Sunday, August 12, 2012

Freaking Miracle Carpet Stain remover.

Had to share because I am still amazed. Baby Frank went into my room to wake me from my nap. Only this time, instead of his normal routine, he went into my closet, got into a box of Halloween makeup and pulled out a large tube of bright, blood red make up.

While I slept and his mother downstairs, he proceeded to not only get it all over his hands but huge globs of this stuff on my light carpet. I’m talking huge. Not wanting to get in trouble with me he sneaks down stairs. Imagine Veronica, she see’s him, his face, hands all covered with this red stuff. She said, “BF, what did you do?”

She thought it was blood.

She walked up stairs to see red smeared handprints on the wall leading from the third floors. She said to me, “Mom, I was shaking. I thought he pulled a Michael Myers and murdered you or you turned Zombie upstairs.”

She was afraid to look. The entire room looked like a massacre. Not only that, my jeans were hang drying on the railing and he put a tiny red handprint on each one. Globs of blood red make up and he walked through them so I had Baby Frank foot prints all about my room and staircase.


It came off the walls easily and my jeans washed right out, but the carpet. Laundry detergent didn’t work, it merely smeared them into larger circles of very pink.

So I went Walmart got a heavy duty scrub brush, Oxy Clean and borrowed a carpet cleaner.

For two hours, TWO HOURS, I scrubbed. Violet helped me with her own scrub brush (She loves to clean) She kept saying, “Oh, God Gweat One it won’t get cwean.”

I know. Baby I know. Keep scrubbing with Nennie. I felt like Joan Crawford. Any event, it lightened it, but still carpet was a mess. Then I went on line.

I found a solution. This morning, I tried a very small spot to see if it would work and without effort, without fail … gone. Holy shit!

There were five ‘four’ inch spots I didn’t scrub because I was waiting to see if they’d dry and peel off. No. They embedded. So I went to Walmart to get the actually items I needed. Cost me 4 bucks.

Ready? Here’s what you need: Ammonia, spray bottle, water, Clothes Iron and White rags.
Fill a spray bottle with one part Ammonia and one part water.
Spray the stain, wait ten seconds.
Place the white cloth over the stain and iron the white cloth.

It is freaking unbelievable, the stains lifts to the white rag. Don’t inhale too much and make sure the room is ventilated. I took pictures to show you. This was the deep, embedded glob. Before and after.

Two hours of scrubbing and nothing. Thirty seconds per stain to spray, cover and iron and they are all gone.


  1. Damn, I wish I'd known this when I rented a house with off-white carpeting and uh, sorta spilled a lot of red wine.... ;)

  2. My wife and I did the same thing to our rag. It was our family movie night at home. Our kids asked for pizza, burgers, and ice cream for delivery. Our 3 boys, being naturally sloppy, dropped pizza crumbs all over the carpet, and since burgers are oily, imagine what happened. What my wife did was to place paper towels on top of the oil stains, and ironed them till the stain stuck to the towel. She then used a cleaning solution to retain the original color of the carpet.

    Wilbert Padilla

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