Sunday, October 27, 2013

21 and Counting. Some of the Best Undiscovered in the Literary World

Publishing has come a long way since the days of paper submissions and multitudes of rejections. Readers were at the mercy of the publishers on what they had to read. Ten years ago, Post Apocalypse fiction was considered non marketable. Although e-readers have been around a while, they only recently gained popularity and thus, have launched a new way to read. Readers can discover that gem at a good price, and can snuggle up with a good book without it breaking their wallet.

This is all due to Indie Authors and authors who dared to break the mold. They set the price, have free days and give you the opportunity to say yes or no to the book the big houses would consider a risk.

However, as long as it took for e-devices to catch on, that is how I long I believe it will take before a lot of Indy’s and small house writers to get the media recognition they deserve.

So after careful deliberation and lots of reading, I have compiled four lists. The 99 Cent Genius, Great Indies to check out,  the list of my Top Ten Authors who are excelling in the field and/or deserve the recognition,, but first the list....

Achievement - List of her Own

C. Dulaney - This woman doesn't need a list, she is a list of her own. Witty, dark and funny, she is the reason for this article. I was inspired because she is a best selling horror/zombie author, yet, in my opinion doesn't get the recognition she deserves. So here's to Ms. Dulaney. May her tales scare you as much as they scare me.


RG Porter  - Author of the Dragon’s Legacy series, this author needs attention and some reviews. His story angles are highly original and thought out. All I am gonna say is Dragon by day, man by night.

Jeff Bracket – Only because I am a sucker for ‘end of the world’ tales, Half Past Midnight is a must. Jeff has a knack for characterization and storytelling. This is a truly an edge of your seat book.

Carmen Amato – One of the hardest genres to break into and get good reviews is Mystery and Carmen has done just that. With hard work and pushing, her books are finally getting noticed. If you like Mystery I was super impressed by what she had to offer.

Denise Streiner – This lady will make you laugh, cry and most of all … think. No, wait, more than that, you read her work and get heart warming moments that scream, ‘I get this!’ especially in her book, What Love Can Do. And it’s only 99 cents.

Miranda Doerfler – This is quite an exceptional young lady and talented. She is prolific and her works in horror/zombie are amazing. This young woman will be the next big thing.

TR Nowry – Never have I read and/or met a more dedicated writer. He is so humble, yet his writing is masterful. Give his series a look, and the first book is FREE.  What do you have to lose?

Timothy Long – Oh my goodness does this author have a vision and his vision is so much better when not bracketed by publishing standard. Zombie Wilson Diaries still makes me giggle to think about it.

Lucy Carol – I don’t need to ‘think’ she is excelling, she is showing many of us the way. Exceeding a 1,000 sales in less than a month on her self published book, Lucy was awarded the Certificate of Recognition at the Emerald City Writers conference. Way to go, Lucy!

Jesse V Coffey – This woman is by far one of the best writers I have ever known. If determination alone was worth gold, she would be a millionaire. She has pursued her dream and works in her craft every moment she can. Check out her Amazon page and especially, Salt of the Earth.

Number one ….

Bowie V Ibarra – Not only can this man create dark and horrific filled worlds, he works hard for Indie writers. He’s a genuine human being and I give him the J. Druga Ernest Hemingway Award 2013, because he writes like a darker Ernest and not just because he drinks like him.

Some other Indies to check out, please …

Kris Austen Radcliffe – Dragons, pirates and Shifters  ... oh, my. Visit her homepage and just take a look at her high rated books.

Edwin Stark – Not to be confused with Tony.  If you like Zombies and humor Check to his book, The Karaoke Duo VS the karaoke Zombies.  A chuckle by the page! Give him a try.

Vickie Johnstone – From across the pond, this writer brings us the delightful Kiwi Series. All of her books (And there are many) Garnish great reviews!

Karen Myers – If Science Fiction and Fantasy are your cup of tea, her series, The Hounds of Annwn is catching on.

LV Sage – Is diligent about getting it right in Red, White & Blue, a ‘coming of age’ novel set in the Vietnam era.

Jennifer Slater – Getting some rave reviews on Contemporary Fiction, give Jennifer a shout and look. Her website is a great.

Roger Emile Stouff – Set in 1936, A Divide Beyond Reason takes a look choices we make and how they don’t always go as planned. If the cover alone doesn't grab you, the writing style will as soon as you open the sample.

99 cent Genius

Steve Griffiths – Charming, debut novel, Return From the Grave
Jean Marie Bauhaus – for fantasy meets fright at a Halloween price!
Kellee Gimore – If you like Thrillers with a romantic and hot twist check out Mahogany Sin

Lazarusinfinity – Who doesn’t want to buy a book by an author named Lazarusinfinity? Check out this deal of Exodus: A Requiem for Jacob Forlom 

I truly hope you bookmark this page so you can reference these great artists.


  1. A couple of the writers --
    Kris Austen Radcliffe, and
    Steve Griffiths
    They're both really good. I've read their books and highly recommend them.

  2. Great article and I can't wait to explore these authors as most I am not familiar with but it definitely looks like I'm missing out on some good reads. Thanks for sharing!

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