Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why Miley Cyrus HAD to Twerk (My Opinion)

Miley Cyrus. 
Some say her name with a sigh or cringe of irritation. They are shocked and dismayed at her behavior as of late and have pounced on her mercilessly over the VMA performance.

Now, one would expect, someone like me, who is conservative, to be offended by Miley’s performance, instead, I am intrigued and I applaud her brilliancy.

First, let’s establish, it’s an act. All the pictures, the behavior.  It’s an act. Period. She’s not a slut, we know this, she’s been with the same man for years … or was. I’m willing to bet she wasn’t comfortable with those leather shorts climbing straight up her lady bug and more so, she cringes when she sees how badly they made her bottom look.

The pictures won’t go away so she increase the behavior to divert attention away from the pink mess.

Why did she do it in the first place? First reason … Liam. The only boyfriend really she ever had. Let’s face it, Liam didn’t break up with Miley and find the new girl twelve hours later. It was going on for a while. Miley knew. She was hurt, she spiced up the VMA as revenge. Honestly, it humiliated Liam. Kudos Miley! The public may not have known how bad he hurt her, but Miley did. So some last minute changes at rehearsal and after the show, Miley is out there. Literally. She got everyone’s attention. Good or bad. Also she got to give Liam the finger, in more ways than one.

The decision to be a bad girl is so bad it’s fake and it’s done that way on purpose, for people to say, “It’s so fake and bad’. It’s a way to bring attention to her.

Miley was a Disney girl and would never go beyond that image unless she did something drastic.

She is talented, the girl can sing. I would never even give her song a listen if she hadn’t been so bold. Have you heard ‘Wrecking Ball’? It’s a great tune! I for one am glad she twerked or I would have missed out on that song.

For Miley to get people to listen and take notice of her work and take her seriously as an artist, she first has to get people to ‘not take her seriously’ by garnishing attention. Get the attention, people listen.

Without the unflattering shorts and foam hand playtime, no one would give two shakes about Miley. Now they’re buying her music.

It’s not her, it’s not who she is. After she gets some ground work on her music, watch for the shock and awe to change. She has strong roots.

Hey, if being half naked at a book signing would make me a best seller, I’d do it. Unfortunately no one wants to see a middle aged woman twerking against a book display with leather shorts smashing up her lady bug. The thought is not right. Thank God I am a literary person.

But Miley can. Grab it Miley, you’re talent needs that attention so get it how you can.


  1. I haven't heard her sing but I've been reading all the headlines. I initially felt bad for her but now I'm thinking wow, she's really got herself out there and people noticed (well, how could you not with that performance at the VMA with Robin...but let's not go there again). Hopefully she'll move on from this and back to being serious about her career...

  2. I learned something from this! Old fashioned "humping" is now called "twerking"! lol! I like Miley,and was shocked by her performance....but you're right Jackie! Get it while you can,Miley! ...attention that is! :-)