Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Is FEMA Prepping for American Invasion Post Debt Default?

Things have been hushed but the fact remains, FEMA has been stocking up District 3. The big question is why. Now, some places tell us that the actual event just so happens to coincide with yearly FEMA restocking. But then there are rumors that far more is behind this stockpiling than meets the eye.

One such source, credible, has reached out to me and will be opening up to me on things we may or may not want to know. Until then, I continue to theorize on what can be happening in the US before the end of the year.

Two weeks ago, I spoke of possible disaster scenarios on my blog. I brought up a meteor, which coincidentally, my theoretical meteor is the same size as the real comet ISON that is expected in November. Eerie, huh?

Today, I talk about something real. Something factually scary. As Sci Fi as it sounds.

Could FEMA be preparing for an East Coast Invasion? It makes sense, the coffins in Puerto Rico are merely there for holding.

But let’s go to the possibility. As outlandish as it sounds, it’s possible. As a writer, I have come up with many scenarios. Invasion of America is my favorite subject. In two of my novels, Then Came War and Dust, I deal with American invasion. One the biggest complaints that reviewers had was ‘why’, and complained that America would never be invaded. Oddly enough, the reason for invasion in Then Came War was … American debt default.

It is possible. And more so now, how? Oddly enough FEMA preparations called for completion by October 1st, the exact date our government shut down. In one day, the US defaults on its debt. 1.28 Trillion of that Debt is owned by China.

I don’t believe we’ll feel the effects of that default right away, but we will. Perhaps FEMA is prepping for an Invasion by China, or a call on the debt by China which could put us under their ‘ownership’.

If China or Japan ignite in their ownership of the US, because both hold most of our debt. This could breed World War III, and the war could be fought on American soil.

Okay, yes, it’s highly unlikely, but a scenario I am presenting. It makes total sense. FEMA prepares, the Government shuts down, the government defaults, China orders pay up. Let’s remember they have one soldier in China for every American.

They wouldn’t come from the east, but invasion comes from the west coast, everyone moves East. Just like the Rent to Own places come and claim their cars and computers upon default, they can come and claim America.  

I don’t claim to be a psychic, but my novels and screenplays hold some scary prophetic truth. In 1999, I wore a screenplay called, Destination New York. About Terrorist who hijack planes and crash them into New York City. Hell, I have numerous rejections ridiculing the concept. Two years later … it happened. The FBI contacted me and everything.  In 2011 I penned a novel about America being invaded due to other countries collecting their debt (Then Came War) Readers and reviewers ridiculed the reasoning. It is now two years later and ironically, America faces a default of their debts.

I remember when this video came out. I immediately thought of my books, but is this group off their rocker or somehow prophetic.

If China Collects or Japan. What would happen. Americans panic, riot, go into a mode (hey we saw what they did at Walmart). People don’t go to work, the economy collapses … Armageddon without destruction. We don’t need bombs to end America, we only need the two biggest debt holders to foreclose.

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