Saturday, September 29, 2012

UFO or Meteor? Object(s) fall from sky

I honestly have the oddest luck. Some would call me insane, others just a magnet to paranormal activity. This time, I have photo proof and an eye witness.

I am behind in approving and listening to all the 'soon to be released' audio books I have coming out, so Veronica and I took a ride to listen to the tracks. On the way home we saw the oddest light in the sky. Ironically  we were listening to CRY (alien book) The light was stationary, triangular, with several lights. After coming from the farm hills, we saw what appeared to be a stream of smoke, streak across and down from the sky.

Honestly, we thought it was a plane crash because of the tail of smoke. It came down and straight to the ground. Well, we followed it. After chasing the streak that remained in the sky we gave up figuring it was farther away that we thought.

No sooner did we get back home and another one came. It began its decent and we were on it. I flew to the third floor, opened the window, leaned far out and snapped a picture and then another as he sailed downward.

I have attached the pictures.

See what you think. The smoke, don't know if you can tell, spiraled like a ribbon downward. The second picture, I caught an object.

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