Monday, January 1, 2018

A New Year and New Resolutions

So here we are, another year and I have to say that 2017 wasn’t a good blogging year. I remember the days when I never went without blogging, it’s a great writing tool and I haven’t a clue why I don’t keep it up. Once again, like I do every year (Since the days of daily blogging) I am going to resolve to blog more. Thanks to my writing friend, Kate. I think my problem is I put too much of an unattainable goal on myself. So I will keep it achievable. I vow to blog at least once a week. Kate suggested maybe a writers’ tip blog once and a while. I’m thinking a peak into my life as well.

Those of you who read this, I promise future posts won’t be so boring. This one is my kick off.

One of the things I used to do is make a list of resolutions. Then I’d visit back and see how many I kept.

My resolutions for 2018
Blog more (Yep, already starting that)
Maintain my healthy eating and keep my weight in check
Write eight books this year (4 stand alones, 3 series books, 1 due to my new publisher)
Write at least one piece that will positively make a difference in someone else’s life.
Take time for myself once and a while.

And that’s it. Hey, I did it. I blogged. Happy New Year to anyone who has read this.

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