Thursday, September 13, 2012

EVP - I accidenitly Captured this. What do you hear?

If you are one of those people who want to discredit, disbelief, or Blow the Smoke of Doubting Thomas up everyone's ass, you can ... ignore this blog.

This blog post is aimed for those who like freaky stuff. I don't want ridiculed, I want some help. Like what is this thing saying?

Huh? You ask. Okay.

I set up my large walk in closet on the third floor attic to be my sound room for recording audio for audio books. About the only problem I had in the beginning was the occasional loud motorcycle, truck or plane. Other than that, it's pretty quiet. And hot, the room is hot because it's on the top floor and there is no air conditioning and I certainly can't run the AC while I record.

Then last week, I got this weird sound. A heartbeat was loud and clear, slow and steady.. Noah said it was my own, even though I'm not using a headset microphone and my heartbeat generally tends to be fast from all the espresso. I took his word and was assured by his expertise and forgot about it.

Then this happened ....

I opened the closet to grab the audio box. I run it from my lap top. I keep all electronics away from the closet, and heck the laptop is even far way.

It was a warm day and I was oddly surprised how cold the closet was. Thinking, sweet, I won't sweat bullets, I cued up my kindle, let the closet, walked to my laptop, hit record, walked back to my closet shut the door, sat down and recorded. As usual.

When I came out, I stopped the recording. Because it takes a few seconds for me to get into the closet form my laptop it's not usual for their to be a visually long strand of nothing before the waves of speaking. But as I looked at the audio, the whole file looked off.

There were no flat lines of silence, it was thick.

What the heck. That never happened. I listened. Over my voice was an entire clicking track. At first I thought ... shit, then I noticed the click was a pattern. It was, no kidding, Morse Code.

Visually it was easy to see the dot dashes and dots. I took a section, put the dots and dashes as I saw them in a Morse Code trans coder and it kicked back 'This is a ...'

I didn't go any further. I will. other than SOS, I have no idea about Morse Code or that I was putting in actual letters. Apparently, I was.

But that wasn't the weird part. When I amplified, starting at the beginning, Clearly there was a voice that spoke BEFORE I even entered the room.

Spooked a bit, I amplified it again. It was there. Buried beneath the clicks so I removed the Morse Code and amplified again. It is a ghostly male voice and below is a link to the clip. I can make out what I think is 'Lucy' but I can't make out anything else. Can you? I may be wrong. What do you hear?


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