Thursday, January 10, 2013

Would Blake Shelton Survive in an Apocalyptic World?

Life is a series of paths. At least for me. I can be on Youtube looking up an music video and end up watching alien autopsy videos, I haven’t a clue how I got there, I just did. Same thing happened tonight. Not gonna say the path, but it started with a taco salad and ended up with fictitious conversation between Blake Shelton and one of my sci fi characters.

Then I got to thinking, after, of course, wondering if Blake had a nose job, I wondered (Because you know I’m always in the apocalypse mindset) How would Blake do in the apocalypse? Fiction or real? How would any celebrity do? Aside from Charlton Heston who would rock the apocalypse. What would Blake’s survivor chances be?

Taking a look at Blake, remove the guitar and the glitz of The Voice, he seems pretty much a regular guy. A country boy. Give him a natural catastrophic event, a plague, that would be his best chance of survival scenario. I foresee him with a boat load of weaponry, hunting his own food, after he hit up the Jack Daniels distillery for a life time supply. He’d be locked on self sufficient property and be quite content on his own.  Then again, if it were nuclear war, I don’t see him doing that well. He’s not a stock and supply sort of guy, more of a live for the moment. This puts him at a disadvantage because he wouldn’t comprehend the invisible horrors.

So in my opinion Natural disaster, plague (if he beats the germ) Blake lives. Nuclear war … he might be toast.

But what about the dreaded zombie apocalypse. Blake Shelton running amuck with the living dead. I think his biggest obstacle would be believing it were real. After that, he’d live a Herschel life. Herschel. What if Blake, ‘the actual Blake’ showed up on the Walking Dead? Not talking cast on the show, I mean reality crosses into fiction. I think he’d get along great with Herschel, they have that drinking thing in common. He’d tease the hell out of Carl, get annoyed with Glen, fool around with Andrea (Doesn’t everyone) and tell Rick, “Dude, really, lighten the hell up.’. In the end the Macho and hotness clash would be too much between him and Darryl and eventually, because he likes to bathe, Blake would hang out with the governor. He would survive in the fictional Walking Dead world.

In one of my novels, I’d think he’d do well in my fictional worlds, they’re mostly plague. He’s whacked out enough to fit in Beginnings, and as far as my other books, my people are pretty much small town country, my characters love to drink and listen to country music.

But put him in a Craig Dilouie world, I don’t think he’d do all that well. Hell, no one would do well in Craig DiLouie Post Apocalypse world. Craig creates some harsh obstacles in some screwed up, scary worlds. Stay away Craig’s apocalypse, Blake and you’ll do just fine.

Hmm. Wonder what celebrity I can imagine next in an apocalypse..

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  1. I love how your mind works!

    I want to see Joe Manganiello in an apocalypse. Not literally, just in your head. I think he'd be kickass.