Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just one more then I'll stop ... maybe

It's election year and I take you back to October 1, 2004. I'm thinking about maybe posting a blog or two that talked about the antics (Funny) of the post divorce guy I dated. He was known simply as W.

And here's the short October 2004 blog


The Debates ....
Now, who would have guessed I would blog about the debates? Just about anyone who knows me.

I will give my fair and honest opinion. I was a little upset that George didn't do better. Kerry was well rehearsed, and George seemed a tad annoyed. which is understandable. My inside source told me that Kerry kept text messaging George before the debate, with messages such as

You are gonna lose
My hair is better
Jim Lear is my gay lover
Dick Cheney is having sex with your wife right now
My wife wants to sleep with you

Now come on, those are distressing text messages for anyone to get. The torment that Kerry was trying to pull, the mental torture. How low can one stoop.

While on the other hand, I also heard through my source that GW was trying to be cordial. By:

Sending Kerry Good luck flowers
Complimenting Kerry's hair
Telling Kerry, "I hear you were in Vietnam"
And even saying, Theresa was a sexy mama.

To no avail, Kerry would have bought it all until the Theresa remark. It is even said that when they shook hands, George told Kerry, "Good Luck, John."
To which Kerry replied, "You're going down, ass wipe."
Come on. Is that fair? These are things behind the scenes,

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