Friday, August 31, 2012

Really? Time to Grow up. Disrespect is NOT funny or cool

So, maybe I’m grouchy because it’s four in the morning. I want to work on my novel but the freaking jackhammer and truck ripping the asphalt outside my house makes concentrating impossible. However it is fueling a good blog rage.

Since the pilgrims landed in this fine country, people have disagreed on the way things should go, who should lead, and so forth. You know what, that’s absolutely fine. That’s what makes this country great. We can disagree, speak out, be heard … sometimes not.

However, just because our first amendment affords us the right to publically post and speak our minds, is it right to do so with such disrespect.

Let’s establish something here. You can DISagree. show DISmay, express DISpleasure, and do so effectively without disrespect.

It is immature, pointless, mean, and not funny. To me it is nothing but people bashing and bullying through words.

Those who do so, in my opinion, purely show their ignorance in making an intelligent argument and/or point. It’s just like saying something sucks. For example, saying “I hate that movie it sucked” tells me nothing. Just like hate posts.

The fuel, as many of you can guess is Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC.

It’s Clint Eastwood. He is a Hollywood legend, icon and more importantly an 80+ year old man. Some of the mean stuff circulating is unforgiveable. Show some respect.

And sadly, most of it is from the young. No, wait, 90% of what I found on Facebook (Public posts) are from young people. Sure, those who are older expressed their confusion, dismay and dislike over what Clint said and how he said it, but they did so without being mean.

His presentation at times, when he was trying to be funny, was a little confusing. But he expressed his thoughts. He made some good points and if you missed it, or didn’t listen, you can read the entire thing right here: Read Clint’s Speech.

I realize these are young people expressing their outrage over a senior citizen expressing his views. Their outrage is fueled by the fact that he is speaking for the opposition.

But they aren’t bashing his views or what he said, they are bashing his age and how he presented it. How sad it is as a society that so many of our ‘supposedly’ open minded and educated youth, can’t find a better way to express themselves other than just being mean.

Think I’m overreacting? Think I am being ‘stuffy’. Here are the first five negative posts I came across out of 10, that popped up in my public post search. The first five. A couple of them lack substance. READ THEM. (I put X’s in the F words, sorry)

Clint Eastwood was a good choice for the Republican National Committee. He represents the old dying ideals and ass backwards thinking that got the country into the mess in the fXXXng first place. The pure senility and insanity it takes to actually be a republican, and a crotchety old white man afraid of change.

He was just acting like Ronald Ray-gun in the final years of his presidency. Talking to a chair and mumbling something about star wars.

ill still watch his movies he's just a old fart shitting in his depend's

So sick of hearing the Republicans on television I'm not voting Republican I just hate it and I liked Eastwood until now will not pay to see more of his movies I'm going to vote for are black president what about you (And then she 'liked' her own post)

--And the Worst--



This is not what we as Americans represent, and I am curious to see if there are this many negative and mean remarks after the DNC.

Clint Eastwood or not, this is still a senior citizen who, my God, walked on stage, spoke standing up, spoke coherently for his age and made logical points. Go to a nursing home, go on, visit the memory Impaired ward, see men and women his age. Go on.  He is remarkable.

Would these same people who bashed him think it was okay for someone to say the same thing about their grandmother/grandfather/parent. Would they even care? If their grandfather’s or great grandfathers read those words about Clint, they’d probably kick their butts. I know my father would unload on my kids if they posted like that.

If you don’t like what is said, say why. If you don’t like someone, say why. But please, do so without hurt.

You can get your point across without being mean. I feel sorry for all the haters, there is just so much more to life.

Stepping from my soapbox now.


  1. Great blog piece, Jackie! I think you've captured the essence of what idiots some people can be. I may not agree with what Clint said (hey... that's what makes the world go 'round); but, that does not give me license to be mean spirited and disrespectful. Again, thanks for this piece of mind...

  2. It's funny how those same people are running around praising obama without knowing what he's actually done, or hasn't done, are watching the REPUBLICAN national convention. Hmmm seems like some people really don't know how to stand on either side of the fence, on their OWN two feet.

  3. Thanks Gene and Drew.

    Drew I think a lot if Obama supporters watched to just disagree instead if being curious and wanting learn. Ill watch the DNC open minded.

    I'm just glad for young people like you and the ones I know who are respectful and raised right.