Monday, June 18, 2012

SPAM that Book

I have trademarks in my books. Little things I put in just about every single think I write. My personal Jackie stamp. Charlton Heston, Ronald Reagan and Spam.
            However, those three things also invade my life in an abundance, as well. The problem I have is the Spam.
            Like margarine, Miracle Whip, and frozen waffles, I have gone completely overboard in my purchasing of the canned meat product.
            While it is a favorite in Hawaii, so much so that McDonald’s have Spam Macs, it is not a local favorite here. Not at all. At least not in my house.
            Just like the margarine poured from the fridge every single time the door was opened, t like the Frozen waffles inhibited anything else from entering my freezer, I am out of room in the Apocalypse pantry because of Spam. Cans and cans stacked high. It was funny at first, have loads of Spam in the Apocalypse, it’s not funny anymore because the shelf can’t hold it.
            What the heck was I thinking? Really.
            So I decided to Spam my book. I am having a Spam off.
            I am going to make Spam a local favorite … sort of with help.
            I’m asking for recipes using Spam. I will make every recipe I can and even take pictures. My family will decide which is the best way to serve Spam. The winner of the Spam off receives a paperback or Audio book copy of Then Came War, Runner ups (Depends how many recipes) receive a free Kindle or Nook copy of my new epic length, EOW book,  And the Heaven’s Shall Fall …a week before its release.
            So Spam me, baby, let the taste games begin.

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