Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yellowstone, Ebola which will hit harder first?

So while half the world is focusing on the deadly Ebola outbreak, the other half of the world seems to be debating and dismissing what could very well sweep the death toll of the deadly disease under the rug and burying it in news of ash and debris. Not saying the Ebola outbreak isn't something to watch. It is. Thankfully, once a person shows symptoms it moves fast and can be contained. Unfortunately, it can lurk inside an infected person for up to three weeks. While it lurks, the asymptomatic person is contagious. How far can one person take it and spread it?

Frightening enough, we are one airline ticket away from the end of the world.

Or .... a boom away.

If you recall, months back, I blogged about reasons that FEMA was moving all sorts of supplies to District 3. While some speculated that something was going to happen in District 3, I held firm that common sense says, why stock a place that is going to be a disaster area.

I believe District 3 is a prep zone. Possibly a relief area for the mass exodus of people that will be headed east following the eruption of the Yellow Stone Park Supervocalno and other disasters.

I gave Yellowstone as one of my reasons months ago, and supplied the following map to show areas affected by the blast and ash of the volcano. Notice District 3 is fine.

 So what gives lately? Yellowstone is no stranger to seismic activity, yet it recently experienced the biggest quake in over thirty years. While that alone isn’t much add that to the odd springtime exodus of animals leaving the park, just a few days later and people are wondering. Do these animals sense immediate danger and are fleeing for their lives? Or are they merely looking for food. Really, can animals predict disaster? PBS says yes.

I don’t know, if you watch any videos, they seem to be running. And if this was such a normal occurrence, why hasn’t such an exodus of Bison and other animals been documented. It I such a huge and unusual exodus, that Wyoming and Montana are at odds on what to do with the animals that left the park. Surely if this was normal, those two states would be butting heads.

We need to be diligent in watching the signs. This Disaster Websiteis BOMB. Visit this website Daily to be up to date on all world disasters. Bet ya didn’t know Ohio had a nuclear incident this week.

 Sadly, if Yellowstone blows, I don’t think we’ll get much more warning than we have already seen. Start adding that extra stuff to your shopping cart, all those on the east.  If it explodes, there will be a rush at the stores. Start now. And the west … have you prepped your bug out bag?

With the recent Yellowstone activity, Earthquake in LA, increase in Nevada and California quakes, Mudslides in Washington – I’m beginning to wonder if future generations won’t be reading ‘How the West was won’ but rather ‘How the West was Done.”


  1. I've been on a disaster movie kick lately, so I just recently rewatched "Supervolcano." Nasty piece of business there.

    My guess for next worldwide disaster remains solar EMP. It's been 155 years since the Carrington Event, and Solar Cycle 24 has been really weak, so I worry that Ol' Mr. Sun is just preparing for the main event.


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