Thursday, January 9, 2014


I have been getting a lot of emails and facebook messages about it, so I thought I'd address it here.

Sleepers (1, 2, 3) is alive and well and ... getting ready to awaken via the hands of Permuted Press.

2014 Brings you Sleepers 1, 2, 3, 4 and Sleepers: Respite.

On the eve of the re-release of the Sleepers Series, I have decided to do something different for those of you who have read it or plan to. I will be posting on this blog, a series of short stories, prequels, to Sleepers. They show the different characters, that we’ve come to love and know,  as they experienced the event that started the end of the world.

Sleepers is told from the POV of Mera Stevens and she meets some great characters in her plight. But we never see what happened to them before meeting Mera. Through the prequels you will.  I hope you enjoy them as we get ready (and pumped) for the Permuted Press release of the Sleepers Series. (And yes there is a Sleepers 4 – look for that here on this blog as well)

You are invited to bookmark or follow this blog, because in a few short hours, the first story will be posted … Beck’s Story.

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