Friday, September 21, 2012

ZombieCon Day One: Infection

Really, I should have known. Just because I can work an iPhone does not mean I am technologically savvy . It was me versus the GPS from moment one

I don’t get the GPS, it says ‘turn’ I turn, apparently I’m turning too late or too early. Despite the fact that we got lost in Altoona, we arrived, I should have seen that as a ‘learn the GPS’ sign.

Then we arrive. My spend thrift habits of not wanting to put out 120 a night brought us to the spookiest hotel. OMG, it was nothing like the pictures or the reviews. It was cheap. Ok, it’s two nights. We pull into the lot and we’re the ONLY car.

I go in, tell the lady we have a reservation. And she says, “Are you sure?”
“Um, am I sure I have a reservation?”
“No,” she said. “Are you sure you want to stay here."
“You’re joking right?”
She didn’t respond only handed me the card key and said, “It’s a handicap room.”
“I don’t need a handicap room, you can save it for someone who does.”
“Think of it as a quick escape. It’s by the door.”

I was torn between wondering if she were serious or joking. The room isn’t bad and yes, we checked thoroughly for bedbugs,

So we hurriedly get ready and find the restaurant, despite the fact that the GPS told us we still had a mile to go.

Wonderful dinner and company. Sat with Scott Baker an author from Permuted and Gary and Russ Striener the brothers who were responsible for Night of the Living Dead. Russ played the brother, “Johnny” in the classic film. You know, “They’re coming to get you Barbara.”

I had to explain that to the actor who plays TDog on Walking Dead. He said, “Whose getting
Barbara? Whose Johnny?”
“Um Night of the Living Dead, the reason you have a job right now.”

 Finally he got it. Of course when meeting him, he introduced himself by his ‘actor name’

 “I’m Iron-E,” he said.
“Iron …E?” I questioned.
“Yeah, Iron-E.”
“Wow, cool. I’m Cliché.”

He didn’t get it.

Scott engaged in more sophisticated and engaging conversation, I’m sure. My conversation with Iron ... E, was more how Jack Daniels would help him digest that Italian food he ate and, yes, how my book The Flu would make him blubber like a baby.

I did say (And he laughed) That I bet it was hard to remember all his lines for episode. Those who watch  the show know he gets three lines, a serious look and nod every episode.

The highlight of my night was talking to the Striener Brothers, they are enchanting and awesome and in my mind Icons to the Zombie industry.

 Although the Rapper, Zombie, comes close. He walked in with the white contact lenses and, no kidding, he brought his own paparazzi.  They took pictures, probably because his pants dropped below his underwear. I didn’t get it. I also didn’t get to talk to him. His security team wouldn’t let anyone but IronE talk to him and I guess he was too famous for us all. Even though I never heard of him.

And let’s  not forget poor Scott, who put his faith in me and my GPS by following me to the Bar. Yes … we got lost.

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