Monday, March 24, 2014

Season 4 Walking Dead Finale - Prediction. Who will die?

I can safely say for at least a while, this will be my last Walking Dead blog, then I will resume normal, erratic blogging.

I thought for my final Walking Dead blog of the season, I’d go out on a limb, make a fool of myself and try to predict the Season finale. Chances are I am going to be so far off. But what the heck, right?

I’m basing my predictions on articles I have read, and promo spots that are shown.

Breaking it down.

The latest promo spot plays eerie sounding voices talking about Terminus. It shows screenshots of  bloody hands, a bloody Rick and a beat of Daryl. Also, Michonne wielding that mighty sword.

The promo is leading us all to believe that Terminus is this evil place where all meet up and all hell breaks loose and contains, as Walking Dead comic fans have been shouting .. the hunters. For those of you who don’t read the comics, the hunters are a group of cannibals. That Mary, as we met in Episode 15 is cooking up a human on the grill.

I am going to have to disagree with this and say the editors of the promo are deliberately misleading us. Fans have been screaming about the hunters arriving since the beginning of the season, the writers aren’t going to deliver what the fans expect.

Terminus was introduced in the back half, it would be lame and a waste to have it appear in one episode, have everyone conveniently get there, discover Beth’s half eaten body and end the season on that. It could go that way. I mean they could all get there, find Beth without a leg and realize they weren’t eating leg of lamb and end there.

Is something weird going on there? Yes, but we’ll only get a hint in the finale.

Glenn, Abe and Gang …
I think, Terminus will be relatively calm for our crew there will they will encounter the man that actually has Beth, but our group doesn’t know it until they see her journal or something.

Carol, Tyrese and Judith
Their appearance will be sporadic, and we’ll only see them walking and inane conversation like we witness in episode 15 with Rick and Carl. . When last we left off they were walking and we didn’t know their direction.

Rick and Company …
I think Rick won’t get to Terminus. Early in the episode look for Rick, Michonne and Carl to stumble upon a building that has a candle lit room (I say this is early because promo pics show Rick beaten and bloody). The candles are a shrine to those who have died, it is there, Rick finds his watch that he gave to that hippy stoner boy early in the season. The one that disappeared. Realizing it is unsafe, they move on.

THAT is our hint of the Hunters that come in Season 5. Not 4.

While en route to Terminus, Rick and Company will face off against walkers and while battling they will run into Daryl and his new friends.

Daryl is ecstatic to see Rick, but that is short lived when Joe and the boys turn on them, discovering Rick is the one they have been searching. A battle will ensure and it is there, and my prediction, that Carl gets killed.

Rick totally destroyed by this, goes crazy and brutalizes Joe and the others like  no one has seen. Animal like, tearing them apart in his grief. Just as Rick is about to give up, end it all, say I quit .. he hears a baby crying.

This is where Carol Judith and Tyrese arrive.

That’s my prediction, how far off am I? We will find out shortly.

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