Monday, February 16, 2015

Walking Dead - Ten Unanswerable Questions You may Want to Ask

I can't resists, it has been eating me. So I am going to write a Walking Dead Vent Blog. I admit I love the show and at times, I love to hate it. Tonight was one of those nights. Where is it going? Another episode of Walking Dead where I not only huffed in boredom, but ended up twice, doing my own version of Mystery Science Theater for Maggie and Sasha. I’m addicted, not only to the  show but to the weekly torture of so-so episodes, all while holding high hopes that at any time it will get better.

I hated Season Four. Hated it. To be honest, the introduction of Gabriel and hopefully, the impending death of Beth, got me to come back.  I have since learned, any character I really like, dies. After watching tonight, I have made a list of question you would love to ask, but will never get the answer to.

Warning Spoilers if you are not up to Season Five Episode 11.
(For the purpose of these questions making sense, I refer to Rick and gang as ‘Our Group’)

1.      Why did it take so long for our group to get out of Georgia. We learned from T Dog in Season 3 they went in circles for eight months. No wonder they couldn’t find food.

2.      And why can’t they find food. If 90% of the population is … dead, who is eating all the stock? Doesn’t Cosco have a warehouse down there or something?

3.      Why is our group the only ones who don’t have it together. Hershel was the key to that. Haven’t they learned that settling and farming is probably their best bet. Why is our group the only ones that haven’t found a solid place yet?

4.      Am I the only one who things our group are the bad guys in the series, not just the Walkers? Hell if I had a community and I saw that raggedy group heading my way, I’d shoot. They live and act dangerously, no wonder no one wants them.

5.      Why is it any place good that our group goes, they destroy? All that time they spent on Herschel’s farm, they really could have erected fences. Everyone else did it.

6.      What does our group have against cleanliness. Obviously getting clean isn’t impossible, every survivor group they run into is clean. - Note to group, if you find five gallons of water, and don’t trust it to drink, damn it … wash your hands.

7.      So it’s been like. What? Eighteen months? Two years? We have established that cleanliness isn’t priority for our group, so why for as dirty as they get are their teeth so damn clean? Someone get a toothache.

8.      What does AMC have against African American Actors? Why can there not be more than one on the show for very long. We had T Dog, then came Oscar and T Dog died. Here comes Tyrese and Oscar dies. Oops, Father Gabriel .. Tyrese is dead.

9.      Is there some sort of contract stipulation that says Daryl’s cry face will hereby replace Beth’s singing. The first time we saw both (Crying and singing) It was moving, but after that it’s annoying.

10.  In what word do the writers live that people actually talk like that. They had to be drunk over tonight’s dialogue. Carol to Daryl “One day you will feel it. You won’t stop it.” In other words, go sit by that tree, smoke  cigarette and give us your best cry face.

And finally, to the reader who was strongly and rightfully disturbed about my kitten scene in The Experiments, I hope you weren’t watching this episode.


  1. I tuned out in the second session, before getting addicted.

    The real questions you should be asking is 'why is it so damned popular, and how can you tap into that'

    That's the only reason for me to watch it.

  2. I can't help but laugh at comments such as yours! IT IS A TV SHOW! They are trying to show an end of world scenerio, therefore, you get dirty & grungy, etc.! You realize food spoils, all the costco stores you run into aren't going to help! Other people have long ravaged those type stores! Pouring water on you that a stranger left that is poison could affect your skin too! DUH! Again it is a TV show! You realize if the group "had it together" we wouldn't have a show! You do get that right? Having a bunch of people living on a farm planting seeds & stuff isn't a show about walkers & surviving! Just saying!

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