Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Frank heads to Cougar Town

I took Baby Frank to Starbucks tonight. Our usual routine. Except now, he goes nowhere without his power ranger mask. Wears it everywhere. He’s totally into the 1993 Rangers.  I say, ‘It’s Morhpin time” he whips down the mask.
Tonight while at Starbucks, I’m waiting for my drink. Usually Baby Frank will grab a newspaper, pretending he can read and go sit in the fluffy chiar.
Not tonight.
I learned my grandson loves brunettes.
A couple was waiting ahead of us. They were both in their late twenties or early thirties
The girl was dolled up in summer cutesy attire. Hair pulled back with a pink bow. No kidding, a pink bow.
 She took a seat at a table alone while waiting on her boyfriend. Baby Frank saw her. I’m sure somewhere in his toddler mind he heard some sort of music, because he stopped. Typically he does that with young girls, three or four years old. Never with older women. But this one . . . man, he whipped off the mask and walked to her. His eyes never left her, which of course, caused him to walk right into the table. He bounced back like a cat, shook it off,  climbed on the seat across from her,  gave this look as if to say, ‘So, how you doin’. Then he sighed out and stared. He was getting on his ‘Mack’ Is that what that called?
You could see it on her expression. At first she was like, “ok . . .  this is weird‘  and then she laughed because he just kept staring like a puppy dog in love.
The boyfriend returned with the drink and was a good sport. He saw him and said to Baby Frank. “Guess I snooze I lose. Man, they’re starting young. Go on dude, I’ll just, you know, sit over there.”
Baby Frank ignored him and kept on staring in awe at this girl, never saying a word. She smiled. I took a picture. Once I got my drink, he slid from the chair, gave a smile, grabbed his mask, put it back on and darted to the door.
Later on I showed it to him, he grabbed my phone and kept sighing and staring.
I think he thought she was Kimberly because she wore that pink bow. I’m sure in his mind he thought that. I mean realistically, it’s 2011 no one but Kimberly would wear a pink hair bow, unless they were under ten.
I do however think this picture deserves a caption.

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  1. Oh dear sweet God, that is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Precious!