Monday, August 26, 2013

Bigfoot is Stalking me ... or at least I think he is

I firmly believe that certain phenomenon will attach to individuals. I believe these select individuals are meant to see these unexplained and dismissed things. To tell about them, even though often times they are labeled as insane. Some are destined to see and will always see UFO’s, some see ghosts.  While I won’t deny seeing a UFO or ghosts, my attached phenomenon is Bigfoot or Sasquatch.
            It started when I was twelve. Just before I got kicked out of the girl scouts, while on a camping trip, I saw him. He was walking outside the cabin. I told everyone and ended up getting in trouble because I scared the other girls. I guess that was my ‘Girl Scout’ demise.
            Bigfoot is my obsession. Maybe that’s why in my book, Path to Utopia, Bigfoot is actually an alien race.
            I guess I stirred the kismet pot. The other night, while with friends, I recanted my tale on how I hit Bigfoot with my car two years ago. How I was driving down a dark road, he leapt from the hillside with glowing red eyes and a ‘huh’ shocked expression on his face. I nipped this huge creature with my car and he got up and ran away.
            My friends laughed at my tale, but I was serious. Oh, by the way, should you ever hit Bigfoot with your car do not tell the insurance company it was Sasquatch. Apparently, the animal/deductible forgiveness does not include our hairy friend.
            Tonight, I Dj’d at Dukes for my son. Driving home, it was eerily barren. Mid thinking of ‘Wow, this could be the apocalypse’, not one block from my house, just as I arrive at St. Joan’s, I saw him.
            The lurking hairy figure, caught my headlights, dropped a garbage can and ran across the road toward the small wooded area. I screamed, hit the brakes, he looked right at me, then jumped over the guardrail. Now it could have been a very big and hairy homeless man, who knows, but I pulled into my driveway. Heart racing, and yes, I was sort of scared, I picked up the phone. My daughter was in the house. Then I remembered her phone is broke and can only text. So I sent her a text, telling her to come out.

            While waiting for her, I looked in my rear-view mirror. I could see him. Just hiding in the trees.
            Many things went through my mind: Oh my God, please let that be Bigfoot and not some crazed hairy killer. And of course, My God, has he been looking for me since I hit him with my car two years ago.
            Still scared, I did the next best thing.
            “911, what’s your emergency?”
            I gave my name, address and followed it with. “I need to report Bigfoot.”
            “I’m sorry, repeat that.”
            “Bigfoot, Sasquatch. He was in the neighbor’s garbage and he’s right here. Right now. Help.”
            “Ma’am, you realize it is a federal offense to prank call emergency services.”
            “Why would I give my name and address if I were joking?”
            Huff. He huffed at me. “Are you sure it’s not a large animal?”
            “It’s large all right, but it’s not an animal. It could be a big homeless person in a fur coat. But can you send someone.”
            During this call for help, Veronica arrived at my car and got inside.
            After the call, she said she swore she saw something.
            That was it. I needed to be brave. Average response time is only a couple minutes for the police, so I grabbed my phone. I ignored the “Mom, please, don’t. Wait. Take the air soft gun it’s loaded.” And I headed across the road.
            I heard the rustle, the breathing and I just started snapping pictures. You’ll see below that I got something there. What it is, you can determine. I swear it’s Bigfoot. The police don’t concur. They said there was something in the pictures but they are looking for a seven foot man with long hair. That’s what they called in over the radio. They found an empty bucket of KFC and think it was just some big homeless guy looking for food.
            Big hairy homeless guy in the middle of Library Pa (population 640), looking for food at 1230 in the morning?
            Ok, yeah, right sure.
            This was a sign, my given, my chance. I start my search again tomorrow. Obviously, he wasn’t looking for the person who hit him two years ago, maybe he was. But he had ample time to attack, he didn’t. So he’s not dangerous.
            My stake out begins. I’m gonna back in the driveway, put some KFC on the hood of my car, slide down and just wait.

            I’ll keep you posted and hopefully, get better pictures.

>>>Below are pictures I took with my cell phone. The flash was on and there was a lot of reflection.  But look close. The first is a face in the trees, second a hard to see shoulder. You may have to click on to see. I also enlarged for ease <<<<<<

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