Saturday, September 8, 2012

Let them be little ... just a bit more

My grandson is cuddled in my bed, sleeping finally after being fussy. But I don’t dread a restless night. Not with him, not with any of my grandchildren. It’s odd, because as you become a grandparent, suddenly you get a different view of things. You don’t mind getting woke up after only a few hours sleep, that trip to McDonald’s isn’t a problem, and you will gladly walk the floor with them, even if it means they throw up on you. Who cares? It’s different.

Which is probably why I have the outlook that has spawned this blog.

Before I continue …. let’s establish, this isn’t aimed toward full time, working moms and dads who need daycare of have no choice. This is my opinion for those who have options and make the choice.

Preschool at 3. I have a problem with it.

My daughter Ali, brought up that she was going to send Violet to preschool at 3. Why?

She retorted, “Mom, that’s what they do now. So the kids can adjust and be smart.”
Really, because I’m pretty sure, her pediatrician is smart and I’m willing to bet he didn’t start school at 3. Hell, Einstein didn’t even go to Kindergarten.
“Mom, if I don’t send her at 3, she’ll be behind.”
“No, she won’t.”
My grandson won’t go until he’s four. What will he not know?  That the other kids do. He knows colors, he knows numbers and alphabet on sight. He can work a kindle, ipad, iphone, xbox, and Atari, probably better than his peers.
I make him work the bluray for me.
Yep, I’m teaching him words to read … on his own time. Not mine.
School at 3. It is far too young, in my opinion for a child, who will go to school for at least 16 more years. When does it stop?  When I was young there really wasn’t preschool and kindergarten was an option. Yeah, it was. When my oldest son was 4, preschool was an option and really not a lot of kids went. All day kindergarten was a rarity.
Why? Society deemed them too young to be away from home.
What changed? Are 3 year old suddenly more mature. No.  We just want them to be. Well, guess what, they aren’t. They are babies. Toddlers.

They will have plenty of structured education. Allow them to be children. To sleep when they want, play when they want and enjoy not being in school. Learn when they feel like learning.
3 is too young. My, God, let them be babies.

I look at my grandson.

He’s 3. And you know what? He’s really still a baby, a toddler. He hasn’t even surpassed being called a toddler, yet there are his peers, donning backpacks and going to school.

Think about that for a second, Sending a toddler to school.
I realize that every parent wants their child to be educated, but those teachers who teach them … didn’t go to school at 3. The doctors who care for them, were still drinking sippy cups.

Granted my grandson goes to therapy for speech, so he has structure and he complains. He actually doesn’t want to go at times.

In my opinion, if your child is able to be home and be a child, then let him. Teach him at home. We as a society are forcing children to be older and more mature. This makes me wonder, how much creativity will be lost? How much imagination will they not acquire because they are being structured too early? Told what to draw, what to read, how to behave.

At 3 a child should be free to draw where his imagination takes him, play with the toys he chooses and pretend all he wants. Not be conformed. If we to teach them ABC’s and they walk away. Ok, that’s cool. They’re 3!

Then there’s the health issue. How many more germs are they exposed to? Ask any mom who has to put her child in daycare, how often her child gets sick.

And the biggie …

They send out lice letters in preschool, yeah, lice letters, I said it. Itching yet? 3 year olds don’t comprehend not to touch heads or hair. Who the hell wants to deal with a 3 year old with lice?

Just thought I’d rant a bit about the subject. I realize many will disagree with me. But those who do? Did you go to school at 3?


  1. I fully agree with you. Kids need to be allowed to be little kids without an adult forcing them into lines, having to sit on a rug in a circle, etc. Give them free reign to learn on their own.

    That said, I paid for two years of preschool for my youngest grandson because he needed to be around other kids and learn that he wasn't the boss. He needed desperately to be civilized. If he hadn't had that, he'd have had a much harder time in kindergarten. And he had a hard time anyway!

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