Tuesday, October 2, 2012

When the HS Reunion Bell Rings ... 30 years later

Recently I attended my (gulp) 30th reunion. And I have to say, thanks to Facebook, the reunion was probably a lot different for me than my parents. After all, I had connected with others, they knew of my life, I knew of theirs. Social media added an interesting twist.

Still… I wanted to give a glimpse of my view of getting back in touch with classmates … 30 years later. Including what I will call my awards ceremony.

There were many who attended that I hoped to see. There was only one person I didn’t want to see and thankfully, she didn't come. The last time I saw this woman, she nuzzled at the bar with a man half her age (Not her husband) looking worse for wear and being very supportive of him as they both hustled frozen meat out of the back of his car to the patrons of the bar.

Even holding her bargain frozen patties, she still managed to snub me, stare and snicker at me in some sort of intimidating manner. Really? Seriously? I guess she failed to see that she lost all bully credibility the second she start being the meat huckster.

Everyone really looked great. It was funny to see the difference between attire of the twenty reunion and thirty. Many women tossed out the choice for sequence and opted for comfort. Hand raised. I hate anything tight against my body, that comes with age, I guess.

It was evident the room was divided between those who embraced the year of the Sears Senior discount and those who were fighting it tooth and nail.

Despite the fighting it …. Fact remains it was thirty years later. We did get old. We all aged well. I like to think.

Bottom line remains, we all had a blast.  I was super impressed by the longevity of marriages in our class. Man, if I add all my marriages together it still doesn't add up to some of the marriages there.

Although, it was evident some should have left their spouses at home. Really? Totally reiterating why I don’t get married … again. It was a reunion. Your spouse is going to socialize. You can’t expect them to sit with you and you certainly can’t get visually and publicly pissed when they be bop around. Which happened.

Now for my Jackie 30 year reunion awards. (I’m leaving out last names but am providing a visual)

Least changed all the way around: Kelly
Personality wise, hair, face, this woman is still as endearing today as she was 30 years ago. I’m almost convinced she found Dick Clark’s Dorian Gray Mirror.
Most changed/aged for the better: Ted
Seriously, take a look.

Most likely to still look the same at our fortieth reunion: Karen
Take a look at her grad pic and now. I may even say she’ll still look the same at the fiftieth.

Best quote of the night: Maryann, when she said, (In reference to a body part) “No man paid for these, I bought these myself in Florida.”

Most likely to be married more times than me: Steve
While we are both tied at 3 times down, I foresee him having at least two more spouses. He also was the most photographed the night of the reunion, appearing somewhere in almost every picture. It could start a new game. “Where’s Steve.”

Most like to be (Or should be) the mayor of a community: Bob
You should hear this man talk. Boy he’d give Governor Christy a run for his money.

And finally, my big award the, “I’m not convinced this wasn't a case of borrowed identity award”. It goes to Craig.
I was thinking at first it was a case of Wedding crashers, but instead reunion crashers. Because there is no way, he is the same guy we graduated with. Or it was a possible brilliant political infiltration to subconsciously sway votes. Cause he looks suspiciously like a presidential candidate. Am I the only one who thinks it?

I was showing my mom pictures of the reunion. Her first question wasn’t, ‘did I have a good time,’ it was, “Were there any prospects.” I laughed and told her I was one of the few not married. She pointed to a picture and said, “What about this nice looking young man?” (Craig)

Snicker. Snort. Young. We’re pushing fifty. Of course she’s decades beyond us.

I shrugged and said I wasn’t sure then I pointed to Steve and informed her he was the only one I knew that wasn’t married.. To which she said. “Oh. Hmm. Check on the Mitt Romney looking guy.”

And yes, it’s only fair …

God willing, I’ll be writing a blog about the fortieth.

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