Thursday, May 15, 2014

Godzilla 2014 Review - Monster with Testicular Fortitude

If you were that Saturday night ‘B’ movie watcher, or Sunday afternoon waiting on Godzilla to play on television, then you may be a little surprised if you go to see the newest version of the ageless monster, Godzilla.

This review may contain SPOILERS, but really how much of a spoiler can it be. It’s Godzilla.

I wasn’t really a big Godzilla buff, back in the day, I thought the Matthew Broderick one was decent, but the best one I saw was the Japanese Godzilla 2000.  But when I saw the destruction, the look and feel of a dystopian world, all in this new preview, I knew I had to see this one.

I went to the premiere showing with my niece and friend. My friend and for anonymity, we call him Tom. Which is not his name, it sounds like ‘Tom’ but it’s not.

Tom is a consummate movie lover. A good one to have around, although I will wager that he won’t go see another movie with me. Especially my niece, who by genetics, talks as loud as I do.

We sat in the very last row in a pretty empty theater watching the 3D version. I took my Tums for motion sickness and Advil for that 3D headache. I was ready to go.

SPOILER – The story is about a monster, a big monster., But there is a twist about it. Not about the creation of the monster, just the monster storyline.

As far as a story goes, hands down this was the most original of all. Pay attention to the opening credits and the opening scene. Don’t blink, you’ll be asking the person next to you what the time line is. To me, Godzilla doesn’t really look different, just less cheesy.

The acting is good, really good and nothing is overdone. Except the Japanese Doctor, who when asked what it was, turned with drama and seriousness, twitched his upper lip, and while looking at his peers, said in a deep heavily lazed Dialect, “Gah-zheeela”

I laughed. No one else did. Tom nudged me to stop. I’m still not convinced that it wasn’t an inside joke on set.

Visually, the movie is stunning. For those who like destruction … it’s there. For those who want a glimpse into a post apocalypse world, it has it (SPOILER) they show a quarantined city, fifteen years later.

If you hate 3D because it makes you sick and the cinematographer goes overboard, than this is the 3D movie for you. Nothing overdone or bad camera movements that will make you sick. I know, I am sensitive to it. At one point I was tricked. First time sitting in the back row, the heads of the guys in front kept bobbing into the picture and for a split second I thought the 3D was super realistic.

The movie is nonstop action and fun, and it pulls at the heartstrings. And SPOILER, you find yourself cheering for Godzilla. And yes, I'll admit it. I teared up. Then again, I tear up when I watch The Voice.

The thing that I liked best was the trailers didn’t give it away. It didn’t give you the whole movie in 2 minutes. They gave nothing away. In fact they were misleading in a good way.

At one point, SPOILER I was watching them battle on the West Coast and I leaned to Tom and said, “How the heck are they gonna make it all the way to the East then  Paris.”

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“The trailer showed a destroyed Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower.”

“Uh, Jack, that was the Vegas scene.”

Ahhhhh. The editors were very crafty.

Anyhow, I highly recommend this move, it’s a fun summer one. And just one final note: I won't say where or when, but I will say, let me know if I am the only one that saw a Giant, swinging, Yellow Testicle.