Friday, April 15, 2016

Sandy Hook: Are Gun Makers Responsible?

Let me start by saying that that the tragedy and shooting at Sandy Hook was a tragedy. It was horrible, gut wrenching, heartbreaking and the pain it caused for those families is unimaginable. As a parent, and grandmother of a first grader, just hearing about that day again is … gut twisting. Those poor babies. Those families.

I understand the need to want justice, to see someone pay for the tragedy. I would want that too. I’d be screaming out with every ounce of my agony.  After all, Adam Lanza is dead, he won’t pay the price. Somebody must … pay, but the gun manufacturer? That’s not the one. It just doesn’t make sense that a) A lawsuit was filed against them, and b) a judge is allowing it to go forward.

It would be like suing Lanza’s father for creating him. Even that makes much more sense of the gun manufacturer.

 For the life of me, and I wish someone would explain the legal logic, how is the gun manufacturer responsible. Please. I’m not being sarcastic, I need to know how.

The gun shop owner, I can sort of see the logic, (I believe there is a suit there) But the manufacturer, the ones that make the guns. How are they libel for the person who shoots it.

Now someone said to be that guns are manufactured with the knowledge that they kill. So are hunting knives.

If the families want justice, what about going after Yale Mental Health for not reporting the mother to the state when she refused help for her son. Help, Yale states was needed, years before the murders. Their repeated recommendation went ignored. Yet, if a pediatrician tells a mother that she is harming her child by over feeding, he is within his rights to turn her over to authorities. Why didn’t this apply with Lanza?

While I realize it is a privacy issue, revealing mental illness and all, but unfortunately it needs to be done. Remember guns may be licensed to an individual, but they ultimately go to a household where anyone in that house has access.

The horror of Sandy Hook built to its explosive and horrific end. The child with mental problems so severe, institutionalization was recommended, the mother who ignored that advice, the medical officials who didn’t follow through, the mother that purchased the guns knowing damn well her kid had issues, and the kid who committed such an incomprehensible crime, it makes you sick to think about it.

All of it played a part in that fateful December day. There are so many pieces to blame, but in my opinion, not one of them is the gun manufacturer. Maybe it’s my ignorance, or I am missing something, I don’t know. Perhaps someone can explain.


  1. When the mother failed to seek help, CYS souls have been notified and a 302 issued. Your idea has been the best one I've seen yet. I don't see how the gun dealer was at fault when the gins went into her name. A background check is not necessary for all household members when someone buys a gun. Where would that stop? All extended family? Everyone who is a potential houseguest? Unless the dealer didn't do his job as outlined by the law, he is not at fault.

  2. The socialist are making their ultimate mover to corrupt america. You need to do this now