Friday, July 1, 2011

Ok, so this one may offend some . . . what the heck.

I saw Jesus again at Starbucks today. Not the first time I saw him there. Vicious Baby Violet first spotted  him a couple weeks ago. I was holding her, Baby Frank was rearranging the merchandise again, and He walked in.
Brightly, Violet pointed and said, “Jesus!” I looked; sure enough this guy is very visually Christ-like. He really didn’t look at Violet, instead he ordered a tea, crouched down to Baby Frank and had this conversation with him. Only thing is, Baby Frank doesn’t talk . . . at all. Yet, he rattled to Jesus, then Baby Frank nodded as he was being told things. I’m sure he was given some sort of great secret.
I told Ali, who works at Starbucks. She said, “Mom, that isn’t Jesus. He’s been here before.”
“Lucky you. So if it isn’t Jesus, what’s his name?”
“I don’t know. But it isn’t Jesus.”
“If you don’t know his name, how do you know his name isn’t Jesus.”
She huffed, yes, huffed at me.  I suppose her reaction to not having a good answer. Then I saw him again today. He was sitting outside with some woman. This woman was all made up to an overboard extent. Bright red lipstick, hair puffy, tight clothing that barely covered her.
“Oh, look Ali, Jesus is here again,” I told her when I spotted him walking toward Starbucks. “And there’s no refuting it now. That’s him.”
“How do you know?”
“Because he’s with Mary Magdalene.”
“Mom. Stop.  It’s not Jesus.”
Then I really questioned. How was she certain? I mean, he had that conversation with a child that didn’t speak. He said ‘Hi Jackie’ as we walked by him. I was never introduced.  Her answer was simply, ‘Jesus wouldn’t be at Starbucks.”
Why not? Seriously and I don’t write this to blaspheme or in any disrespect, but why not? Why wouldn’t Jesus pop down and visit?  The reality is, it’s easier for people to believe that evil is amongst us, that we associate with ‘bad’, but say you met Jesus and they label you.  I don’t get why it’s so hard to believe that in 2000 years He hasn’t stopped by here and there.  I believe He does, has and will, even if it is Starbucks.
Ok, off to Summer Camp within the confines of my office . . . I’ll explain that one   later.

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