor book, so I have meteor on the brain, but using the Meteor Calculator (To see the damage to your home, click here) and other tools, this is the image I got. Look at the radius of destruction. Puerto Rico isn’t touched at all by the tsunami, but wouldn’t thousands of bodies wash up on their shores.

So when folks easily dismiss the FEMA prepping of Region 3 as a hoax, they are forgetting that the body bags are also in Puerto Rico. One has to look at the whole picture. You can dismiss one, but can you dismiss one without wondering about the other? Both are happening at the same time. I could be wrong, chances are I am. But I welcome other explanations for why BOTH of these are happening simultaneously.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why Miley Cyrus HAD to Twerk (My Opinion)

Miley Cyrus. 
Some say her name with a sigh or cringe of irritation. They are shocked and dismayed at her behavior as of late and have pounced on her mercilessly over the VMA performance.

Now, one would expect, someone like me, who is conservative, to be offended by Miley’s performance, instead, I am intrigued and I applaud her brilliancy.

First, let’s establish, it’s an act. All the pictures, the behavior.  It’s an act. Period. She’s not a slut, we know this, she’s been with the same man for years … or was. I’m willing to bet she wasn’t comfortable with those leather shorts climbing straight up her lady bug and more so, she cringes when she sees how badly they made her bottom look.

The pictures won’t go away so she increase the behavior to divert attention away from the pink mess.

Why did she do it in the first place? First reason … Liam. The only boyfriend really she ever had. Let’s face it, Liam didn’t break up with Miley and find the new girl twelve hours later. It was going on for a while. Miley knew. She was hurt, she spiced up the VMA as revenge. Honestly, it humiliated Liam. Kudos Miley! The public may not have known how bad he hurt her, but Miley did. So some last minute changes at rehearsal and after the show, Miley is out there. Literally. She got everyone’s attention. Good or bad. Also she got to give Liam the finger, in more ways than one.

The decision to be a bad girl is so bad it’s fake and it’s done that way on purpose, for people to say, “It’s so fake and bad’. It’s a way to bring attention to her.

Miley was a Disney girl and would never go beyond that image unless she did something drastic.

She is talented, the girl can sing. I would never even give her song a listen if she hadn’t been so bold. Have you heard ‘Wrecking Ball’? It’s a great tune! I for one am glad she twerked or I would have missed out on that song.

For Miley to get people to listen and take notice of her work and take her seriously as an artist, she first has to get people to ‘not take her seriously’ by garnishing attention. Get the attention, people listen.

Without the unflattering shorts and foam hand playtime, no one would give two shakes about Miley. Now they’re buying her music.

It’s not her, it’s not who she is. After she gets some ground work on her music, watch for the shock and awe to change. She has strong roots.

Hey, if being half naked at a book signing would make me a best seller, I’d do it. Unfortunately no one wants to see a middle aged woman twerking against a book display with leather shorts smashing up her lady bug. The thought is not right. Thank God I am a literary person.

But Miley can. Grab it Miley, you’re talent needs that attention so get it how you can.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sneak Peek - The Forgotten

My newest 'Undead' book, a little different. Available this month on Amazon.

As promised … the dead have risen.
As promised … there are chosen.
Hell on earth is an understatement.

Del Lincoln only wants to be a rock star. His ambitions go only as far as his next gig, until the day the earth changes. Millions vanish and a plague sweeps viciously across the globe, killing everyone infected. Three days later … they rise from the dead.

Now Del and six others are all that remain. They travel city to city, looking for a safe haven while trying to rid the land of the undead. They believe they are spared for a reason, but actually they are simply forgotten. However, within their group is one individual who was not meant to be forgotten. He must be delivered to sanctuary before the undead completely consume the earth.  The Special One is the key to humanity.

It will take dedication and sacrifice to complete the mission. Del and the others may be forgotten, but if they succeed, the human race will never forget them.

Mankind is promised life after death, it is just never explained what the ‘Resurrection’ really entails.



Alone. More alone than any human being could imagine.
The silence of the dead city rang out in a buzz.
It was so quiet that the only sound was Del’s steps. His black boots barely made a noise against the pavement, yet they echoed. How could they not? No one was around. Not a motor sound, airplane or even a bird. Wearing a long black trench coat, dark hair in need of a haircut, and a book bag, Del walked down the deserted street.
Cars spewed about the road. Some had open doors. None contained any passengers.
For the most part, the storefronts were still intact as if waiting on the daily shoppers. No patrons would come this day. Nothing really was disturbed. It was if the world just stopped.
It just stopped.
Del Lincoln moved at a steady pace. That was, of course, until he crossed the street and arrived at the old movie theater. Classic theater. He imagined decades before, it was the place to go in the small town. People bustled in and out, paying a quarter for a show, a nickel for popcorn. Days gone by. It appeared to be renovated to be one of those ‘artsy’ theaters. Showing independent films along with classics.
The marquee had missing letters from the currently playing titles. Posters in the displays faded. The older theater, located right there on the main street had a ticket booth. An old style ticket booth.
The glass was braised with a dirty film, giving it a fog appearance, the curtains inside drawn as if to say, ‘sold out… forever.’
A silver money counter encircled the booth and Del caught glimpse of the white sticker. A sticker that read, ‘God Saves’.
He chuckled. ‘There is no God’ was written over the words. Someone actually took time to do that?
‘Man,’ Del thought, ‘What I wouldn’t have given to have one of these in my town.’ He walked to the booth and stopped. Of course, no one was in the ticket booth but Del dared to dream, to pretend he was going to purchase a ticket to one of those low budget films or classics from the past. After all, who was around?
“Whoa, Soylent Green is playing,” he spoke to the ticket booth. “Probably be better if it was Omega Man, don’t you think?” he laughed then cleared his throat. “Sorry. Hear that one before? How much?” He paused. “You’re kidding, right? Highway robbery. But … I’m in the mood.” He reached into his pocket and as he lifted head he caught it. A reflection in the glass of the booth. A figure. Obviously a man. Del cocked a half smile, reached under his coat and turned around.
The man, face pasty white, eyes black, opened his mouth in a gaping manner, gasping out a hungry moan. Sores graced his chin and lips. He smelled.
Quickly, without hesitation, Del pulled out his weapon.
It wasn’t an ordinary weapon. Homemade. It looked like a pipe with a trigger.
He raised it, aimed and shot.
Out of the end ejected a thin spear. It seared directly into the forehead of the man, and retracted back into the weapon just as fast.
No blood. Just a single, hole and the man dropped.
“You just took all the fun out of my movie fantasy. “ Del spoke to the body, sighed and returned the weapon under his coat to his belt.
He moved on, as if nothing had occurred, continuing in his walk down the empty deserted street.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Bigfoot is Stalking me ... or at least I think he is

I firmly believe that certain phenomenon will attach to individuals. I believe these select individuals are meant to see these unexplained and dismissed things. To tell about them, even though often times they are labeled as insane. Some are destined to see and will always see UFO’s, some see ghosts.  While I won’t deny seeing a UFO or ghosts, my attached phenomenon is Bigfoot or Sasquatch.
            It started when I was twelve. Just before I got kicked out of the girl scouts, while on a camping trip, I saw him. He was walking outside the cabin. I told everyone and ended up getting in trouble because I scared the other girls. I guess that was my ‘Girl Scout’ demise.
            Bigfoot is my obsession. Maybe that’s why in my book, Path to Utopia, Bigfoot is actually an alien race.
            I guess I stirred the kismet pot. The other night, while with friends, I recanted my tale on how I hit Bigfoot with my car two years ago. How I was driving down a dark road, he leapt from the hillside with glowing red eyes and a ‘huh’ shocked expression on his face. I nipped this huge creature with my car and he got up and ran away.
            My friends laughed at my tale, but I was serious. Oh, by the way, should you ever hit Bigfoot with your car do not tell the insurance company it was Sasquatch. Apparently, the animal/deductible forgiveness does not include our hairy friend.
            Tonight, I Dj’d at Dukes for my son. Driving home, it was eerily barren. Mid thinking of ‘Wow, this could be the apocalypse’, not one block from my house, just as I arrive at St. Joan’s, I saw him.
            The lurking hairy figure, caught my headlights, dropped a garbage can and ran across the road toward the small wooded area. I screamed, hit the brakes, he looked right at me, then jumped over the guardrail. Now it could have been a very big and hairy homeless man, who knows, but I pulled into my driveway. Heart racing, and yes, I was sort of scared, I picked up the phone. My daughter was in the house. Then I remembered her phone is broke and can only text. So I sent her a text, telling her to come out.

            While waiting for her, I looked in my rear-view mirror. I could see him. Just hiding in the trees.
            Many things went through my mind: Oh my God, please let that be Bigfoot and not some crazed hairy killer. And of course, My God, has he been looking for me since I hit him with my car two years ago.
            Still scared, I did the next best thing.
            “911, what’s your emergency?”
            I gave my name, address and followed it with. “I need to report Bigfoot.”
            “I’m sorry, repeat that.”
            “Bigfoot, Sasquatch. He was in the neighbor’s garbage and he’s right here. Right now. Help.”
            “Ma’am, you realize it is a federal offense to prank call emergency services.”
            “Why would I give my name and address if I were joking?”
            Huff. He huffed at me. “Are you sure it’s not a large animal?”
            “It’s large all right, but it’s not an animal. It could be a big homeless person in a fur coat. But can you send someone.”
            During this call for help, Veronica arrived at my car and got inside.
            After the call, she said she swore she saw something.
            That was it. I needed to be brave. Average response time is only a couple minutes for the police, so I grabbed my phone. I ignored the “Mom, please, don’t. Wait. Take the air soft gun it’s loaded.” And I headed across the road.
            I heard the rustle, the breathing and I just started snapping pictures. You’ll see below that I got something there. What it is, you can determine. I swear it’s Bigfoot. The police don’t concur. They said there was something in the pictures but they are looking for a seven foot man with long hair. That’s what they called in over the radio. They found an empty bucket of KFC and think it was just some big homeless guy looking for food.
            Big hairy homeless guy in the middle of Library Pa (population 640), looking for food at 1230 in the morning?
            Ok, yeah, right sure.
            This was a sign, my given, my chance. I start my search again tomorrow. Obviously, he wasn’t looking for the person who hit him two years ago, maybe he was. But he had ample time to attack, he didn’t. So he’s not dangerous.
            My stake out begins. I’m gonna back in the driveway, put some KFC on the hood of my car, slide down and just wait.

            I’ll keep you posted and hopefully, get better pictures.

>>>Below are pictures I took with my cell phone. The flash was on and there was a lot of reflection.  But look close. The first is a face in the trees, second a hard to see shoulder. You may have to click on to see. I also enlarged for ease <<<<<<

Friday, August 23, 2013

Freebie Weekend - Forty-Nine Shades of Pink (Take a peak)

Something different than my typical end of the world death and destruction. This weekend's free book is, Forty-Nine Shades of Pink.

Felix Cramer is a dashing, eccentric and effeminately gay poet who adores his life. That is, until he wakes up in the parking lot of a national chain coffee shop and discovers not only does he have a new identity, his old life has been erased.

Felix hasn’t a clue why it has happened.

Bound and determined to prove who he is, he embarks on a path of danger, mystery and scandalous behavior and will stop at nothing to reclaim his life. That is, of course, if his old life actually did exist.

Forty-Nine Shades of Pink is a comedic story of one man’s struggles. While it contains adult themes, it does not contain any graphic sex. (Sorry about that)

If you enjoy the chapter below, the book is FREE this weekend.

Download at AMAZON


Shade One – Shades of a Dark Pink

Sweet Jesus, what happened?
One moment I was in front of the coffee shop, giggling like a school girl playing with my whipped topping; the next I was on the ground beside my car.
People stood in a circle above me. They stared down at me, not with compassion but with perplexity. I suppose I would do the same. Probably thinking, “Who is this big man in a pleasant yellow shirt lying there?”
            Had I fainted? It was rather hot, but heat never made me faint. Plus, fainting isn’t a very manly thing to do to in public. I reserved that for when I was with friends; even then, it was triggered by a nervous reaction or bad smell.
            But I didn’t recall any of those occurring.
            “Mister, are you okay?” a voice asked.
            Before I answered, before I said anything, I glanced downward to make sure I hadn’t wet myself or done anything else disgusting. That would be embarrassing. Had I done so, I’d close my eyes, be nonresponsive and wait for the paramedics. At least those who hovered would dismiss my bodily misgivings as part of a seizure.
            I inconspicuously peeked down … dry. I clenched my butt checks … nothing there.
            I was good. Possibly a bad pose on the concrete was all I had to contend with.
            “Look, he has sunburn on one side of his face,” someone said. “Wow. How long has he been here?”
            Gasp. No one had seen me fall? How long was I there? Not only was I on the ground but I was lopsided in color. How pathetic.
            Apparently, they were waiting for help, because not a single person offered me assistance.
            Don’t move the man in the yellow shirt, they probably shouted.
            “I’m fine.” I muttered. “I think.”
            “Stay put, don’t try to move,” I was instructed.
            Who said what, I didn’t know; I had more people gathered around me in my fallen state than I had at my last poetry recital. Perhaps with such an engaged audience, it was time to spew forth titles of my poetry books.
            “Fallen leaves. Paperback. 7.99. Amazon.”
            “Someone get him water! He’s speaking nonsense.”
            Great. I sighed and just rested back.
            Really, what did happen? Things were fuzzy on how I had even got to the car.
            I quite clearly remember sitting outside the coffee shop. I brought my own folding chair because their metal ones were not only uncomfortable but wrinkled my pants.
The whipped topping was delightful, I remember that. They made it special for me, adding a dash of mint for the cool tingling feel against my tongue. Perfect on top of my frozen latte. It dazzled my mouth, and I moaned out an ‘mmm’ as I engaged in conversation with my best friend, Cee.
Cee, of course, isn’t her real name. It’s Simone. When I first met her a decade before, I told her that there was absolutely no way I was calling her Simone. It just brought visions of a sloppy tribal woman eating half-raw chicken with her fingers. Grease dribbling everywhere.
Cee was a blessing at the time when I met her, simplistic and fun. The type of woman who always seemed to be in dire need of a makeover, even if she just had one. Mainly because she really didn’t care and let the new look quickly slip back into the plain Jane realm.
Perhaps that was why she didn’t get my pleasure over the whipped topping.
“It can’t be that good,” she said.
“Simply amazing,” I replied. “Would be wonderful on a penis.”
She choked and coughed out my name, “Felix.”
“No, I’m serious. Not a big penis, that would be too much. A small one, it would be like one of those tiny desserts that hit the spot.”
She didn’t reply, she only laughed.
“That’s right,” I told her, “you’re a Catholic girl, you don’t do those things. I used to be a Catholic girl, but they wouldn’t let me wear the skirt so I went to public school.
            That was when I saw him. He brushed into my chair, said excuse me, and kept walking. I don’t know what he looked like but the rear view of his body was divine. His clothes were expensive. I could tell those things; I had designer radar.
“Cee, look at him. He’s a dream,”
She shrugged, not very impressed. “You only see him from behind.”
            “And your point.”
            “Felix, eat your whipped cream.”

            And I did. I finished it all before taking a sip of my drink. But from that moment on, I remember nothing. Nothing until I opened my eyes on the dirty ground.

To read more ... Download your free copy - AMAZON

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Great Marketing Challenge

As with most Indy authors, sales are important. When I first started to publish through Kindle, I checked my sales stats hourly, then daily. Now I barely check them, unless I have a new release or an ad campaign running.

It makes me neurotic. It makes me crazy. Why isn’t it selling. I spend hours re-evaluating my story, cover, price … you name it.

I depend on sales. I am very blessed and fortunate to be able to make a living off of writing. While it is an extreme budgeted living, I am still blessed. I tried working a part time job, a few hours a day. Although it didn’t cut into my writing time (I allow nothing to do that), it did however cut into my exposure time. The time I spent getting out there, spreading the word, reading and reviewing. And in turn, that showed in my sales. It proved to me that being a fulltime writer, doesn’t just entail a full time writing schedule, but a full time marketing schedule as well.

To make money you have to spend money and I firmly believe that. However, most of my ‘go to’ ad sites have strict guidelines, and the book has to have X amount of reviews. Here we are in a catch 22, it takes a while to get those reviews. By the time I get them, the book is selling.

It’s frustrating, after a few months of part time work and a new found appreciation for my hours again, I am going to experiment with marketing. I’ll post results of my efforts frequently, in hopes that my efforts can help other authors.

What I have planned will take effort and time, not to mention a little money. Not much money, because I am going to assume that all authors who try this are on an extreme budget as well.

Once a week post a sneak peek at one of my novels and run a three day special on that novel. So Fridays are free peek days. I get a few hundreds hits every time I post a sneak peek, yet I have not tapped into that for sales. That’s my bad.

Odd Gift Giveaways.
I accredit my daughter for this one. At the end of each month, I will do the giveaway blog. Anyone who leaves a comment will be entered in a drawing. They will receive a nifty gift (And not one of my books, they can have a book if they want in addition) But the gift will be good for anyone. Authors give away book, this author will give away a toaster or something like that.

Book Ads and Press Releases
This will take a while to see the results. I have my  ‘go to’ ad places, but they cost upwards of  $175. So what if for me and others, I located low cost ads. Look for the ten dollar bargain bin. Who knows. If one $200 ad can yield $400 in sales, then maybe I can make that strategy work with lesser ads. But I am still researching for those places.

Yeah, yeah, I know. But I don’t use this much. So, I’m gonna do a hashtag experiment. Instead of the annoying ‘buy my book’,  every hour or so, I’ll see what’s trending and post something witty or insightful about it, then comment on three people’s hashtag about it.  My hopeful results, more followers, more retweets, and more chance of that weekly sneak peak not being ignored.

So that’s my strategy. Will I stick to it? Who knows.  It’ll take some work, but it’s work I can do on the go and while cooking dinner.

Keep you posted.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sneak Peak - Nodding

The Infection is to be released on August 9, 2013
In a small pocket of the world it has been in existence since the 1960’s.  A disease so feral, it strikes eighty percent of all children under the age of fifteen. For decades it has pushed the boundaries into three countries. Those infected become mere shells, often in a ‘zombie’ like state followed by violent tantrums. There is no hope, no treatment and there is no cure.

Little is known about the sickness known as Nodding Disease. Information regarding it is often buried deep. But what would happen if the resilient disease mutates and breaks into heavily populated areas? With a infection rate of eighty percent, our future could all but be eliminated along with our young.

Nodding takes an emotional and fictional look at this very real disease.

In Nodding, the disease has mutated. Following an outbreak in the UK,  a global pandemic ensues. The young victims are so violent, they are a danger to all those around them. The bacteria is resistant to any treatment and deadly to any adult exposed. Governments must make decision as time runs out for humanity, and worse, parents must face their most heart wrenching decisions.


Chapter One


Heathrow Airport – London: Patient Zero

Ren Turner was little enough to dart in and out of people standing at the gate to retrieve his ball. At six years old he was old enough to annoy people and his mother knew it. Shelly Turner was already at her wits’ end. She just wanted to get back to her home in Virginia. That, she knew, was a long way off.
Her husband had left with the other children, the older ones, three days earlier. Shelly stayed behind with Ren, who had a fever, sniffles, and a diagnosis of the common flu, which kept them in London longer. Ren felt better; he exhibited that as he raced around chasing his ball.
They called their flight number and the passengers boarded. Shelly called his name with a scold, “Ren, now.” He hurried to his mother’s side.
The man in front of her just smiled when Ren bumped into his legs.
“I am so sorry,” Shelly told him. “He is just wired.”
“That’s fine, I have two boy of my own,” he said. “All grown now. Although back in the day, a little dose of cold medicine did the trick on flights.”
Shelly winced. “I think that’s the problem. I gave him some. It did the opposite.”
The man smiled. “Ah, hyper first. He’ll crash on the plane.” He winked. “Bet me.”
“Let’s hope.” Shelly chuckled. “It’s a long flight.”

They boarded. Ren argued with his mother that he wanted to sit in the aisle seat. Shelly agreed reluctantly then realized it probably was the best thing. At least he would only bother the person by the window. Sitting three across would make for a long flight, but it was the first flight back to the States that they could get.
Ren remained restless until they allowed electronics to be used, and then he was consumed with his game.
Shelly made small talk with the woman next to her, telling her story of how the family had to return home at different times. It was the first time, Shelly informed the woman, that the entire family was able to go on a story with her husband. He was a journalist with a huge news organization. They hadn’t been home in months, but the children did get to see three continents and eight countries.
The conversation passed some time. It was when the woman next to her to said, “I think that cold medicine is finally kicking in,” that Shelly glanced at Ren.
His eyes fluttered and his head nodded.
She smiled. “You’re tired now, baby. Here …” She reached around him. “Let me put back your seat.”
Just as she reached to do so, Ren’s eyes popped open wide.
“Ren?” she questioned.
He hissed. Long and loudly. Ren hissed again, shot a glare to Shelly, and before she could register what was occurring, he jumped from his seat.
Fast, like a scurrying cat, he raced over the tops of the seats and the heads of the passengers and flung his body at the flight attendant who stood at the front of the aisle.
The weight of his small body with the raging momentum knocked the flight attendant off balance, and they both fell to the floor.
With an angry growl and rapid blurred movements, Ren’s hands whipped about. His hands clawed into the flight attendant repeatedly, shredding her skin, ripping her apart as if he were digging for a buried treasure all while his mouth bit, pulled, then spat her flesh.
She screamed in horror, blooding pouring from every wound.
Shelly had lunged forward when Ren first took off, but her attempts to grab him were futile, and lifting him from the flight attendant was impossible.
She cried out his name hysterically, pleading him to stop, calling for help.
It took four male passengers and an air marshal to seize Ren. However, the five of them couldn’t control him and they eventually had to restrain him.
Even restrained, Ren struggled and thrashed like a rabid animal and did so the entire return trip back to London.
He was out of control, didn’t respond to Shelly at all, nor to any attempts to calm him.

What had happened to her son? Shelly was at a loss and buried in a world of confusion and pain. There was nothing she could do but watch her child and sob from the bottom of her heart. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Still Here (poetic piece about aging and illness)

Being a novelist, very few people realize that I do write poetry. I felt compelled to write this piece. Please feel free to share. I write this from professional and family experience.

You know, we've all done it. we've walked into a room to get something, then suddenly we can't remember why we walked into that room. Imagine living that everyday of your life. Sometimes we forget because we still have our health, we take for granted that everything can be gone. I have the distinct privileged and honor to spend time every day, working and trying to bring some light to those who suffer from any illness that impairs their memory. I try to make a difference for them, but really, it is them who make a difference in my life.

I'm Still Here
by Jacqueline Druga

I am your mother, your father, sister and brother.
Best friend, spouse, neighbor and other
I laughed and cried with you. I was there for you. I may be different now
I'm still here

My own memories don't define me, your memories define me now
When you look at me, I know
I'm still here

I may not recall your name but I remember the sun and how it feels on my skin,
walk with me
I'm still here

I’m not staring. I'm thinking, studying, looking at you because something sparks.
I may say nothing, but my mind isn't blank,
it's replaying one of many great times of my past
I'm still here

My whole life revolved around you and others,
now sadly I ask please don't let it revolve around three meals and four walls,
I still need to feel life
I'm still here

I'm not an object, I'm not a shell.
I still hear and feel emotion
Don't talk through me, talk to me
I'm still here

When you couldn't walk, I helped you stand.
Now give me your hand
When you couldn't speak, I was patient, because I knew you needed me.
I ask the same
I'm still here

This illness has robbed me of everything I hold dear.
My life, my precious memories, my independence and dignity.
It has robbed you of the 'me' you remember
But for the time being
I'm still here