Friday, June 22, 2012

Bypassing Congress - Brave or Imperialistic?

My very own house is divided on this one. While some applaud the recent efforts of our president as bold and brave and champion him with a fist held high, some in my house label it as abuse of power no matter what the issues.

It’s been years since I blogged in any political nature and I’m going to stir the pot.

I’m writing from neither the left nor the right. But as an American voter and my views as such.

Article II of the Constitution clearly defines the rule of the president. I as a voter take careful consideration when choosing my local representatives. I choose congressman and senators based on their voting record and opinions on issues. I do this because I am aware of the process. I have never missed an election in 30 years, primary included. I take it seriously.

The government is structured as such so as no one party runs with an iron fist. So no president may abuse his or her power.

Democrat or republican, I have a hard time with a president bypassing congress.  When the president bypasses Congress he creates what could be considered an ‘Imperial Presidency’.

From Wikipedia -  A presidency becomes imperial when it relies on powers beyond those allowed by the Constitution. The Constitution established three separate branches of government not for efficiency but to avoid the arbitrary exercise of power.

While I commend our Commander in Chief for trying to light a fire under our stalled and slow moving law process, is it right to bypass the fundamental process in which our country is founded. We elected officials to debate and make laws. We elect one man to lead them not make all the decisions. I had a hard time when Bush tried it, I have a hard time now.

Those who agree with the recent decisions of our President very well may dismiss the fact that he is bypassing the process that we should hold dear.. Granted it is faulted. Bipartisanship has thrown delay after delay into the mix. Perhaps that is mainly because the elected officials are sticking by the wishes of their constituents.

So our president says, enough is enough, I’ll handle it. Great. Very ballsy. But is it right?

I think the contraception thing with the Catholic Church is medieval. But that is their beliefs. I worked for a Catholic Organization, a convent. And I wasn’t allowed to bring meat into the buildings on Fridays (not just during lent). But forget the separation of church and state, forget that 77 million Americans are Catholic, is it right that the church must go against a core belief because the president, not elected officials, says they should.

This is the point of my blog. Not the ISSUES at hand. But rather should the president have the right to bypass congress on issues that clearly divide a nation.

Forget the issues when you think about this. Forget the gay marriage, the birth control, the immigrants, forget whether you agree with those issues or not.

Do you want the president signing into law, temporary or not, an issue that belongs to a congress that you voted for.

Suppose you woke up and the president announced he was signing into law, that starting August 1st, all American citizens will pay an addition 7% tax out of their paychecks to refurbish the unemployment and welfare funds.

Wouldn’t happen, ridiculous, okay, but still ….if one law can bypass congress ANY law can. Overuse of executive power is just that. No matter what the issue. And is it right?


  1. I could do a serious rant about this! lol! But all i'll say is:HE HAS NO RIGHT to bypass congress!

  2. First those of you are a Democrat raise your hands. If you don’t get food stamps put your hands down. Now remember who you are. Those of you who are Republicans now raise your hands. If you don’t average 6 digits per person working a year put your hands down. Now also if you don’t have 30 to 40 thousand in more than two banks and a large stock portfolio, put your hands down also. So out of a hundred people there might be 5 in each group. The rest are Independents, the 90% are INDEPENDENTS. Now there are about 80% of the 90% vote straight party lines and they are blind sheep; mindless droll for there respective machines.

    I am registered Independent. The reason is that I hate both lying parties. I like when there was WAM, I am not unfriendly to the occasional bribe. I got caught up in some shit in the Caribbean that would make most of your heads spin. Most of you would say that “there is no way our country would do that”. Quite contrary: the only way to get to the top is by being the dirtiest player in the game, and we are on top! That is one of those times that the President by passed congress and charged the CIA into getting guns for the Contras.

    The other time is when the Ford administration pardoned Nixon. There are times when the Presidential powers are used for good and times it is use for the self serving. As far as the question goes of by-passing congress; most of this term should have been by-passed. Those no good rotten punks held the American people hostage on at least three occasions. They got our world lending number knocked down a notch. They couldn’t even pass the salt to each other at the dinner table.

    Just remember “an act of treason is patriotic, so a patriot will risk an act of treason!”. A quote right from Hancock and Franklin themselves. Or as I say-- When all else fails then --- MUTINY