Monday, January 26, 2015

Why all the Hate? Did WWE Fumble the Champ?

Let me start by prefacing that this is an opinion piece. My opinion based on pretty much years of watching Professional Wrestling for the entertainment value of it.

So much hate over the 2015 Royal Rumble and for much of what I heard, it mainly had to do with one man. Daniel Bryan. His elimination early on in the Rumble was disheartening and shocking. At least he could have lasted until the end to add some suspense. But really? A movement to cancel my subscription to the network because he didn’t win.  Not gonna happen. Not with me.

True wrestling fans will gripe and complain, but they stay with the game.

WWE can rely on their dedicated fans to tune in. Yep, you’ll say ‘I’m out”  and stop watching, but I guarantee, like me,  you will be back. If you are a diehard, true fan, it’s a drug in your system, a part of who you are.

Wrestlers you love and wrestlers you love to hate.

WWE wants to keep their fans, yes, but they also want to draw in the curious and bring back the ones they lost. A great champ is the way to do it.

Now, I am going to give my opinion on why Daniel Bryan isn’t that champ.

Riot and cry, Bryan is out.

Bryan had his chance in the spotlight. Stripped of title or not, he’s been a champ. He got injured, Stone Cold can tell him a thing or two about coming back.  He didn’t become the next … thing, despite what many in the WWE fanhood may say.

Step aside, for me, you didn’t rise to the occasion. Let someone else take the …Reigns.
To be a viable WWE champ you have to be more than a great wrestler.

Daniel Bryan wasn’t enough to keep me tuned in when Punk was out.

To my dismay, unlike the old days, since Hulk Hogan, a champ has to have ‘it’. If he doesn’t, roll over and make room for the next guy. I disliked the Rock (As a wrestler. Personality I loved), disliked Stone Cold even more and John Cena was my detox from the WWE.

Rock, Bret Hart, Hulk, Shawn Michaels … they all had ‘it’

Daniel Bryan is a phenomenal wrestler. A talent to be reckoned with, but he doesn’t have ‘it’. He almost did, then he opted to not work out, skip bathing, turn Grizzly Adams and piss on trees like it was cute to watch on Divas.

Sorry. for me, I don’t want to tune in and see a champ that looks like the guy that fixes my car.

Not to mention, that ‘Yes! Yes! Yes’, irks me as much as the ‘What!?’ of Stone Cold Days.

HOWEVER, he has such a likability to his personality.

Is Roman Reigns … it?

Well RR has the look, oh, yeah, he has the look. He has the skill, albeit he is still green. He has not come into his own as far as having a shtick. Neither did The Rock. Remember they booed him as well when he was green?

Too bad we can’t morph all the good in Bryan and Reigns. We’d have this.

Now that is a champ we can say ‘Yes’ to. UG … did I just go to my pet peeve?

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