Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh, Yeah, Conspiracy

I have it all figured out.  Well . . . almost. Pieces are missing and I vow to put them together.  But I believe the givernment is preparing for Alien arrival. Now, this isn't just some eccentric writer talking, okay, maybe it is, But . . .
Let’s start from the beginning. I live about a mile and a half from a huge farm. When I go to the casino, I take the back roads through the farm, cuts my time. Well, several months ago, Chris and I were coming back from the casino when we spotted the oddest object i the sky. Lights that hovered and zoomed in before shooting away.
Like any concerned earthling, I contacted a UFO sighting place and filled out an email report.
Move ahead three weeks. I’m got phone calls and emails from several different organizations, including the famous SETI. All wanting a report of my sighting. Whoa, cool, they had to have tracked something in the sky. After all I was pretty diligent in my report, gave exact time, Longitude and latitude.
A month or so later, a huge convoy of oversized tractor trailer carriers, twenty of them move up the road by my house toward the farm. Rumors had it the farm sold land to Target. Some sort of construction was underway.
Huge walls were immediately erected to hide what they were building, thirty foot high walls on about one square mile. Gees, sound like New Jerusalem. Anyhow, a fence with ‘Warning’ went up, ‘No trespassing, Government Property, etc . . . The local authorities said it was a gas company looking for natural gas.
Yeah, well, if that’s the case, why then has the gas company erected four NEW two hundred foot tall towers with satellite dishes on top in the last 2 months. All of which located on a high hill. (See map marked)
And yes, you guessed it. The construction site, the towers, all located by . . . the NIKE Missile site.
Saturday night I was coming home at four in the morning and the whole sky above the NIKE site was lit up. I saw this from a distance and went to check it out , but a SUV blocked the dirt road. Blocked the road at four in the morning.
Sunday, one day later, I was coming over the hill through the large farm and had to stop because not one, but EIGHT black SUVs emerged onto the road from a side dirt road cutting me off (That leads to one of the towers), I had to wait until all eight of them got on the road. All of them had government plates. And, yes, I followed.
They went a quarter mile, turned and went . . . to the construction site.
Something is going on. I think it’s Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind and that they are trying to build a reception center. An Ellis Island, if you will for ETs. Who knows. I’m probably just insane.  More than likely I am. I plan on investigating further, getting pictures and videos. Could it be a new AREA 51 is being built?
Just had to share. My sons think I’m nuts. My daughter Ali thinks I’m going to be snatched up by one of those black SUVs. My friend Trevor, thinks I’ll be arrested.
Who knows. But more pictures and videos to come. Here's my map.

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  1. I foresee a really cool novel coming out of this. And I recommend that you take other roads to the casino ;)