Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Death of Daryl Dixon – Why Daryl WILL die this season


If you are not all caught up on The Walking Dead, you may want to stop here.

The Walking Dead truly needs to get professional screenwriters. What looks good on paper or sounds good in talks, doesn’t necessarily translate onto screen in an exciting manner. Too many characters, too many stories, divided episodes, with anti climatic endings. They have lost focus. Who drags stories on for six months to barely touch upon them? Not to mention trite dialogue that is also nothing but forced foreshadowing and a way to mention off screen happenings. (IE: Lilly’s death, passing the bus). Daryl Dixon is supposed to be this amazing tracker, right? Yet how does he miss a dirty diaper? Even I could sniff out a fresh shit diaper and I don’t track.

Speaking of cool characters, hate me for saying it, but Daryl Dixon is gonna die. One of the last episodes this season. And I present the eight reasons why I THINK he is going to die.

8.  He was not meant to be in the show. Norman Reedus auditioned for the part of Merle and they created his character. They have shaped him, molded him, gave him his due last season but what now?

7.  What has he done for us lately? Nothing. A few lines, arrow shots. His bestie, Carol was kicked out and we never really got to see him to react. That storyline seems buried. It seems to me that the writers, who look at the comic books and figure a way to change them, keep forgetting about Daryl because he’s not in there. So they are like, “Shit, we forgot Daryl. Oh, yeah, just have him shoot an arrow, fans will like that.”

6.  They have taken him out of character. How much have we seen Daryl this season? His recent 15 minutes with Beth were stupid. Lame tracker missing those rabbits and diaper. Is this the same Daryl that went to look for his brother in Atlanta, for Sophia half of season two? Yet we are to believe Daryl wouldn’t go back to the prison for Judith or Carl and choose to run with an annoying teenage girl. Yeah, right. Again, they don’t know what to do with him. Merle is gone.

5.  He’s getting his own episode. Yeah, an entire episode, like the Governor. Sound familiar. Granted Beth is in the episode and it’s the bait and switch. Make us think they are killing her, but they aren’t. Does anyone really care about Beth? We’re rooting for her to die, and we all know WD never kills the ones we want.

4.  Daryl has already been replaced. In the comics, after Tyrese dies, Ford becomes Rick’s right hand man. Tyrese never became the right hand man on tv, Daryl did. So … out he goes. Plus, we will soon forget about him because Morgan returns (IMDB) episode 15 this season.

3.  They already played their high card this season. Walking Dead can’t survive by simply killing red shirts (A term for characters brought in to die). They survive by shocking us and killing people we love. When killing Hershel, they crushed us. Sorry to say, they now must top that. Who is left? Who will the fans really clamor about? Who is that high ended that people would riot over … Daryl.  He is the only one that can top Hershel’s death.

2.  They won’t kill him. That is almost my top argument as to why they will. People are so convinced the show won’t kill Daryl, that I think they will. The show can and will survive without him. Again, I refer you to Number “What has he done lately?’

And finally, Number one … the guilt move. I can see it. Ring. Ring.
Norman Reedus: Hello.
Robert Kirkman: Uh, hey, yeah, Norm, I’m like really sorry I killed you off this season.
Norma: Sucks, dude.
Kirkman: Yeah, I know, anyhow … to make it up to you. How about... uh a starring role in my new sci fi dystopia movie? (Winks to Gail Hurd with a look that says, we got him)

The movie is all true. Read Here. Robert Kirkman called Reedus to co produce and star in the new thriller AIR. Production has been kept secret. Probably to hide the fact that production on the movie coincides with production of WD. Confirming that Daryl Dixon won’t be back for season 5.


  1. You REALLY don't like WD any more, do you?

    1. LOL, I think it's better to say I REALLY don't like how they lost focus this season. Like the illness. I still don't know why or where they came from. To me it was just a way to kill off woodbury people.

  2. I'm so over Daryl on the show. I wish they would kill his character, would open the show up for some better storytelling.

    1. Screw you and your family with a rusty wrench. Who do you like on the show then? Andrea? Beth? Laurie? Oh wait.... They're all crappy characters who are dead (thank god)

  3. We have been DVRing the show because, well, it's just become lame and we can get it over with quicker if we just DVR and skip the commercials and fly through the show. We don't watch much tv at our house but since I was so addicted to Jacqueline Druga books and the subject was the same we got hooked. Now, I predict that everyone will run around those train tracks and in the final episodes of the season there will be some kind of huge battle again, characters will die and everyone will finally find eachother with the baby again being an arms length away but not being found by Rick and Carl. It's just not a good story anymore. And Daryl has lost his appeal because the writers have made him dull. Daryl? Dull? Yep, get ready for the end of Daryl.

  4. I was thinking the same thing, I was so tired of the " If you kill Daryl, We will riot fandom, I also feel the character is one sided unless he's around a strong lead like Rick, Daryl mutters a few words yet you give him and Taylor Swift, I mean Beth an entire episode tickle people's fancy at a possible " hook-up" that I totally don't want to see.Yes I stop watching after the Michonne and Rick episodes which I actually liked but overall I just hate this show now and it's no sense in watching it. I will just read some of the fan fiction that I feel is more well thought out than the writing on this show now. Season 1 hands down was the best and Season 3 was descent. Great Article but I don't believe Daryl will be killed off because the show knows it's eye candy and it's shyte fangirls will be pissed.

  5. Yeah, um... none of the 8 points turned out to be true at all. Morgan didn't come back for shit, daryl didn't die for shit. You suck at death predictions.

  6. Honestly, I dont think I would continue watching this serie with no Daryl in it.
    As good as Michonne might be, without Daryl I dont see this serie being entertaining enough to follow.

    Had it not been for him, and his quite early apperance, I would never have continued watching this. Let's face it, what would the show have left? Rick and his obession with screaming CARL every scene he is in?

  7. Why do you want important characters in the show to die? Killing off a character is not and should not just be a plot element. It is a very serious step. And it does change the dynamic for viewers. People like to follow their hero from finish to start, make the journey with him/them, and killing them is a huge turn off. If you keep doing it for shock value, as you suggest, then it becomes gratuitous. Like "oh, look, it's about time. We need to kill another major character right on schedule." I dont think it is necessary to play 'last man standing' wirh characters on a show because "it looks more realistic."

    And i do like Beth. I am glad they developed her and i hope they dont kill her off.


  9. Well its the end of season 6and hes still among the living,but that could change in season 7.Just depends where Neegan swings Lucille.

  10. Well its the end of season 6and hes still among the living,but that could change in season 7.Just depends where Neegan swings Lucille.

  11. No,I think Daryl is staying on the show because I don't think someone should kill him because if he goes most of the fans will go to. Even if I am 11 that's my hypothesis.