Saturday, February 16, 2013

Russian Meteor our Extinction Level Event? Don't scoff.

I didn’t do well in school. In fact, I went through most of my life believing that maybe perhaps in some aspects, I wasn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch. Now I’m thinking maybe I was right. Or … maybe I slept through science all those years … or my educators failed me. Combination of everything. Who knows? But, I do know this. On this day I feel massively deceived along with just plain dense.

How am I the only one who missed it? What am I talking about? The extinction of dinosaurs.

Yes, I know they went extinct, Good God, I’m not that dumb but … did you know it took 200,000 years for them to die off after the extinction level event? Yes, it’s true I just found it out.

Kind of reminded me of the time that I found out (At the age of 22) that Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden for having sex. I thought it was an apple all that time. I honestly thought an apple was a forbidden fruit and my grandmother was just asking for it every time she baked an apple pie.

Perhaps it is my infatuation over apocalypse scenarios that had me block out facts. When they said a meteor hit the earth and it caused dinosaurs to go extinct, I believed… the dinosaurs went extinct. Right then and there.

I mean this was reiterated by one of my favorite movies, Armageddon. The opening of the movie is the planet earth, Charlton Heston (I Love him) Voice over saying, “65 million years ago, earth was a lush and fertile planet. But a piece of rock, just six miles wide changed all that.”

Meteor slams into earth, it cascades into a chain of events and the earth is a blazing fireball. What the hell survives that? Apparently,  the dinosaurs … for 200,000 years.

Now, after learning the truth, it all is different in my mind. Before I envisioned the meteor hitting, the fire, the dinosaurs turning to ash. Now I see them running with T-Rex saying, “This way guys, I know a good underground place.’

What the hell? I’m still stumbled on how they survived that fireball impact. Or maybe science is wrong and the meteor just didn’t set the world ablaze like we originally were told.

No wonder it has taken science so long to determined what really wiped out the dinosaurs.  They can’t possibly really know, especially if it took so long.

And the meteor that landed in Mexico was called an extinction level event? Why call it an extinction level event if it isn’t an event that causes an immediate extinction?

Come on, really, under those guidelines anything can be an extinction level event. I think E.L.E, I picture a virus wiping out pretty much everyone in a good month. Or like the sun tossing a huge flame at us. To me, an extinction level happening is something that causes extinction … now.
Not 200,000 years after it happened.

If someone told you, that the meteor that landed in Chebarkul Lake, Russia was man’s extinction level event, would you believe them? No. Especially if they add, ‘It is Man’s Extinction Event, and in 10,000 years man will be done.’

Who cares? I would think man is smarter than the dinosaurs and would certainly figure out something in 10,000 years.

But thinking about it, this simple, bus size meteor that broke windows, injured a thousand people and crashed into an icy lake could indeed be the extinction level trigger. How? It crashed into the lake. Say it hit the floor, the shock of it weakens a fault line. There are fault lines everywhere and an earthquake belt is located on the Kazakhstan border between Russian. So, we have an earthquake. That Earthquake triggers a series that leads to a break in a deep earth Methane gas pocket and causes it to erupt. Um, yeah, if a methane gas pocket sealed deep in earth is breached … watch out. The chain reaction is a killer. Explosion, volcanic eruptions, dust in the atmosphere, tsunamis, ice age. Yikes.

According to Science Today: Methane gas is explosive in atmospheric ratios between 5% and 15% - a wider range than gasoline. Hundreds of billions of cubic feet of methane could burst free in a matter of seconds. The possible detonation and fireball has been referred to as "biblical" in size and destruction - several times larger than the most powerful nuclear weapon ever exploded.

Not to mention any gas released in the air is thick, planes can’t fly through it and they’ll just fall from the sky.

In fact if you think about it, ANY earthquake, especially in the ocean can cause an ELE.  Look into Methane pockets, it’s scary.

We probably already had our extinction level event and just don’t know it. If we did, take heart, you and I will be long gone before the effects of the event reach extinction level. Unless of course, it is a methane gas explosion, then you know, we have weeks.


  1. Once again, Jackie, I thank you for my insomnia ;)

  2. Read this: and you'll grasp why the comet theory in the Yucatan is considered a biotic crisis point (E.L.E.) for the dinosaurs. Also, the bible never once stated that it was an apple but simply a 'fruit'.

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