Friday, October 5, 2012

Picking a Candidate by their ASS-ets.

 I thought it was a brilliant idea. You know …people are always saying negative things about the candidates. So I came up with a different way to pick your candidates. Not by view. Not by record or issues, but rather by …. Derrieres.

Which team has the better set of buns?

A fun activity - which candidate would be your choice if you solely went by how much you liked their buttocks.

Funny. Ha ha. But then the task remained. I had to get comparison pictures. Easy? Well one would think, until I actually began a Google search for pictures of Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan bums.

Never have I worked so darn hard researching and prepping for a blog.

The search was impossible. I put it their name followed by various keywords, such butt, behind, backside, walking away, sweet cheeks … nothing.

I mean, hundreds of times a picture of a half naked Joe Biden washing his car, popped up from the Washington Post. But not pictures of him from behind? Is there some sort of courtesy photo law that prohibits journalist from taking pictures of candidates from behind? Gees, I hope it isn't a law, because when I went to the George Bush Rally and I sat behind him on stage, I snapped a few backside photos.

 Oh … stop you would too.

It became like a puzzle to me. Surely I wasn’t the only person in the world ever to look up a candidate’s butt. Wait, that was worded wrong. Let’s try that again. Surely, I am not the only person in the world to search pictures of a candidate’s backside.

Maybe so. Still …

At one point I was going to give up the search, but damn it, I was bound and determined to find pictures of their backsides.  And hence, I did. So, please. Judge for yourself. If you only got to look at their behinds and pick your next presidential team who would it be.




And my personal favorite… Ryan.

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