Saturday, December 31, 2011


So, how about BBCA had Shawn of the Dead on tonight? How ironic is that with the apocalypse year fast approaching.
It is without a doubt, the only movie I can think of where the characters have a preexisting knowledge of what a zombie is. I really like their outlook though, disbelief and a hint of ‘maybe these zombies are different than movie ones’.
That has to be up there with my favorite zombie movies.
As a writer I find it extremely hard to write a book about zombies where no one has ever heard of a zombie, it’s just seems to surpass the level of belief for me. I don’t know.
Anyhow, so the sun is acting up. Wow, I so have to get into that for a blog. But I’ll keep this one short because I doubt many people will be reading it. Let’s just say, ‘Thank you NASA’.  And let’s hope your recent news release about the misbehaving sun helps my sales on my book TORN, which coincidentally is about the sun.
I know, I know, big shocker that I’d have a book written about another way to end the world. I am trying to think of what I haven’t done.
A meteor. But that’s kind of boring. A big rock hits the earth. Yawn. I mean, I could make it ‘after’. But still. People surviving in a post meteor world. Nah.
I’ll stay clear of meteors. It is much more fun to end the world slowly and painfully.
I’ll end this blog with my Resolutions for 2012. You can skip this part if you think it’ll bore you.
·         Try to write 2 books this year that aren’t Apocalypse books.
·         Start, write and finish 5 novels. Those of you who are writers know, starting a novel is easy. Finishing it is another story.
·         Plan, prepare and really get ready for the end of the world, even if it doesn’t come.
·         Blog at least 4 times week if not more.
·         Take a vacation to Florida to visit my friend.
·         Go on three dates in 2012. I went on 3 dates in 2011 and got them all out of the way before March so I was done and didn’t have to hear about it from anyone that I didn’t date.
·         Not to get into a serious relationship and stay single for another year. It’s been pretty cool discovering who I am without a man telling me who I should be.
·         And finally, (At least as far as I can think of) do more for others as life has been more than fair and kind to me in 2011. My gas or electric didn’t get shut off once.

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  1. Prediction, 2012 will be better than 2011... and just as infested with zombies :)