Friday, February 8, 2013

When the World’s Lights Go Out, More than the Power Will Die

Ominous as the title of this  blog seems, the thought of what I am blogging about is worse

I had some weird revelation while going through the pictures on my iPhone. At first they were happy thoughts. You know, oh how cute ... Ah this was cool... My entire life over the course of the last six months is documented on my phone. Holidays, birthdays and appearances.

If I want to go further back ... Facebook or even MySpace. Pictorial documentary of my life's happy moments at a touch of a finger.

What are we, nuts?

It dawned on me that if the lights suddenly went out forever, not only would I never see those precious memories, I couldn't capture anymore.

I don't know about you, but if the world takes a nose dive I want to take pictures of man’s destruction for future generations. But we've all ditched our cameras and the world of instant Polaroid’s, while still available, are digital and nothing like the old day, self contained battery film pack.

Yes, some people still print up pictures, but not all. And most of us not at all. We display them in digital frames and instead of whipping out the wallet, we show them to friends from our phones.

 It's sad.

Ya know, if the world experienced nuclear war in the fifties, I honestly believe those back then would survive more than us. They were resilient and not pampered by technology.

I'm buying an instant camera. Seriously, I am. Unless I absolutely, have to. No more phone pictures. I'm buying vinyl records and more paperbacks.

We as a society, instead of a bug out bags and shelters packed with food, we should plan to preserve not only life but preserve humanity.

A smile, memory, our mothers face and Christmas morning, the songs that made us dance and feel and books that drive our emotions.

They are parts of what make humanity and remind us we are human.

If there is a loss if power we can't play CDs or mp3s, read a kindle. Not for long at least.

A hand can hold photos, flip a page, crank a victrola.

So when preparing for the apocalypse, prepare all the way around. Start now.

If the lights forever go dark, our way of life may be done for but worse, every photographic memory. Every song recorded after 2000, and for most of us, 80% of the greatest words ever written that we love...gone.

Not only does are way of life die, but so do all the things that make us remember life.

Remember to preserve those as well. Start now.


  1. I was raised in the fifties and have a slew of pictures to prove it.but like everyone else I have gone digital. It's a great idea to go back to real pictures with film...but not many will! I love having my reading at the touch of a button...but imo there is nothing like the smell and feel of a book in my hands! We are creating a generation of people that take the easiest way to do things!If we have no books or pictures or manuels..we'll all be up s*** creek without a paddle!

  2. I totally agree. I've got boxes and boxes of old photos and wish I could still buy film for my camera! As far as paperbacks and hardback books are concerned, someday when you're in the neighborhood, I'll show you the "library". I have books stacked and stored everywhere!

    Again, nice article here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts -- and fears....

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