Monday, April 11, 2016

Where's Donald Trump: Quitting or regrouping

I opened up the CNN page today, and it wasn’t what I saw, it was what I did not see. For the first time and I could not tell you in how long, Donald Trump did not dominate the page. In fact, I was greeted with the murder story. That was the headline not Donald Trump.


Since the Wisconsin primary pretty much Donald Trump has not been on the front pages. We’ve heard about him. Speculation. But after his weird and tantrum like concession tweet following a Wisconsin loss, Donald Trump has disappeared.

Now, he’s out there. And he’s in New York. That makes zero sense. He pretty much has New York locked up and in a bag. So why would he leave the trail, cancel California and Colorado, and just go home? In fact, news reports that his first rally in his home state was lackluster. Not the crowds, but Donald himself.

Gone are the ranting tweets at 2 AM, gone are the retweets. It’s almost as if someone said to him, “Stop. You really want this?  Just stop. “

There’s speculation that he’s regrouping. Amongst people I know, even Donald supporters, there is concern he’s going to drop out. There’s talk of that. I don’t buy it.

He has gotten himself a new, as he calls it, convention manager. A veteran on campaigns. It could be that this veteran is whispering in Donald’s ear.

Let's face it, the Donald has had some missteps recently. A lot of them. Including the Corey Lewandowski deal.  No matter how much Donald wants to stand beside him it’s not looking good. He boasted that he would not fire Cory, he didn’t, he just hired somebody to kind of take over and push Corey to the background.

Again I don’t think it’s regrouping, or rethinking. To me, it’s business.

It is odd for me to write a pro Trump blog. But in actuality it’s not pro Trump it’s reality check to all those who are second-guessing. To the never Trump people that are hoping he really is dropping out.

Reality is Donald Trump is a businessman. He runs his businesses. He is top-of-the-line. And then he goes on this campaign trail. All well and fine, he can run his businesses from the trail, but is not going to do it the way he did before. Increasingly with the schedules, rallies, inundated news coverage. Trump cannot do his business the way he did it before. He entrusts others, and anyone that has ran their own business knows, there’s only so much trust you can give someone whether they are related to or not.

No one will run your own business the way you will.

Donald is finding that out.

Anyone that is stepping  back or taking time off or lax on their work of their own business, knows it tallies up. There’s stuff that people don’t do or don’t do correctly.

Things begin to slip, revenues drop, it gets to a crisis and if you don’t do it yourself, you won’t have it when you’re done with whatever is distracting you.

Trump has entrusted his children. These are the same children whose father is running for president, and didn’t register to vote. If they couldn’t do something so simple as registering to vote for their father, how are they running his business. One of them just had a baby. It’s not getting done.

So Trump, seeing his businesses fail, not that they are, but they need his attention. Decided this was the best time ever. He hit a sacrifice fly with Colorado, and went home. Trump could actually retreat and not even step out his front door for the next couple weeks. He has New York wrapped up. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, where he blunders big time, or commits some heinous crime, he’s going to win New York. That is where Trump is. Fixing his business. We will not hear much from Trump until after the New York primary. A rally here and there, but nothing non stop like before. And then he will go back on the trail full force.

My question is, people like winners, will it be a little too late,. Will Trump step back too much that  this will be detrimental to him. If Trump emerges after New York he will not emerge the same, he is going to have a new manager, and he will present a different persona. Quite, less ranting tweets, nothing over the top. Will that last, we don’t know. A new presidential Trump will, and can absorb into the masses,  with nothing to make him stand out. Truth be told his brash nature  and antics put him in the notable lane. Without them is he Trump? Under the new improved circumstances, would Trump be able to ride this train at the same speed he has done before.

I doubt it. We will find out.

This is been the best election season ever.


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