Friday, August 3, 2012

Jet Set and Jet Lag

My entire childhood and adult life has been consumed with an unnatural infatuation for the apocalypse. Researching and crafting tales of how the world could end. From my earliest and first story, ‘Disaster in the Liberty Tubes’ to my next release, ‘And the Heavens Shall Fall’. That is mainly what I write. Many have labeled me insane, but I believe my research has gained me a useful insanity.
            Anyhow, the last couple days have been an amazing experience and a reward in my mind.  I was given the opportunity to be interviewed for a program that will appear on the History Channel. As … an apocalypse expert.
            I spent more money than I should have preparing for the short trip. I’m a Jeans and Tee shirt gal and didn’t quite have the wardrobe selections to bring. Plus while en route and while there, I splurged on myself. After all, it was my first trip to LA.
            So instead of writing paragraph after paragraph of my experience, I decided to do the cliff notes, bullet points of my thoughts.
·         How freaking ironic is it, that I’m flying to LA to be interviewed about possible virus outbreaks via terrorists and I was that select person who was pulled aside in Pittsburgh security for the random, ‘We think you’re a terrorist’ check.
·         JFK got it together as an airport, I can vacation there.
·         I sat behind Gary Shandling on the flight to LA.
·         I was grateful for meeting a young man and his mother because they were the first people to talk to me all day.
·         LAX was so not fancy or even remotely confusing.
·         I was in awe when I saw the palm.
·         The PA who drove me around was an amazing young man and he gave me quite the tour.
·         The South Park studios aren’t as big as I thought.
·         I am convinced that some sort of weird twilight zone thing happens when flying from East to West and west to east because time just drags.
·         Avengers was just as good on the plane.
·         I was so tired from not sleeping and several kick butt New York bloody Mary’s I was experiencing a exhaustion induced hallucination about Thor being on the plane. No kidding.
·         I reviewed the interview questions, but didn’t study. Because I figured they invited me for what I knew. I was surprised at how much I actually knew.
·         People in LA sleep less than me.
·         And finally … What is up with Dunkin Donuts? Seriously. In JFK and Pittsburgh, I was looking for a Starbucks, the response was, “We don’t have one here, but we have a Dunkin Donuts.
            If I could think of more, I’ll post later … but for now … I am beat!
            What a great experience!

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