Thursday, March 17, 2016

How Marco Rubio Could Get Back in the Race and Win

On Super Tuesday, Marco Rubio looked into the eye of the camera and directly into the hearts of his supporters and stated firmly, "I will not drop out. If I have to get in my pickup truck and drive from state to state, I will."

Fast forward. Marco has dropped out.

My heart broke. Not because someone I believe in dropped out of the race, but more so he became another victim of the anger and hate. Proving once again nice guys finish last. I literally cried over the fact that his home state let him down. I also believe that early voting had a lot to do with that.

So why did Marco drop out? Does he not want to be the president? I firmly believe with my heart that he wants to be the president of United States and he is missing the perfect opportunity to be one.

Marco needs to make good on his promise to the American people and supporters, when he said he would get in his pick up truck, he should.

What? Are you insane? you ask. No. I am not. I know that sounds like a lot but I have a game plan for Marco. It's foolproof. It would work. And he would ‘trump’ Trump in his own free advertisement game.

The logistics of it all can be worked out and it’s a strategy that can be brilliant for him. The tough part is done, He's on the ballot in each state. 

Hopefully Marco's pick up truck can make a good road trip putting on 10,000 miles. Because that's what he would need to do. Double check his truck is in road worthy order. Then he needs to reach out to his supporters. Reach out to people and sign up five people in every state. People will. Five people across the state. These will be a Rubio reps. This person will provide lunch,and  if need be a place to lay his head, and a voice in the community. Even if Marco gets in the back of his pickup truck while somebody drives and he speaks on a megaphone yelling, "Here I am. Vote for me for president." Imagine what would happen.

The media would explode. Here is a man who believes in what he's doing so much that he follows his heart instead of following a superpac. We the people, the new superpac. A man who is putting it all on the line to be president and isn’t afraid to show how bad he wants it. This isn't just some man, this is Marco freaking Rubio. He already has a name. The news will eat him up in a good way. So much so, Trump will wallow in jealousy. They will show every move he makes.

From every Starbucks coffee shop stop to the local deli. "Looks like Marco is at it again," they would say. "Hittin it hard in Cleveland this week, Marco visited a local nursing home."

Yeah. Do you see it? I do.

He can do this. We can help him. Each person in each city picks five to ten places for Marco to visit. Then they send a press release out to news outlets letting them know where Marco will be. They won't be rallies, they don't need to be rallies, they need him reaching out to people. Put on a pair of jeans, a tee shirt and go!

His message, I am a man of the people, for the people. Hit the ground.

Grassroots is a powerful tool. Five to ten places in each city. From George's hardware store  to Sam’s Pizza, to Caraboo. It can be done. He will have an impact. He doesn't need to buy ads, his presence and fortitude will be advertisements. He doesn't need anything but spirit. And I'm willing to bet that this could work so much so that not only would I do all press releases, I would pay for his gas in his truck to make this road trip. I won’t need to though because he will gather momentum again. The good guy. We the supporters will rally all the way to the convention.  He needs back in this race if only to say somebody with heart  and soul still cares enough about this country to put it all on the line and lead.


  1. I wish he would get back in the race!

  2. We need to sign a petition to get Marco Rubio back in the race!!… Desperately!

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  4. Please sign open letter to Marco Rubio to get back in the race

  5. Please sign petition for Unbound delegates to elect Marco Rubio as our nominee