Friday, May 10, 2013

Sneak Peek - Sleepers 3: The Rise of Keller

Here is a sneak peak of the anticipated Sleepers 3. The saga continues after Mera and the others arrive at their new home known as Grace. Sleepers are still out there and they multiply. They are fighting to build a future and change the one dictated to them through the doctrines.


Sneak Peak

Prologue -  The Teacher

25 Years PE (Post Event)

I am not my brother’s keeper, nor is he mine. Despite what we have been taught and how we have been raised, we are individuals bound not by blood but by circumstance.
            Our parents are not even the ones who created us. We were found.
            One of us tossed aside to die like a deformed animal, the other caught in the seconds following his birth, in the grasp of the woman he would know to be his mother.
            Both us are anomalies.
            We were both born in a world where the children all died. When the unborn lost their life in the womb.
            A virus raged the world, taking the young and transforming most of the others.
            Our mother was not touched by the virus, or our brother Danny. Our sister though, was infected, but our mother praises the fact that she was saved.
            Was our sister really saved? Or condemned to live a tortured life. Never knowing what she was or could be.
            None us, the young, the few who remained in the beginning, know nothing of a green world filled with happiness and laughter.
            We know hunger and sickness and we know fear.
            Fear is not a fictional tale to us; it is reality every night when we closed our eyes to sleep.
            We are trying, all of us, to make the world a better place for those who are now being born. For the children that defied the odds of the virus that still lingers in the air.
            Not all who are conceived gasp their first air of life in this world.
            They are born without breath, life or a soul.
            Things have to change.
            Growing up, we were coddled within a parental shelter.
            The love of our mother was never a question. She taught us to be strong; she protected us when we were weak. Fought for us. More than anything she instilled the basic human value in us both. She made me believe that I could be whatever I wanted and could do whatever I needed to do.
She never loved or treated us any differently, yet, I know when she sees us now, she knows.
She knows my brother and I want two different things.
            We fight for two different things.
            We, as brothers are as divided as this world.
            One side against the other.
            I will do what I need to do to ensure this world goes on, that this place becomes better for the generations to come.
            They have taken this world and destroyed it. They grow in numbers and their offspring will be just as deadly to us.
            Because of that, I will lead into battle. It will be a war that has only been imagined yet never waged.
            For the woman who bore me that I never knew, and for the mother who loved and raised me … it is time.
            It has gone on for decades and must stop now.
            The so-called doctrines of the future, a guide book to us all, predicted the outcome and length.
            I put no stock in the doctrines because I know who wrote them. I was there as his pen moved across the page and his eyes glanced to the ceiling thinking of words he could use to create a false story.
            And even if they hold some truth, they are words from a future.
            The future can be changed.
            I was destined to do it … and I will.

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  1. Thank you for the teaser! I am looking forward to the rest of the story. :)