Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To Resolve or not to Resolve?

It’s that time of the year again, the ‘end of the year’ blog.

Impressively, I blogged a lot more in 2012  than I did in 2011, but I want to keep on blogging. I will eventually get better at it.

So looking back on my last year’s resolution, I did pretty good. One of them was to get 7 books out and have 2 of them be non PA … check.

Actually, 2012 wasn't a bad year at all.  I welcomed my granddaughter Amelia in a whirlwind birthing experience. I didn't get married again. And for the second year in a row, I made it through without any utilities being shut off.

I made it beyond my 48th birthday as well. Have to tell you, for years I worried that I was going to die the same age as my father. My older brother had the same fear too, and when he beat the mark he passed the torch to me. It was a neurotic torch to carry. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, so I passed it to my brother Mike.

Every year for ten years I have posted my New Year’s resolutions. I do this so I can go back at the end of the year and see how well I did. Here they are.

In 2013 …

Write 7 books.

Finish off my trilogies (America Demise, Sleepers, Last Mile) and Zombie Battle. Hmm, that’s four.  It would probably not surprise most of you to know some of these are pretty much written, they need to be finished.

Finish the audio parts for Sleepers 2 by March 1st.

Dedicate one hour a day to Promoting and being out there.

Get a job at Walmart portrait studios. Seriously, I want to be that person that takes family and baby pictures and sell the packages. I can meet so many new and interesting people that way. Imagine the new characters that emerge.

Become a Pescatarian. This is a vegetarian that eats fish. Why? I don’t know, it sounds cool, and if doesn't work for me, I’ll become a flexitarian (Real word) and that’s a person who is a vegetarian but sometimes isn't.

Update my website more often

Build the coolest app ever for my Beginnings series.

Forgive one person from my past and let it go. Typically, I don’t hold on to anything, but there are a few …. No, it won’t be frozen meat woman, I almost forgave her but she reignited that with them burgers.

Demand respect in my house. I realize I have a big home but it’s not the Comfort Inn, hell if it was, people would pay to sleep here. I am not a church organization or homeless shelter, you don’t get free room and board here. Time to be Thor and drop the hammer

Notice how there isn’t yet anything about relationships and love here. There won’t be.

Be more realistically based. I live off royalties and those are basically sales. Like other sales jobs there are ups and downs and I need to learn to deal with those. Not mope when things are bad, not want to quit, but find a way to make it better.

And finally …. Have something I write or do, bring about world peace and that garnishes me the Nobel Peace Prize …. Okay, I can be ambitious.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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