Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in forever. But like last year, I will resolve to try to blog more.
It’s that time of year and whether I have been blogging faithfully or not, I always do a resolution blog. Why? It helps me look back at what I did and didn’t do.

Actually, 99% of what I resolved to do, I actually did. Except the world peace thing. Yeah, admittedly, that was ambitious.

Ok, so here I am, making my resolutions.

In 2014, I resolved …

  • To blog more, tweet more and keep up with my book reviews. I know, that’s a ‘yeah right’
  • To write 7 books this year, including starting Zombie Battle: Requiem, Two new Beginnings books, Sleepers 4 and of course, Sleepers: Respite
  • I also resolve to make sure Beginnings gets a shot. I plan on querying production companies and big houses. It’s a good solid series. This is its year.
  • Exercise more. Yeah, I know, even if it’s dancing ten minutes a day. I want to do that.
  • Get back to drawing again, my cartoons weren’t too bad. Maybe a children’s book.
  • Learn to budget.
  • Be even more diligent with my website.
  • Get every Beginnings book available in Paperback.
  • Believe it or not, writing and life has made me a loner. I just keep to my couple friends and only go out by myself. I’m gonna try to change that.  Stop feeling so ‘burdened and anxious’ when someone outside my core group wants to get together.
  • And finally my ambitious resolution to make a million dollars.


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  1. ....I have every confidence you will succeed at ALL of it! Here's hoping the Beginnings books turn into a series,or better yet an award winning movie!I love who you are,and how well you do what you do!