Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Neuroticism of a Child

Violet arrived home today after a long vacation. The tiny tot had her Coppertone tan happening and the attitude just flowed moments into being in the house
I saw Jesus again at Starbucks. Was hanging out front, same clothes. Odd he wears exactly what I depicted him as wearing in my book, MY PAL CHRIST. Levi jeans and a plain white tee shirt. I mean, who wears that unless it’s 1955. Anyhow, he was with some other bearded guy. I waved. Gave an upward nod of my head and said, “I see you’re with a friend today.”
He replied, “Yes. This is my friend, Matthew.”
How odd.  I sent a text to Ali telling her about Jesus, and  instead of her disputing it, she texted back. ‘OMG, you don’t think he showed because our plane is gonna crash.” At that point I grew neurotic and raced back to Starbucks to ask, but he was gone.
Speaking of neurotic. A few months back, I had a date. Some guy I met. I don’t date often, if at all. Just gave up on that portion of my life. Anyhow, I had drink with this man, things were going well. Time passed, we said our goodbyes. He stayed, I left. As I pulled from the parking lot, three cop cars peeled in. Thinking, “Boy I just missed the problems. Good thing.” I headed home.
Here, what I didn’t know was I didn’t have a good signal on my phone. Ali, worried about me being on a date, tried to call me. When she got the voicemail after a ring or two, she did that ‘family trace’ to find my phone. When she did, the trace showed the phone was in a wooded area. Ali freaked out and called the police telling them that she thought this man had killed her mother. And told them where I was supposed to be and with a guy named Paul. While I was happily on my way home, the police stormed the bar and interrogated this guy.  They stopped when they received the call that I was fine. Suffice to say, I didn’t hear back from him.
Tonight I joined up with the guy I met that reminded me of one of my characters. Had a great time, time flew, but I didn’t hear my phone. Getting in my car to come home, I saw the text, “Your phone is by the river. You have 10 minutes to call me back or I call the police.”
Luckily, I caught it within the ten minutes. 
Perhaps it is payback time. I think I’ll take Violet out to Rite Aid tomorrow to wreak a little havoc.

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