Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Walking Dead - 12 Reasons why I may stop watching

As a writer, it is sometimes hard to not to get taken out of the story because of writing. The same can be said in any profession. Lawyers cringe at law shows, cops cringe at crime shows, doctors with medical shows. I stopped watching ‘Revolution’ because of bad writing. A great idea, but what should have been a miniseries now has me caring less about the characters and if the power ever comes back on..

Don’t get me wrong, I love The Walking Dead. No matter how much I gripe, I’ll rush home on Sunday after Dj’ng to watch it. But I am left to wonder for how long. There are so many good writers that I know who could knock Walking Dead out of the park. The current ones, in my opinion, are falling short. You may disagree, but here’s is my list of reasons why I should stop watching the show. Why, I should, chances are I won’t:


Too many hands in the soup: There are too many writers. The reason the graphic novels were so damn good was because Robert Kirkland penned the story. Now you have multiple writers each taking a turn on a episode, along with directors for each episode and it shows. The feel is not consistent.

Rehashed Storylines- Forbidden Love: Season One, Shane/Lori, Season Two Glenn/Maggie, Season Three Governor/Andrea.

Rehashed Storyline AGAIN – Missing persons: Season one, Merle went missing, they searched and didn’t find him. Season Two, Sophia went missing. They searched and searched and didn’t find her. Season Three, Carol is missing, they barely searched, didn’t find her and according to previews and Spoil The Dead, they will search and search for her.

People Surviving Raw Medical Procedures: Merle hacks his arm in season one, and despite the blood loss survives and runs. Season 2, Randal gets impaled but a fence and is ripped from that fence. Two days later he’s walking. Season Three Herschel gets his leg chopped off with an ax (After several hacks) and is up walking and is able to kick zombie ass. Okay, I admit. I love Hershel.

They Fail in the Sympathy Area: It’s terrible for say, I but I don’t feel sympathetic toward these characters. What the hell. Carl’s mother dies, he has to put her down, and no one gives the boy a hug? Plus, Carl isn’t even touched upon, his feelings or anything, at all in the next episode.

Lack of timeline consistencies: So for like eight months no one really moves forward? They circle around? Does no one wonder what happens outside the state of Georgia? My ass would be headed straight toward the hills of West Virginia. I’m willing to bet pockets town there have the ZA under control.

Backwards with Women: I hated last season when it was always, “That’s for the men to do. The women do this.” The only one who wasn’t out of a Donna Reed handbook was Andrea. Maybe that’s why they never went back for her and she was alive.

Michonne: Admittedly I was excited about this character. Yeah, she can wield a sword like no other and is badass about it, but her character is one sided and angry with no reason given. Her only facial expression is wide eyed disgust.  She already annoys me and I don’t really care what her reasons are now for hating. They waited too long to explain her character.

If Shane were Alive it wouldn’t have taken eight months to find that Prison: Enough said.

Minorities are insignificant: To watch TWD one would think people of ethnicity don’t stand a chance in the zombie apocalypse. They missed the boat on T-Dog, tossed him a bone with a heroes death, and had another African American man standing by. I find it insulting. Yes, we have Glenn, but he hasn’t done much this season either. Let’s not forget they sent the Latino family out in the zombie world in season one.

They want me to Hate the Governor: I can’t. Unless they show him pulling the new baby apart and frying her for dinner. I can’t hate him. He is the only one with a vision. Seriously. His town eats, sleeps at night and bathes! Yep, he crossed the line, but it is all for his town. They are safe. He makes sure of it. He’s got it together in a twisted way. But I’m cheering for him.  Hell with Rick and his band of merry, dirty scavengers, I’ll go join Woodbury, thank you. Bet they don’t have the lice problem Rick’s people do.

My biggest Problem - The Virus: In Season One, Jim gets a scratch, instantaneously he rages with fever and starts to turn. I don’t get it. If everyone has it in them, then why does a simple noninvasive injury kill the individual and turn them. If it’s a matter of infection, wouldn’t antibiotics work?

Ok, so those of my Walking Dead gripes. Maybe I’m just being picky, probably am. But thought I’d be the devil’s advocate while everyone else is signing Hallelujah about the show.

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  1. I haven't seen the show although everyone I know raves about it. I did see the first episode of Revolution. I agree, it has the potential to be great, but they dropped the ball. It's a show that I should love, but I don't give a shit about any of them. Except Billy Burke. He's kinda sexy ;)